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It is important to use correct visual effects in videos to make a strong impact. To create great effects on your videos, you will need to select excellent filters and blending modes. You can use a good video filter editor to create unique vibes on your video projects.

You need to choose the best video filter app to accomplish this task. It is no surprise that our mind captures visual information more quickly as compared to written texts. So more impressive your visuals are, the better are the chances of your videos being liked by your target audiences.

Part 1. All About video Filters?

DVDFab has released its latest video filter editor namely VideoCruise. It is the latest addition to the DVDFab collection. This best video filter app has taken the video editing projects to next level.

It offers a plethora of tools and features for both beginners and advanced level artists. This video filter editorprovides options like cropping the video frame or rotating the videos in any direction. It even allows the splitting of video into several short snippets.

Splendid features

  • You can set the audio and video speed too using this software. There are also some options to customize the duration of the video. You can do so without even cutting the video. A second screen can be added to the image if you want to make a tutorial video. It also facilitates post-production editing for those who wish to film against a green screen.

  • This video filter editor has a variety of filters and text effects. There are a lot of transitions to select from, and it facilitates the inclusion of soundtracks to videos with the help of drag and down tools. The software is fit to boost the quality of any project. Another key feature that this software offers is a speech to text or text to speech automated conversion.

VideoCruise offers a total of 50 filters to choose from. The most popular ones of this best video filter app are Grayscale, Sepia, and Vignette. With so many choices to add filter to video, there is no doubt that your videos will look extremely marvelous and beautiful.

video filter app


This filter removes the color from your image and converts it to grayscale. Just go to the CSS style section and fix the Saturation property to zero. This will result in the production of a black and white image. There are a lot of techniques that can be used while working with this filter. With the advent of this software, you don’t need to worry about how to put a filter on a video.

You can create a strong visual accent using this video filter on an object. You can use a black and white picture as a background and another object can be created in a colored manner so that it captures your attention immediately. First learn a bit about how to filter videos. This can be used to promote your business and products.

This filter can be used in combination with an animated effect. You can add features like changing the color of the image upon mouse hovering. The animation feedback that appears on the screen aids in communicating users with the interface. If you know how to add filters to videos you can surely increase the engagement of visitors.


It is one of the best vintage video filters for modifying your videos. Vintage design is increasingly becoming a trend nowadays. This filter is easy to be applied to images and videos using the software. The sepia color gives your artistic project a different group altogether.

This vintage video filter editing app takes you back to the early days of photography and movie styles. It appears warm and hazy. It uses various elements like old artifacts and vintage typography. These are some old-fashioned looking elements that help in modifying the videos artificially . VideoCruise is the best vintage video filter app.

The pictures from previous centuries can be used to give your project a 90s filter video feel and look. Your video will have more of a classical reddish-brown color. ​​​​


It is also known as the ‘light fall-off’ effect. It draws the attention of users towards the main object and doesn’t let your attention divert towards unnecessary images in the background and corners. Artists try to create a cozy atmosphere with best video filter app like VideoCruise. The final result becomes extraordinarily beautiful.

Part 2. How to Put a Filter on a Video?

VideoCruise is one of the best free video filter app to edit your videos beautifully. It will enhance the quality of your video drastically. Here is the process ofhow to add filters to videos –

    • To start with your new project to add filter to video, you first need to add media files to your software, and start the process of editing. Under the label ‘Media’, select the ‘Import’ option to add the desired files and folders. You will be required to add your favorite music, video, and audio files and then add them to the timeline to initiate the process of editing.

    • There are a variety of editing options like crop, trim, and mosaic. You can use a lot of filters, texts, and other effects to create a unique and splendid video. You can make snippets of videos and even add soundtracks. There are a lot of transition effects too to help you. You can add filter to video effortlessly this way.

    • Once you have created a final project, it is now time to save and export it. Select your target location and click on the Export button. Give a name to the output file and start exporting.

Part 3. How to Add A Video Filter On Mobile Phones?

mobile phones

There are good free video filter app and tools for your Android. These apps to add filter to video are becoming increasingly popular as they are easy to use. You will know how to filter videos in a matter of minutes. They add aesthetic appeal to your projects. Some of them are:

Applications for Android


It is one of the best and trending apps for editing videos accurately. You can trim videos effortlessly. It provides features to flip and rotate your videos. You can even add slow motion to any part of the video. You get free cloud storage in this video filter editor.


This is an incredible video editing app for Android users. It aids in trimming and cutting videos for enhancing their quality. It is by far the best video filter app. It provides redo and undo options. There are a lot of UI layout templates that can prove out to be beneficial for you.


It is the most commonly used Android app for editing videos and adding filters. You can edit as many videos as you want. There is no watermark in the upgraded pro version of this video filter editor. It provides many features like texts, FX, fonts, etc. You can adjust the slow and fast motion according to your requirement.

Video filter app iPhone and other iOS Devices

IPhones have become a lot of modern and advanced nowadays and have many video editing apps suitable for it to enhance the video quality of your work.

iOS devices


This best video filter appis suitable for both iOS and Mac. It is a free video editing app for iPhone users. You can add filters, themes, and trim videos. It is good to add transitions and can be downloaded from the iTunes app store for a full and good experience.


You can create beautiful videos using this free video filter app.You can add various images and videos for editing and select a video theme. Add background music as required and make awesome videos. This video filter app on iPhone lets you create excellent videos.

Part 4: How to remove the filter from the TikTok video?

TikTok video

If you are wondering about remove the filter from the video, there is no solution as such for that as of now. You might be tired of searching for info on how to remove the filter from a video but you might have to wait for the solution.

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