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Are you wondering how to add background music in video file or audio to your video? The YouTube videos you create can bring in more revenue and views only if you are able to add some sort of wonderful music to your videos. Adding music can improve your video's storytelling capabilities and has been one of the prime factors when it comes to editing your videos.

Add Background Music To Video On Mac Or PC?

You can either opt for an online tool for adding background music to your video or use a standalone software that offers you access to a host of advanced features. One of the powerful software options that can capably handle the task is DVDFab Video Converter.

As the name itself should indicate, DVDFab Video Converter is a full-fledged, powerful, and feature-rich video converter. The software can convert your videos from one format to another and provide you with an enhanced video conversion capability. The software can also be used for extracting audio from your videos so that you will be able to play them on a mobile device or a home theatre system. However, it can also be used to add background music to video file.

One of the rich features that DVDFab has provided on the DVDFab Video Converter is its ability to edit your video. It offers a non-linear video editor that forms part of the package and provides you access to a wonderful collection of both basic and advanced video editing functionalities. The other common video editing features like cropping your video, trimming it, or adding subtitles; the software can also be a powerful option for adding background music to your file.

How you can add background music to your video using a good video editing software–

Step 1 – Install and launch DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is a part of the DVDFab Suite, which has been designed to work as one of the excellent options for all your video-related tasks. You can use the tool to convert a wide range of video formats into one another. Assuming you have installed DVDFab Suite on your device, launch it and choose the Converter tab from the top.

DVDFab Video Converter

Step 2 – Add files that you want to edit

Adding files to DVDFab can be achieved in several ways. You can simply pick your files through the Add from local or Add from mobile option. The tool also lets you add files using drag and drop functionality. If your file is on a disc, you may insert the disc on your device and let the software detect the disc.


Step 3 – Choose the video editor

Click on the pen icon just beside the file you just added to the tool. This will open the video editor interface from within DVDFab Video Editor. You can preview your video, make the necessary changes as per your preferences, and apply the video editing options as per your preferences.

video editor

Step 4 – Add your Background music

On the video editor interface within DVDFab Video Converter, click on the Music tab. You can choose your file from several available options. You can choose any of the built-in music files or even add an external one. Configure the duration of music on the timeline. Click OK once done. You can check the preview before finalizing the changes. That should be the easy option to add background music to video.

background music

Step 5 – Choose the output format for your file

Pick the option Choose other profiles from the profile switcher and pick the file format you want to apply. You can choose between several formats and usage preferences.

output format

Step 6 – Save your video

Pick an output folder to save your file and click on START to begin converting your file. Wait till the file is converted. You can track the process through a progress indicator.

save your video

The tool is available for Windows and Mac devices. The functionality of the tool remains the same across the two operating systems.

Add background music to a video on iPhone or Android?

If you are on a smartphone and looking to find how to add background music to video in mobile , there are several apps available that can simplify the process. You can simply download an app as you would normally do and use it for adding background music to your video. In fact, most of the standard video editors on a smartphone do support adding background music.

InShot is a great solution if you want to know how to add background music in video file. A full-fledged video editor for mobile phones, you can install it on both Android and iOS. The tool is created keeping the mobile users in mind and offers almost all the basic video editing options such as trimming, cropping, and adding background music.

Avaialble on: Android & iOS


The tool would suit you even if you are a newbie. The ease of use and simple interface is what would make it one of the prominent options for most of your requirements.

Can You Add Background Music To The Video Online For Free?

The options for adding background music to your videos through an online tool can be a great option if you are into editing your videos on the go or someone else’s device. You can find plenty of tools that promise to handle the task rather efficiently.

One of the excellent options that can prove to be handy can include Kapwing. Kapwing video editor provides you access to several advanced options to help you edit your videos.

How you can add background music to your video with Kapwing

video with Kapwing

  • Add your file by using the Upload option. You can even upload a file using its URL

  • Click on the option to upload your music files.

  • You can even drag and drop your audio files

upload option

  • You can even trim the audio and adjust the volume before adding the audio file to your video.

  • If the music file is shorter in size than the video, you can even choose to loop the audio.

  • Click on Create once done.

choose to loop the audio

Other Great Video Editing Features On DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the exciting choices for an improved experience. Apart from adding background music, you can also make use of the tool to add a host of video editing functionalities to your video. It can also be useful in how to add background music to video file.

If you are looking for a professional video editor that provides a studio-like appearance to your videos, DVDFab Video Editor should be one of the prime options for your requirements.

It can effectively handle a wide range of video editing activities that include

  • Add a premium quality opener or intro to your videos.

  • Conclude your videos with advanced outro or closing credits that make your videos turn effectively studio like and of professional quality

  • Add your preferred audio as background music to your video

  • Add titles and subtitles to your video with special effects.

  • Crop and trim the unwanted parts of your video.

  • Add a custom image to your video as a brand

The Enlarger AI is yet another advanced feature we found to be a great option that forms part of your DVDFab Video Converter. A super-resolution technology video upscaling solution, it can upscale your videos from 480p to 1080p and 1080p to 4K with ease and simplicity.

The Closing Thoughts

Well, those were a few typical options that can help you add background music to video on Mac or PC and turn them extremely effective and efficient looking and convert them into a professional quality. While the other tools outlined here have been effective in their own ways, we would indeed consider DVDFab Video Converter a great option with a wide range of options for handling your videos. The fully functional software can be a great solution by almost every count.