Video editing is all about making your videos look better. There are several ways you would be able to do that. You can either use an online video editor or opt for a specific software designed for the purpose. Using an online tool may have a good functionality with respect to the portability of the solution and an on the move work option. However, the features on the online tool would be much limited, and that is an area where a standalone software proves to be much handy.


1. How to Set Basic Video Parameters Easily?

If you are checking out the best software tools for editing your videos with a few basic parameters, Video Converter Ultimate is one of the excellent options for those needs. While the major functionality of the software is focused on converting your videos from one format to another, it also has a non-linear editor that lets you handle a wide range of activities.

There are several benefits that the tool offers you, including the options on the best video brightness editor or a tool to edit video saturation. We will check out a few of the key editing features of the Video Converter Ultimate.


2. How to Set Video Brightness?

Performing the basic video editing on the software should rather be simple and easy than checking out how to brighten video online.  There are several editing options available on the software.


How to Make A Video Brighter with Video Converter Ultimate? 


Step 1 – Install and launch the software 

Video Converter Ultimate is an easy to use video converter with editing features. Assuming you have downloaded and installed this video editing software, launch the Converter tab.


install software


Step 2 – Add your files

Add the video file you can edit to the software. You can do so by choosing the Add from local and Add from mobile option. You can even drag and drop your files.

add video file


Step 3 – Edit your videos

Click on the Pen icon just beside the file added to get access to the video editing features. Once there, click on the video timeline to access the parameters such as brightness. Adjust the slider to increase or decrease the brightness.


edit video files

Click OK once you have configured the required brightness.


3. How to Set Video Contrast and Saturation?


The steps involved in changing or configuring the contrast of the video remain the same as in the case of change the brightness. You need to adjust the slider to perform the necessary adjustments in the contrast section to increase video contrast and or reduce it.

change video contrast

Options to edit video saturation also involves the same set of steps and instructions. You need to access the slider for the video saturation and adjust the parameters accordingly. It should be the simplest option ever to edit video saturation.

change video saturation

Do not forget to click OK to save your changes.


4. How to Rotate A Video Clockwise Or Counterclockwise?


There are cases where you might have shot the video in the wrong orientation, and looking to change the orientation of the video, Video Converter Ultimate lets you change the orientation of the video.

The settings for editing your video to configure your video and its orientation are available from within the video editing module within the software. You just need to click on the option to rotate video clockwise or anti-clockwise.


rotate a video

Just click on either of the orientation options and rotate the video as per your needs.


5. Other Video Editing Options You Can Make Use Of this Video Converter?


Video Converter Ultimate can help you edit your videos in practically any format. The video editing options available on the software are quite impressive and quite non-linear in nature.

In addition to the options on how to increase saturation in video and other options to improve your video performance, it also offers you a set of enhanced features.

Some of the basic and advanced video editing options available on this Video Editor will include

  • Crop a video – You can simply crop any of your videos onto any frame size of your preference. The feature will help you shrink the original video frame and also removes any of the unwanted scenes from the video. It will help you remove each of the unwanted scenes and objects from your video.
  • Trim a video – This feature is useful in removing the unwanted part from the video. This can also be helpful in letting you trim multiple scenes from the movie and retain only the part that is much required.

change video saturation

  • Credits, text, and images – You can add up credits to the beginning and end of the file to give it a studio-like appearance and look. The video editor section of the software also lets you add text in the form of subtitles such as .srt, .ass, .smi, and .ssa. You will also be able to add images and music to the fie.

add credit to video

The Video editing features apart; the Video Converter Ultimate, has been regarded to be a perfect tool for a wide range of video editing requirements you may have. A high-end video converter with the best possible video editing capabilities, it does provide you access to a wide range of pre-sets for a number of devices.

The pre-sets for devices such as iPhone X, iPad, Samsung, and Sony, along with the advanced settings to configure the video properties such as codec, resolution, and other features should be what should make the video converter tool a one-stop solution for all your video related tasks.


6. Best Alternative to Video Converter Ultimate


Compatible with Windows, DVDFab Toolkit is one of the excellent tools for almost all of your video related tasks and even in your search in video brightness editor. It can handle almost all the features you may be looking ahead to in your videos, images, and audio files.


alternative to video converter

Some of the features you would find rather impressive with the tool would include

  • You can convert videos to any formats you want to.

  • Trim and merge your videos as per your preferences.
  • Speed up or speed down your videos
  • Deshake and denoise your videos
  • Sharpen and unsharpen your videos.
  • Convert your images and video to GIF or GIFs into videos.
  • It can even help you rotate the video clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • Increase video contrast or reduce it.
  • Offers you the best options to edit video saturation

The tool is one of the excellent options for an enhanced experience in handling all your video related tasks ever.


7. The Concluding Thoughts


The video enhancement options offered by DVDFab Toolkit and Video Converter Ultimate should make it one of the excellent options ever. The two video enhancement tools can be one of the prime options for almost all your requirements in terms of video editing needs you may have.

Whichever tool you choose for your video editing requirements, such as how to edit contrast on video, we are sure both of them will meet your needs. No matter whether you are checking out the options for the best video brightness editor or other video enhancement requirements, the two tools should help you get your tasks done.