When you look at any black and white photograph, you would definitely be wondering about what the actual colour would be. While a black and white photograph is nostalgic, but the world was never and is never black and white. Have you ever thought of colorising a black and white photograph? AI or artificial intelligence can be quite helpful in this endeavour. While you may not get access to the exact colors, it would be easy to colorise a black and white photograph using your experience and imagination.

What Is AI Colorize Photo Technique?

AI Colorize photo technique is a way through which you would recolor pictures and convert an image from black and white to color. You can manually color a photograph by investigating the possible colours of different objects. For instance, the colour of the buildings, clothes, and trees can be guessed and accordingly, the images can be colourized. You can make use the software solutions such as Photoshop for the purpose.

AI, on the other hand, involves the technique to train your computer and help it understand the colours of different objects. This is done by feeding a huge number of images of coloured objects and then making your computer identify the possible colours of the objects in the photograph. This is done by means of GAN or Generative Adversarial Network to recolor pictures.

How Can You Colorize Black And White Photos Online For Free?

If you are looking to colorize black and white photos, colourise.com can be your best bet for the purpose. The tool provides you with a simple and easy to use interface for a truly powerful option to colorize black and white photosonline for free. The best black and white photo colorizer tool went online for public recently and has been able to achieve the best service quality in a shorter span of time.

The tool is completely free to use, and that should be one of the prime factors that should make it one of the premium options for the purpose of colourising your vintage images. The tool does make an optimal use of the GAN techniques to provide you access to a powerful option to recolor pictures.

Here is how you would use the AI Colorize photo tool to colourise your images from black and white to color. Follow the steps below to find how to colorize photos-

  • Simply visit the official AI Colorize photo official site colourise.com

  • Click on Start Now

  • Add your images. You can add your images through two options. You may either click on the designated area and upload your images or drag and drop your images.

add image

  • As soon as the image is uploaded, the software will begin processing your image. There is practically nothing you need to work with to get your image converted into a colour photograph.

image download

  • The software will colorize black and white photos within seconds and present you with the best possible colourisation of your image.

software will colorize black

That does it. Simply click on Downloadlink to download your image. The final result provided would be in tune with the original image. In case the image has more details, you can expect a more colourful image.

There are a few prerequisites you need to take care of when colourising your black and white image. The maximum file size permitted is 5 MB. The Image size should not be more than 1200x 1200 pixels. If you are uploading any file of larger size, the software will automatically size down the image.

In any case, you will find it to be a wonderfully excellent option for the best black and white photo colorizer.

AI Photo Colorizer Vs. Traditional Photo Colourizing Method?

What is the difference between the traditional photo colouring and AI coloring? There are several advantages associated with an AI Colorize photo tool. One of the huge benefits offered by the AI-enabled tools lies in the fact that it provides you with a faster colourisation of your images.

A few of the advantages offered by AI Colouriser would include

  • A very easy and simple to use tool. It handles the image conversion through a faster and easy steps.

  • The integrated AI algorithm can be one of the excellent options for almost each of your requirements in providing you access to a great degree of affordability and simplicity

  • It will provide you with the high-quality results in terms of your image conversions.

  • Irrespective of whether you are a novice or an expert user, you will have access to the simple functionality.

Obviously enough, if you are checking out the best options for how to colourize black and white photos, the AI Photo colouriser should be the prime option you would want to go with.

The prime differences between the traditional tool and the AI tool are indicated through the use of two different plans.

We checked it with one of the other traditional tools ColorizerPhoto and compare it to AI Colorize Photo tool.


In this tool, you will need to pick an image on the right-hand side and pick a colour from the image shown and apply the colours on the test image. As you can clearly see, the method will involve a lot of effort and trial and error options. In essence, it will involve a lot of tasks involved and depends on your experience to pick the right colour and apply them o your test image.

You will also need to apply other parameters as well based on your experience, and once again, it will involve a lot of trial and error method. You cannot ascertain the accurate results.

While on the AI-enabled tool, you need not worry about handling the parameters on your own. Everything is dealt with in a very streamlined automatic manner.

As you can see in the below image, the colourisation is achieved through an immense automated tool.

colourisation is achieved

This correction is instantly achieved through the use of AI, and your results are achieved within a few seconds. You do not need to do anything except for uploading your image and downloading the processed image. The processing is handled by the photo colorizer app, and you do not need to work with any further tasks on your part.

Few Pros and Cons


  • Makes use of AI tools to colourise your images

  • A faster option for your image colourisation options.

  • Completely free to use without any hidden charges

  • No ads or watermarks.


  • No batch processing is available

The Concluding Thoughts

The Colourise.com online colouriser tool indeed provides you with a simple and easy too follow option to colorize black and white photos. The ability of the image is quite accurate and close to the natural level making it the best AI coloring tool. And besides colorizng photos, sometimes we also have images whose colors are not perfect, thus we need to improve its color through color correction software.

The tool is absolutely free, and that should be one of the reasons why it should be one of the excellent options for all your needs in colourising your images and the perfect and best black and white photo colorizer