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Editing your videos is no longer a tough task anymore. With a host of video editors that have been developed, you will find it extremely easy and simple to convert your videos to a professional look even when you do not have the requisite skills for the purpose. Trimming a video is one of the key tasks in how you would handle a video editing requirement. Let us check out the best options for how to trim a video with ease and simple steps.

How to Trim a Video on PC?

There are several ways you can trim video on Windows 10 when handling your video editing tasks. You can either opt for a standalone video trimmer software for the purpose or go with an online option if you feel like it. You will find the software solutions specifically designed for use with Windows and Mac devices.

Video Converter Ultimate – A Perfect and Best Video Trimmer On Windows And Mac

Video Converter Ultimate has been one of the excellent Video converter options and a full-featured option at that. The converter can be a great option and for converting your videos from one format to another and even convert them onto mainstream audio formats that can be played on home theatre systems and other mobile devices.

One of the prime features that would make Video Converter Ultimate a great option would be that it provides you access to an enhanced experience ever with the non-linear video editor that forms part of the main interface. The video editor feature will provide you access to several basic and advanced video editing features that include trimming your videos.

Let us examine the steps involved in how to trim video on Windows 10 for providing it the true studio effect. The steps are simple and easy to go with.

Steps to trim a video with Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1 – Install and launch the software

DVDFab Video Converter is part of the DVDFab Suite. If you have installed DVDFab Suite on your device, you will get access to several modules as part of the suite, of which Video Converter is one of the options. Launch DVDFab and click on the Converter tab.

install and launch the software

Step 2 – Add your source files

There are several ways you can add the source file to your DVDFab Video Converter. You can use the options such as Add from local or Add from Mobile option and browse your file. You can even drag and drop your files. If you have the source file on a disc, you may insert the disc in the optical drive and let the tool detect your disc.

add your source files

Step 3 – Edit your videos

Once the file is added, click on the pen icon just beside the file added to enter the Video Editor menu. You can perform a wide range of video editing tasks from within the menu.

edit your videos

Step 4 – Trim your videos

Click the Trim icon on the video editing page. You should find it just above the timeline. You can specify the start and end times to remove the unwanted parts from the video. You can preview your changes before saving them and converting them as per your needs. Click on OK to save your changes once done.

trim your videos

Step 5 – Choose your format

Click on the Profile Switcher and pick Choose other profile. Pick the format you want to and click OK to confirm.

choose your format

Step 6 – Save your file

Pick an output folder you want to save the file in and click on START to begin the conversion. The conversion will take a while, and you will be able to get a progress indicator.

save your file

Kapwing Video Trimmer – The Prime Online Video Trimmer

If you are looking for an option to trim video online, the Kapwing Video Trimmer app should be a great solution that provides a simple and easy to follow solution. You can either add an image URL or add video file directly to the interface. That makes it a good option to trim YouTube video.

Here is how can trim video online –

  • Visit the Kapwing Video Trimmer official site

  • Upload your video file or insert the video URL.

  • Use the sliders on the interface to cut your video to the desired length.

video URL

  • La

Click on Done when you are done with your settings.

How to Trim A Video On Mobile Phone?

Just like you would work with the option to trim a video on Windows or Mac devices either through a video trimmer software or online options, there are a few of the options for the free video trimmer you can make use of on a mobile phone as well.

How to Trim a video on Android device

If you are on an Android device, you should have a huge number of choices for the best video trimmers and video editors designed to work with an Android. Being an open-source platform, you should find many options to support you in achieving the best standards to trim video on Android.

The built-in Photos app can be a good free video trimmer app to help you trim your video on an Android device. If you do not have Google Photos on your phone, you can download it from the official store.

Here is how to trim a video on Android using Google Photos –

  • Launch Google Photos

  • Choose the video you want to edit.

  • Tap on the Edit option at the bottom of the screen

  • The trimming option is pretty easy. Just highlight the part of the video you want to keep and leave the rest.

  • You can hit the Play button to get access to a preview of the video before you have trimmed it.

Click the Save button, and your video will be saved.

How to Trim a Video on iPhone

Just as on Photos app on Android, you will have access to an enhanced and improved service quality on iPhone. The built-in Photos app has been a great tool for your needs in enhanced performance for a free video trimmer app.

Here is how you would do it –

  • Launch Photos app on your phone

  • Tap open the video you want to edit.

  • Tap on the Edit option on the top right corner.

  • Tap and hold on the left and right corner of the timeline

  • Drag it to the right mark on the timeline to trim your video

  • Tap on Done to finish editing your video.

Other Editing Features of Video Converter Ultimate

Apart from trimming, you can make use of the Video Converter Ultimate for a wide range of options in terms of video editing.

The non-linear video editing features offered by Video Converter Ultimate can include

  • Adding your titles and subtitles with special effects.

  • Crop and trim unwanted portion of the video.

  • Make use of a custom image to improve the look of your video

  • Set a preferred music file as your background music.

  • Providing a premium intro and openers.

  • Adding a concluding credits.

One of the prime options that you would find rather impressive can include the Enhance AI. DVDFab Enlarger AI is a great video upscaling option that forms a part of your DVDFab Video Converter. The solution uses the Super Resolution technology and has been touted to be the World’s first complete, deep learning capable video upscaling solution. It can upscale videos from 480p to 1080p and from 1080p to 4K. The tool can enlarge the images within your video by 300 percent, enhancing both video resolution and quality.

The Closing Thoughts

You have many options among the best video trimmer tools that can help trim a video efficiently. However, we would nevertheless consider DVDFab Video Converter one of the huge choices for all-round functionality and efficiency in making it a great option ever for all your video-related tasks.

Finally, not just videos, you could trim your audio files if you’d like to keep only a section of them. For how to trim audio files, check out best audio trimmers to explore more, dive deeper…