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Video editing has long been one of the toughest tasks and something that only professional video editors can involve themselves in. However, of late, things have considerably changed. You no longer need to have huge editing skills to get things done. A wide range of video editing tools has made it extremely easy to handle video editing rather easily, even without the requisite skills.

How to Crop a Video on Windows or Mac | The Best Video Cropper

If you are on Windows or Mac, you have plenty of options that can be useful in letting you edit your videos and give them a more professional look. One of the versatile and capable tools from that perspective can be the Video Converter Ultimae. Coming from the DVDFab range of tools, it has indeed been a great option and offers you a horde of features.

Video Converter Ultimate is a full-featured powerful video converter, and it can convert videos from one format to another. In fact, the tool can also let you convert your videos into mainstream audio formats so that you can play them on a mobile device and other compatible devices. It has been rated to be one of the excellent options to crop video on Windows 10 or even on Mac.

One of the huge strengths offered by Video Converter Ultimate lies in the fact that it also comes with a built non-linear video editor. The video editing feature was introduced in 2019 through a major update and provides you access to several video editing features.

How to Crop a Video on Video Converter Ultimate?

The steps involved in crop video on Video Converter Ultimate are easy and simple to follow –

Step 1 – Install and launch Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter is a part of the DVDFab Suite and works as one of the prime modules on the tool. Assuming that you have downloaded and installed this video converter software on your Windows or Mac devices, launch it and click on the Converter tab at the top.

video converter  ultimate

Step 2 – Load the source file

You can load the source file in several ways. You can add the files using Add from local or Add from Mobile option. You may even drag and drop your files. If you have the source video on a disc, you can insert the disc in your optical drive and let the software detect the disc and add the file.

load the source file

Step 3 – Change the video parameters

Since we are interested in how to crop a video, we will move straight to the Video Editor functionality of the software. Click on the pen icon beside the file you just added to enter the video editor mode. Click on the crop icon just above the timeline, and you will find the interface to crop video.

video parameters

Step 4 – Apply video cropping options

On the video editor interface, you can pick the crop option and customize the aspect ratio as per your preferences. You can check the preview of the aspect ratio you have chosen. Once you have configured your settings, click on OK.

video cropping options

Step 5 – Choose the output format

Click on the Profile Switcher drop-down box and pick the option for Choose Other Profile. On the next screen, you can pick the output format.

output format

Step 6 – Crop video as per your preferences

Choose your output folder and click on START to begin converting your video file. Please be patient till the task is completed.

crop video

How to Crop Video Online?

You have several online tools that can help you crop a video without the need for installing any software on your device. One of the good online tools that we came across in this context is Clideo to crop video free.

Here is how you would do it in how to crop video online–

  • Visit Clideo official website at this link

  • Upload your video

  • Pick the aspect ratio you want to make use of

video online

  • You can even change the format if you want to.

  • Click on Crop, and your video will be cropped.

The software simply crops your video within seconds. The online tool works with almost all the popular video formats. You can be assured of a premium security and a faster conversion. That can be one of the excellent options to crop video online.

How to Crop a Video On iPhone?

So, can you crop a video on iPhone? If you are on an iPhone and looking for information on how to crop a video on iPhone, the built-in Photos app will help you achieve the task rather easily and through a few simple steps.

If you are on iOS 13 or higher, you will be able to use the Photos app can double up as a video crop app to crop your videos with ease.

Steps on how to crop a video on iPhone

  • Launch the Photos app and pick the video you want to crop.

  • Once the video has opened, tap on the Edit option at the top right corner.

  • You should be able to locate the Crop/Rotate button at the bottom of the Edit screen.

video on iPhone

  • Tap and hold any of the corners of the video and begin dragging the border inwards to a point you want to crop it to. Repeat the same with other borders.

  • Tap Done once you are done with the editing.

One of the best options here is that you can revert the cropping action even after you have saved the file. That should be one of the best options on how to crop a video on iPhone.

How to Crop a Video on Android?

If you are on Android, the built-in Photos app will not be able to crop video. If your phone has a video editor app, you can make use of the tool to help you crop your video.

One of the huge advantages of an Android app lies in the fact that it has a huge number of third party apps you can download from the official app store.

A few best video cropper options you can check out on Android for cropping your videos can be

  • Kinemaster

  • PowerDirector

  • Filmora

  • VideoShow

You can try out a few of those options for arriving at the best experience on how to crop a video on Android.

Other Video Editing Features of Video Converter Ultimate

While we have indicated a few good alternative options in how to crop video, it may be worthwhile to notice that Video Converter Ultimate as a software solution provides you a wide range of options for your needs in an improved experience ever, making it the best video cropper ever. You can use the tool to crop video on Windows 10 and then move the video to your other devices.

The tool does offer you several options in editing your videos. In fact, it provides you access to a non-linear video editor that can handle a wide range of video editing options.

A few of the video editing options apart from how to crop a video include

  • Adding a premium introduction or opener for introducing your video

  • Concluding your video with the closing credits, cast, and crew.

  • Adding a background music as per your preferences to bring a studio effect to your video

  • Adding your titles and subtitles with special effects.

  • Cropping and trimming your video

  • Using a custom image to brand your video.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, those were just a few of the tips on how to crop a video and perform a host of other video editing options. Video Converter Ultimate is, however, a perfect tool that can be helpful in providing you access to a huge degree of options in handling your videos and all your video-related tasks.

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