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top 10 video color correction software to color correct your video

Color correction is the process of fine-tuning the appearance of images in a video, motion picture, or still photograph. When correcting the color of an image, several attributes are adjusted; this includes saturation, contrast, detail, etc. A color correction software typically features a lot of tools for enhancing images' appearance in videos or photographs. Most times, “color correction” can be referred to as “color grading,” and though some professional photographers insist that the two terms are different, many others wouldn’t mind using them interchangeably.

Part 1: Introduction on Video Color Correction Software

Simply put, a video color correction software is a PC utility that allows one to enhance or “correct” the color of images in a video. Such a software pack a bunch of artistic color tools or simply comes with a color palette. It may require some advanced skills to be able to effectively color correct videos and make the scenes more appealing in the sight of the intended audience.

Nevertheless, this article lists some of the best video color correction software for Mac and Windows computers. Also, it explains various handy tips regarding video color correction.

Similarly, a video color correction app is a mobile application that is used to color correct videos using mobile phones. Interestingly, most software programs for color correction on PC also have video color correction apps for mobile phone users.

Part 2: What is the best color correction software for video?

1. Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac and Windows)

adobe premiere pro

Virtually every graphic designer, photographer, or a video edit professional knows that Adobe Premiere Pro is a comprehensive video editing utility with lots of impressive (paid) features. The Adobe Premiere Pro can be used to color correct videos irrespective of the video format and resolution. A lot of improvements were introduced in the latest version of Premiere Pro, and now, video editors can automate tracking masks and apply filters to different parts of an image. Quite many professionals use Adobe Premiere Pro, and it is undoubtedly one of the best video correction software for Mac and Windows.

2. Magic Bullet Colorista IV (Mac and Windows)

magic bullet colorista

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, here’s an ideal color correction software for you. This color grading utility from Red Giant is popular among filmmakers and professional video editors. It is compatible with macOS and Windows OS and also available as an add-on plugin for most Adobe products. The software features a lot of tools for color correction and color grading. The free version of this software program provides you with a 3-way color correction tool with different inputs. In fact, the Magic Bullet Colorista IV is an ideal plugin for anyone using Adobe Premiere CC or any other Adobe program. However, to get the full features of this software, you have to buy the premium for $199 and subsequently upgrade with $99.00.

3. Wondershare FilmoraPro (Mac and Windows)

wondershare filmorapro

WonderShare FilmoraPro and Filmora9 are both practical video editing software solutions available across the top computer operating systems – Windows and macOS. Using either of these software programs from WonderShare, you can color correct videos easily on any computer running the supported OSes. More so, there are quite a lot of other video editing features and tools available on these programs to help you create stunning professionals movies. The tools available on Filmora9 are similar to what you'll find on Adobe Premiere packages. Interestingly, FilmoraPro and Fimora9 support high-quality videos and various formats. For anyone looking for a video editing software with color correction features, the WonderShare FilmoraPro is an ideal choice.

4. DaVinci Resolve 16 (Mac and Windows)

davinci resolve

The DaVinci Resolve video software is being used by many professionals in the movie industry to create fascinating cinematic scenes. DaVinci Resolve 16 is the newest version of this software, and it includes a comprehensive suite for correcting the color in any video. With support for 8k videos, DaVinci Resolve 16 is a premium video editor for any professional. The improved noise reduction tech promotes detailing, and there are many other impressive features of this software. Using DaVinci Resolve, you will be able to manipulate light and colors in a very distinctive way. It provides a world-class set of creative color correction tools. To explore all DaVinci Resolve features, a one-time payment for the premium version is available at $300.

5. Final Cut Pro X (Mac)

cut pro

Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) is a reliable color grading software that allows you to color correct clips and movies using a comprehensive Color Board. This video color correction software is only available to MacBook users; it may seem a bit challenging for a newbie to make use of this software even though it flaunts an intuitive interface. The varieties of color grading tools available on this software include color wheels, keyframes, color curves, and hue/saturation adjustment curves. A professional editor would be able to complete a video color correction task using this software, thanks to the dynamic color wheels, addressing color balance and exposure isn’t difficult. It costs around $299.00 to get this professional video color correction app from Apple.

6. Color Finale

color finale

This is a color grading plugin for FCPX; it makes up for the features you may not get basically from Final Cut Pro X. Unfortunately, you cannot download this software and use it as a standalone color grading utility for a video editing task. It is strictly available to Apple’s Final Cut Pro X users. Nevertheless, Color Finale is a comprehensive utility with a complete set of extensive color grading tools to create stunning imaginary video scenes. It includes color wheels, automatic white balance controls, color sliders, and secondaries vector tools. For more features, you need to get the pro version for $99.00 or $149.00.

7. Vegas Pro (Windows)

vegas pro

Here is another professional video editing software with color correction and grading tools. Vegas Pro flaunts an easy-to-navigate interface, which makes it easy for both beginners and professionals to use the software for video color correction tasks. If you were looking for how to color correct video on a Windows computer, this software would help you out. Interestingly, this program comes with industry-leading features such as 3D titling, draw composition, compositing, and more. Vegas Pro is pretty easy to use; plus, it allows you to sculpt DVDs and Blu-ray discs seamlessly. There are quite other things you could do with this software – it is certainly one of the best video color correction software.

8. MAGIX Video Pro X (Windows)


With support for 8K Ultra HD, MAGIX’s Video Pro X is among the best video editing software with color correction tools. This software makes professional video production effortless and straightforward. It features a bunch of intuitive video editing tools and workflows, which includes color correction tools. Packed with an all-new video engine, MAGIX Video Pro X runs faster than most other color grading software programs for Windows OS. Interestingly, this software app supports the Chroma key; hence, it can be used to remove background from green-screen videos. Generally, this is a nice tool for every video editor (intermediate or newbie).

9. Lightworks (Mac, Windows, Linux)


Lightworks is a simplified video editor software with color correction tools. It is best for editors who are on a budget but still want to get the best features for their project. The Lightworks software is available across OSes (macOS, Windows, and Linux) – it is a cross-platform utility with contemporary features. For color grading purposes, Lightworks supports a variety of built-in tools for detailing, balancing, and saturating colors to make your video project standout and intriguing. You can also tune titles, customize shadows, and do more stuff with Lightworks. Interestingly, this software supports various video formats and resolutions.

Part 3:What is the best video color correction app?

10. Movavi Clips (iOS and Android)


If you were looking for a video color correction app, Movavi Clips is one of the best you should try. The app is compatible with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), and Android smartphones. It comes with a couple of color grading tools that are simplified for mobile users. Movavi Clips is primarily a video editing app with extensive features and tools. It is a free app; however, some features on the app require a paid subscription.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to color correct video?

  • First things first, you need to install a video color correction software on your PC (macOS or Windows).

  • Add your video project to the software’s interface and click on the color correction or color grading tools.

  • Start fine-tuning the color elements to color correct your video or motion picture.

2. How to change video color in premiere pro?

  • Apply Lumetri Color effect and go the Curves setting

  • Locate the Hue vs. Hue color curve, click on it and drag it up or down to change the color of your video in premiere pro.

3. How to color correct video in premiere pro?

  • Add your video project to the Timeline panel and apply the Fast Color Corrector or Three-Way Color Corrector effect.

  • On the “Effect Controls” panel, expand Fast Color Corrector or Three-Way Color Corrector controls.

  • Compare the views by selecting the "Show Split View" option.

  • Start applying the color correction effects to change the video color.

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