The number of movies ever created still don't hold against the number of GIFs in circulation. And why shouldn’t it be? Why not convertvideo into GIF to share on social media websites with your friends and family? As GIFs are the shortest and smartest way to get a creative piece across without the same bandwidth and resource requirements. All websites host images and GIFs offer a neat way to host a small moving picture on webpages.

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. It is a collection of frames stitched together to form a video without any audio. GIFs are found everywhere - social media networks, education websites, Wikipedia, Whatsapp and even as Live Wallpapers on Android and iPhones. Let us see the various methods by which you can convert video to GIF.

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Part 1. 4 Free Online Video To GIF Converters

There are way too many online video to GIF converters. We will be focussing on those websites which provide this functionality with utmost privacy, least advertisements and the best quality GIFs.

1. EZGIF.COM | Convert Video to GIF Online

This website has all the required tools to help you convert video to GIF. You can crop the video, resize it, adjust the video speed, rotate, reverse and add subtitles to the GIF that you will generate.

It supports MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV and many other media formats. You can create interesting GIFs with videos present on your computer or directly from a URL. By default, the GIF created has the first 5 seconds of the video. You can change the start and end duration depending on your need.

There is a smart feature for optimizing the GIF by way of highlighting the moving parts of the GIF with colors. This helps the viewers focus on the required part of the GIF and makes your GIF more effective. The tool supports up to 1 minute of GIF at 5 frames per second and up to 25 frames for a maximum of 10 seconds.

2. | Convert Video to GIF Online

This website is quite famous for all types of online conversions. It has videos converters, image converters, document converters and some more. Supported by minimal advertisements, this is a great option to convert video to GIF.

You can upload video from your computer storage, through a URL or from Dropbox or Google Drive. There are some presets for Twitter that you can use to convert video to GIF. Other than that, you can enhance, adjust DPI and size, crop video for the GIF as well as choose a custom color scheme for your GIF.

3.| Convert Video to GIF Online Fastly

It is a straightforward, simplistic tool to convert video to GIF. With, all you need to do is upload the video through a URL or from your computer and start conversion. It supports video cropping and frame rate adjustment before the conversion. But there are no other tools to customize the GIF. There is, however, no limit on the GIF size you can create. From a creative perspective though, we don’t think too big a GIF is anyhow of any use.


A useful feature of this tool is the QR code that it generates at the end. This QR code resolves into the download link and helps you download the GIF on your mobile or any other device.

4.| Convert Video to GIF Online

This is the last online video to GIF converter in our list. The limitation of this tool is that it allows upload of only local files and supports only MOV or MP4 file type. You cannot give a media URL for conversion. It lets you change the dimensions and select the frame rate of the output GIF.

Part 2. Convert Video to GIF Software

Using online video to GIF converters hasits own limitations and headaches associated with them. Internet speed, advertisements, watermarks and limitations on video size are a bit let down with online video to GIF converters. If you are into creating GIF from video quite often, it is better to have a desktop application to convert video to GIF. DVDFab Toolkit is an application with which you can convert video to GIF of any length at a speed that is impossible to achieve online. There is support for all major video formats and it converts video to GIF with zero quality loss. You can add multiple videos to create GIFs in batch, resize the video and set the GIF to run in an infinite loop. You can convert video to GIF in a few steps as described below:

Step 1. Install DVDFab Toolkit

Download and install the DVDFab Toolkit application from here. The software is available forWindows operating systems, for Mac users, it would soon release a new version.

Step 2. Start Video to GIF application

You will see a variety of tools in the DVDFab Toolkit. Under the Image Tools, select the Video to GIF option.


Step 3. Load the media file

Add the media file into the new window that opens by either dragging and dropping the video or clicking the + button on the application window.


Step 4. Customize the output GIF settings

Once the video is loaded onto the application window, do the required customizations. Select the length of the video to convert to GIF, the looping frequency, speed and size of the GIF. You can also customize the time delay between each frame.

Step 5. Select the output directory for GIF

At the bottom of the window, use the Save As section to select an output directory for storing your GIF file. Now, click on the Start button to start the conversion process.

The free version of the tool allows creation of 15 seconds of GIF which is enough for most use cases. If you need a longer GIF, you can make a payment to upgrade the tool to the paid version. DVDFab Toolkit Video to GIF converter is 10 times faster than any other such converter. It makes use of your Graphic card to accelerate the conversion process. So, the better your graphic card, the more processing speed you can expect from DVDFab Video to GIF converter.

Part 3: How To Convert GIF To Video/GIF To Video

While GIFs are a great way to make entertaining lightweight media, some famous social media network Instagram don’t allow GIFs. In such cases, it is important for social media influencers to have a video format of their GIFs. After all, the younger generation of today is more active on Instagram than on Facebook. DVDFab Toolkit is equipped with a tool to let you convert GIF to video as well. Assuming that you already have the DVDFab Toolkit installed, let us see how you can convert GIF to video.

Step 1. Start GIF to Video application

From the list of applications under the Image Tools, select GIF to Video.


Step 2. Load the GIF file

Click on the + icon on the application or drag and drop the GIF file onto the application screen.

Step 3. Customize the output video settings

Once the file is loaded on the DVDFab GIF to Video converter, you will see a variety of options to select from to convert GIF to video. You can get an MP4 or MKV file format video. You can choose the frame rate, video quality and codec for the output video. If you have an audio file to go with the video, you can add that as well.


Step 4. Select the output directory

Use the Save As section at the bottom of the application to choose the output directory where the MP4 or MKV file will be stored. And now, click on the Start button to start the conversion process.

This feature is of great use if you have an iPhone. The iPhone has a Live photos feature which you can use to capture real life beautiful sceneries. These Live photos are actually GIF files that can be a great addition to your Instagram timeline once you convert them to videos.


1. How to add audio to GIF file?

GIF is an image file and hence it is not possible to bind an audio file with it. You need to convert GIF to video and during the conversion, you can add an audio file to it.

2. How many loops can be in a GIF?

You can have a GIF run on a continuous loop. The loop count is configured during the creation of a GIF or while conversion from video to GIF. You can configure the loop to run just once or infinitely.

3. How to create GIF from YouTube videos?

There are many websites that let you convert YouTube videos to GIF. Few of these websites are, and But, if you want to use an offline video to GIF converter, you need to download a YouTube video and then you can convert it to a GIF.

4. How to create GIF from Twitter videos?

There is no online website which converts Twitter video to GIF directly. You need to download the Twitter video and then use DVDFab Video to GIF converter to create GIF from a Twitter video.

DVDFab Toolkit contains many other utilities which you will find useful. You have video, audio and image editing tools. You even have tools to add watermarks and subtitles to videos. For those who work with video, audio and images as part of their profession, DVDFab Toolkit can replace multiple tools and ease your work. Simple to use yet a powerful utility, it provides a large number of tools at your disposal to get the work done.