top 4 3d to 2d converter

Part 1. Need to Convert 3D to 2D or 2D to 3D?

Do you need to convert your 3D movie to 2D format or upgrade your 2D movie to 3D format? What you need is a powerful 3d to 2d movie converter software. No doubt, 3D movies provide a more depth view and appear more realistic than 2D videos; however, to playback 3D videos or movies, you need a compatible monitor, VR device, or HDTV. In contrast, 2D videos are common, and they can play on different media players.

Not all video conversion software apps can turn 2D movies into 3D movies or vice versa. Hence, this article is going to list the best PC software apps that allow for such activity. It is also important to say that these softwares' are not basically 3D file converter apps; they only work for video conversions and support 2D/3D formats.

Part2. Top 4 Best 2D to 3D Converters

1. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is an all-purpose and reliable video converter. It supports a wide variety of video formats and resolutions, as well as packs an all-new hardware engine for improved processing speed. The DVDFab Video Converter can help to convert 3D movies to 2D movies or 2D movies to 3D movies. More interestingly, a built-in video editor allows you to edit your movies and apply some effects to make the resulting 2D or 3D movie captivating to watch.

Also, asides acting as your 2d to 3d converter, DVDFab Video Converter can convert any video into another format; plus, it supports batch conversion.

How to convert 2d video into 3d video using DVDFab Video Converter

Firstly, you need to download and install DVDFab Video Converter on your MacBook or Windows PC. However, the windows version is used for the guide below.

dvdfab video converter 3d

First step:

Launch DVDFab 11 software on your PC and toggle to the “Converter” tab. There are quite many options to upload your 2D video; you could upload a 2D file from your mobile phone (if you have the DVDFab Remote app), from your PC local storage, or simply drag and drop the video on the app’s interface.

Note: the movies/videos you watch are mostly shot in 2D formats.

Second step:

dvdfab video converter 3d formats

When you have uploaded your 2D movie into the DVDFab Video Converter interface, then you should select an output format (which should be 3D). To set the output format, click on the “Profile switcher” button and choose 3D. There are multiple 3D formats supported by DVDFab Video Converter, choose from the variety.

Third step:

dvdfab video converter 3d advanced settings

Click on the "Advanced Settings" icon to customize various aspects of your video. You can also click on the “video editor” icon to apply custom effects for the new 3D video. There are a lot of tweakable options available on DVDFab Video Converter; ensure that you understand the implications of these settings before applying them to your video.

Fourth step:

After you have formatted your 2D movie, click on the “Start” button to convert the video to 3D format. This process may take a longer time, depending on the video size and number of tasks.

2. VideoProc Software

VideoProc is an advanced video converter that features a clear-cut interface and supports multiple video formats. VideoProc is one of the best 3d to 2d movie converter software you will find out there; more so, it allows other media conversion processes such as converting audio files in-between various formats. Using VideoProc, it is easy to downgrade a 3D movie to 2D format and enjoy seamless playback on your media players.

This software also features a built-in video editor that allows you to apply some custom effects or trim some parts of the video before converting to 2D format.

Note: the VideoProc software is a 3D to 2D converter; it can convert stereoscopic 3D videos to 2D format.

How to convert 3d video into 2d video using VideoProc

videoproc 3d converter

First things first, you need to download the software and install it on your computer. Afterward, follow the detailed steps below to convert 3D movies to 2D.

  • Launch the VideoProc software on your PC and upload your 3D video via any of the various “file upload” methods.

  • With your 3D video uploaded to the interface, click on the “Toolbox” tab. The “toolbox” tab is available at the bottom of the app’s interface.

  • When you get the toolbox options, click on the arrow (>) to view more options, continuing clicking the arrow until you see the "3D – 2D" option.

  • Click on 3D – 2D

  • Further customize the video settings by clicking on the “Options” icon (available beside the 3D video’s name).

  • Preview your video in the video player at the right pane, and if everything is okay as you want, hit the "Run" button, and your 3D video or movie will be converted to 2D format.

3. Xilisoft 3D Video Converter

With Xilisoft 3D Video Converter, you can convert your 3D movies to 2D format. The software is quite an advanced video converter solution, supporting many handy features, plus built-in utilities. Xilisoft 3D Video Converter flaunts an intuitive user-interface and processes video conversions quite very quickly. Interestingly, this software serves as a 2d to 3d converter, as well as a 3d to 2d movie converter. Furthermore, as a dedicated 3d video converter, this software supports different 3D modes and types.

Note: Xilisoft 3D Video Converter supports rich source files such as DivX, XviD, AVCHD Video (*.mts, *.m2ts), MPEG-4 TS HD Video (*.ts), and more.

How to convert 2d video into 3d video using Xilisoft 3D Video Converter

xilisoft 3d video converter

Download and install Xilisoft 3D Video Converter ( on your Windows computer (it has a macOS version, too) and follow the steps below.

  • Launch Xilisoft 3D Video Converter and upload your 2D movie into the interface

  • Choose a 3D output format for the video.

  • Customize the video settings (if necessary)

  • Ensure that you have applied all necessary settings to the video

  • Click the “Convert” button and wait for your 2D movie to turn into a 3D cinema movie.

4. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a professional 2d to 3d converter software with loads of other extensive features. This software typically converts other video formats in-between various formats; plus, the interface provides access to several other tools you may find handy. The Wondershare UniConverter supports batch conversion, and the speed is commendable. You can also trim, cut, or perform some basic video edit actions using this video converter software from WonderShare.

Thanks to drag and drop support, you could simply upload multiple movies by dragging them to the app’s interface.

How to convert 2d video into 3d video using Wondershare UniConverter

wondershare uniconverter

Download and install this WonderShare Video Converter on your PC (Windows or MacBook). Then follow the steps below to convert your 2D video.

  • Launch Wondershare UniConverter and upload your video(s)

  • Choose either of these 3D formats depending on your 3D movie playback device: Red-Blue 3D MP4 (for Anaglyph red-cyan 3D glasses) or Left-Right 3D MP4 (for Eclipse or other 3D technologies)

  • Apply edits/effects if you wish and click the “Convert” button. If there are multiple videos/movies on the interface and you wish to convert all at once, click on the “Start All” button.


These are the top best 3d to 2d movie converter software and 2d to 3d movie converter software. However, the DVDFab Video Converter outperforms the others in terms of conversion speed and ease of usage.

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