If you have been downloading videos from video downloading services or other means, you will find that they would be available in several formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI and 3GP, to name a few. MKV and MP4 have been two of the most popular video formats currently in vogue. What do they mean and how do you convert MKV to MP4 with ease?

Well, that is what we would try understanding here. But before that, we will be finding what are MKV and MP4 file formats and why do you need to convert MKV to MP4.

MKV vs MP4 – What is the deal about?

To begin with, MKV and MP4 are two video formats that have gone popular for the downloaded video files. They are the most important formats from the point of view of a digital lover.

MKV was a video format developed by It has a capacity to hold a massive number of video, audio, image, subtitle media formats into one single file. Do note that it is not a video compression format, but a video container that holds the data related to your video. An MP4 is yet another format of media container and is an abbreviation for MPEG-4 Part 14. It differs from MKV wherein it cannot contain the closed caption format like ASS like MKV does.

What are the differences in MKV vs MP4 comparison? The table here should give a better understanding:

Features MKV MP4

Supported video codecs

H.264, H.265, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4

H.264, H.265, Xvid, MPEG4

Support for closed caption


Audio formats supported



Moving Picture Experts Group


Video, Moving-image, Sound, Aggregate
Bit depth

8 and 10 bit

8 and 10 bit

May not be compatible with many mobile devices

Extremely compatible with a wide range of devices

File size can be quite larger

File size can be customised and can be smaller

Why do you need to convert MKV to MP4? In fact, MKV is more future proof and can hold more content. The format is open source, and that is yet another reason why it is popular. But it has a couple of issues, and that necessitates the need for converting MKV to MP4 files. For one, the device and platform compatibility of MKV is limited. It may not be able to play on certain devices such as mobile phones.

How to Convert MKV to MP4?

Having understood the need to convert MKV to MP4, let us now check out a few MKV to MP4 converters that can help you in converting them. You can either use an online tool for the purpose or pick a standalone software as per your preferences.

Online tools to convert MKV to MP4

Online tools have the advantage of using them on the go on any device. You can launch the online converter on any of your preferred browsers and go about the task.

1. - Best MKV to MP4 converter free

Convertfiles is a free online MKV to MP4 converter and lets you convert MKV to MP4 online with ease wherever you are on any device. You can input your MKV file and choose a format to convert your file into. The tool offers you a simple conversion option without the option for customising or personalising your output video.

online file convert

The operation is rather simple and easy to go with as you can witness in the image below. The maximum file size you can convert would be 250 MB. Apart from video conversion, the tool also offers other conversion options.


This is yet another trustworthy web-based video converter and should be an excellent choice for your needs in MKV to MP4 online converter for free. The user-friendly interface is yet another plus point that should provide you with a remarkable performance improvement to convert MKV to MP4 online.


The tool offers support for more than 1200 formats that should ideally make it one of the most influential players among online tools to convert MKV to MP4. The online converter supports conversion of a wide range of other documents in addition to the video formats.

3. Online-Convert

Online-Convert is one of the prominent options for all your needs in the conversion of video formats and has been around for many years. A multipurpose conversion tool, it would also be an excellent choice for converting any video from its URL into MP4.

online convert

However, the online video converter comes with an impediment in the form of a limit on the maximum size of the file that can be converted. You will not be able to convert a file that is larger than 100 MB.

4. Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert has been a prominently used and preferred online video converters and can be a great options to convert your files from MKV to MP4. It has been an excellent option for your needs with the faster, easy to use, and reliable features. Support for more than 200 different video formats can be yet another huge option you would find extremely impressive.

cloud convert

Apart from video formats, online software is an excellent option for your requirements in other conversion needs as well. The software supports any audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet or presentation format.

5. FreeFileConvert

This is yet another good option to convert MKV to MP4 online without installing any software. A simple interface to drag and drop your source files is what makes it one of the simple tools for your conversion needs.

free file convert

You can upload and convert up to 5 files at a time. However, the online converter supports individual file size of up to 300 MB. The files will be deleted as soon as you download the converted file, or decide to delete it yourself.

MKV to MP4 converter software – The standalone software options

The online converter has a limitation to themselves and may not be the right choice for your needs in converting large files. They also suffer from a higher degree of customisation that can be applied to your output videos. Standalone software options for an MKV to MP4 converter can be a great choice from that perspective.

1. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter has been one of the strongest players among the software solutions to convert MKV to MP4. It can convert the videos in most of the mainstream video formats to those playable on mobile devices or a wide range of other platforms.

Some of the excellent features that would set it aside from the rest of the similar products can include:

  • Support for Multiple video formats:It can convert your videos downloaded from the Internet, digital camcorders, capture cards, and wide range of other devices. The rich profile library of the software lets you convert any video in any format.

Learn more about:

Convert M2TS to MP4

Convert 3GP to MP4

Convert video TS. to MP4

  • Support for metadata:The video converter can extract metadata from the input video file and apply them to the output video. This would help your media players such as DVDFab Movie server or DVDFab Player 6 to organise your files easily.

  • A high degree of customisation:DVDFab Video converter provides you with an excellent option to customise your output video as per your preferences. Output audio, subtitle stream and other aspects can be effectively controlled.

  • Nonlinear video editing:The non-linear video editing capability adds support for adding intro or closing credits in a more studio-like manner.

How to Convert MKV file to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter?

The steps and tutorial here should be helpful enough:

Step 1: Install and launch the software

DVDFab Video Converter is a part of the DVDFab Suite. If you have downloaded DVDFab, go to Converter tab at the top to launch it

dvdfab video converter

Step 2:Add your files to the converter

You can add the source files in several ways. You can load a disc containing the MKV file, or add the files from your computer by browsing for them. You can even drag and drop your files.

DVDfab video converter

Step 3:Make necessary configurations

You can configure the output video as per your preferences. To do this, click on the wrench icon beside the file you added and access the additional settings. You can configure a wide range of parameters such as codec, encoding method, video quality and resolution.

best mkv to mp4 converter

Step 4:Choose the output folder and begin the conversion

Pick an output folder where you would want to save your video file and click on START to begin converting your file.

mkv to mp4 converter

That does it. Wait till the conversion is completed. DVDFab Video Converter provides you access to a progress indicator to let you know the conversion process status.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media player has always been one of the most popular video player tools for Windows since long. In fact, it has become one of the most widely used video players for cross-platform functionality and is available for Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

vlc mkv to mp4 converter

What makes it one of the promising products is that it provides you access to an improved degree of efficiency in converting your video files in different formats. You just need to add the file to the conversion interface and choose the output format to begin converting your MKV file into MP4.

3. Handbrake

Handbrake is one of the prominent players when you look at the best MKV to MP4 converter software options. While it is free, you may find the output format may be quite limited in terms of features and configuration options.


The ease of use and a simple interface would be one of the prominent options that would make it an easy to use tool for the beginners. You can customise the output file by specifying bit rate and maximum video size. It also supports a few advanced features though not to the level of high-end options such as DVDFab Video converter.

4. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter was one of the excellent choices for your video conversion needs for free till recently, but it turned to pay tool of late. However, it does offer you a free version that would work with a watermark. If you can get an older version of the software, you can be assured of a conversion without watermark and doubles up as a perfect tool among the MKV to MP4 converter.


Freemake Video Converter provides you with an excellent option for creating your converted videos with a host of configuration options. Batch conversion offered by the product is one of the prime functions. Plenty of options are available based on your devices is one of the exciting options ever.

5. TalkHelper Video Converter

Available on Windows and Mac, TalkHelper Video Converter has been one of the best tools that has been well designed and meet all your video conversion needs. The interface is both user-friendly and intuitive in every respect.


Faster and better conversion speed coupled with a lossless quality are a few features that should ideally make it a great choice in every possible way to convert MKV to MP4. It also supports batch conversion.

How to convert MKV to MP4 in Batch?

One of the primary reasons that make the software video converter a good option is that they can work with batch conversion efficiently. DVDFab Video Converter, for example, has been a prominent tool to convert video files from MKV to MP4 in batches.

Here is how you can use the batch conversion options on DVDFab Video Converter:

Step 1:Launch your DVDFab Video Converter.

Launch DVDFab Suite and choose the Converter tab at the top as in the previous tutorial.

Step 2:Add the files that you want to convert.

Use any of the options as per your preferences to add the files. You can browse for the files, drag and drop them or add them by loading a disc. You can add as many files as you would want to convert.

DVDfab video converter for batch conversion

Step 3:Configure the output video

Perform the configuration options as in the previous tutorial. You can make the configuration changes for your individual files as per your preferences.

Step 4:Choose the output folder and begin the conversion

Choose the output folder for saving the converted MP4 file and click on Merge, and thenSTART to begin the conversion process. Wait till the conversion is completed. You can follow the progress window to know more about the process of conversion.

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Why Should prefer Paid MKV to MP4 software over free online tool and software?

Well, several reasons would necessitate the need for a paid MKV to MP4 conversion software. One of the huge advantages that it would provide you access to is that they offer you an efficient batch conversion functionality. Yet another advantage you stand to gain would be the ability to configure your files to your preferences. The paid software provides you complete control over your output file.

The paid MKV to MP4 converter software does provide you with a faster conversion speed. The options for MKV to MP4 converter online options may not be able to give that degree of efficiency in providing you with a faster conversion speed.

DVDFab Player 6 – The recommended software for playing your MP4 files

If you are checking out the options for the best software for playing your converted MP4 files, DVDFab Player 6 can be an excellent option for most of your requirements. It has been treated to be one of the excellent options for all your requirements in the best 4K UHD Media Player.

The Player 6 is equipped with a few advanced features that include navigation menu and HDR10 support on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. You can pick two different options for the playback quality, depending on your individual preferences. Choose between the Standard or Ultra mode depending on your preferences.

dvdfab player 6 for playing mp4 files

It should be your best bet for all your needs in playing almost all files that include TV Shows and videos on your local hard drives. The TrueTheater technology provides you with access to a cinema-like home theatre experience.

The DVDFab Player 6 also comes with an ability to provide you high-resolution output support with options up to Dolby Atmos & DTS:X. Support for a wide range of 4K UHD, HEVC, and Other Media Files would be what makes it one of the prime choices for playing your video files.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, the MKV video file format has been one of the prominent options for a better degree of future proof functionality when it comes to the video files. However, given the fact that MKV files do not offer the kind of compatibility with different platforms and other devices that MP4 would provide you access to – you would find the need for MKV to MP4 converters.

The tools and software options outlined in this compilation should ideally help you pick the right options to help you in how to convert MKV to MP4 format. Of course, of all the tools – online and offline options we featured here – we found DVDFab Video Converter to be one of the excellent options for the purpose. Check out the tips and options outlined here and get access to the best conversion functionality ever.