Every video is shot with a background, but sometimes, the background used in video shoot may not match the purpose of shooting the video; hence, removing or changing the video's background becomes a necessity. Also, for many other reasons, one may want to change the background in a particular video – this action can be done with a set of apps (for mobile devices) or computer software (for PC users).

In this article, you will understand the steps/methods on how to change video backgrounds on different platforms (mobile and computer) using the right tools.

Part 1: How to change video background on PC

These shortlisted video editing software programs will help you change a video's background and make it more appealing.

Top 4 video background changers 2020

For Mac

1. iMovie


For MacBook users, Apple’s iMovie is a comprehensive utility tool that is available across all Apple devices. It packs a bunch of handy tools and can be used for different video editing tasks. Interestingly, iMovie is built-in your MacBook; hence, there’s no need to download a 3rd party video editor software for mac. Using iMovie, you can easily change video backgrounds from any clip. However, the steps may be a bit tricky, but not difficult at all. iMovie is free video background changer software; you won't pay to use any available feature on the app.

Note: you must have a green-screen video for this method to work.

How to change video background in iMovie

  • Open iMovie on your MacBook and import the green-screen video you want to change its background.

  • Also, import the custom image file you want to use as the new background for your video.

  • Add both files to the timeline (video and custom image), and ensure that both files are of the same length. You will most likely have to drag the image to reach the video's duration on iMovie's timeline.

  • Click on the video overlay icon (the first icon on the top bar), further click on the dropdown menu (cutaway) and select “Green/Blue Screen.”

  • Your video’s background will be changed to the custom image you uploaded.

  • Use the green-screen editing tools to trim/adjust your video to perfection.

  • Export/save your video

2. ChromaCam


If you are looking for how to change your live video's background – maybe during a meeting or conference, then ChromaCam is an ideal option. The software is compatible with macOS, and it doesn’t require that your video must be a “green-screen” video.

At the moment, ChromaCam for Mac is compatible with browser-based video call apps such as Google Meet, Hangout, BlueJeans, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting, etc.

How to change video background in live video using ChromaCam

  • Install and launch ChromaCam it on MacBook

  • Open Google Meet or any other supported video call platform you wish to use

  • On ChromaCam, click on the “Background” tab, and toggle the “Show background” option. You will have to choose from the preset varieties or upload a custom image you want as your video background.

  • This will change your video background to the selected image.

Now, on your video call platform, select ChromaCam as your webcam for the meeting. Your live video call will show with your preferred image as the background.

For Windows



The VSDC video editor software is a popular utility used by Windows computer users to tackle video editing tasks. VSDC supports a wide variety of built-in tools, and it works for changing video background on Windows PCs. Some advanced features of VSDC include hardware acceleration and advanced settings options.

How to change video background in VSDC

  • First things first, install the VSDC video editor on your Windows PC and launch the program after installation.

  • Import your video into the VSDC interface.

  • Navigate to the “Video Effects,” select "Transparency," and then “Background remover.”

  • Click the background remover tool on the video background you want to remove.

  • Activate “Adaptive Alfa” and adjust the “Blend value” if you wish.

  • Return to the “Video effects” options, click on “Adjustments,” and then “Red/Green/Blue.” Now you can customize the video as you wish.

  • When done, save the “project” and export it to your storage disk.

2. Camtasia


Camtasia happens to be one of the most reliable video background changer software. Naturally, the software is a video editor with lots of built-in tools that help for various video editing tasks. With Camtasia, it may seem a bit confusing to change video backgrounds; nevertheless, all the tools for this action are well-arranged on the app’s interface.

You may need the pro version of Camtasia video editor software to be able to remove video backgrounds and personalize your clips efficiently. The steps to use Camtasia for removing or changing video backgrounds on Windows computers are explained below.

How to use Camtasia video background changer

Note: for Camtasia to remove your video's background, the video MUST be shot in front of a single color background. That is it to say; the initial video background has to be a plain one-color background; the color could be green, blue, or any other color.

  • Download and install Camtasia video editor on your computer, and launch it afterward.

  • Upload your video clip to the Camtasia interface, navigate to "Visual Effects," and drag the "Remove a Color" effect to the timeline.

  • Open the effects “properties” menu (click on the "properties" button) and choose the color of the background you want to remove.

  • Using the “remove background color tool,” click on any part of your video to remove the plain background.

  • Use the “Remove a Color” toolbox to adjust settings and make your video appear smooth on the plain surface. Note: the background may not be totally removed – you may see some shades of the color around your video edges; thus, you may need to crop out the video edges to eliminate those shades.

  • After fine-tuning the element(s) in the video (wish you removed the initial background), then you can add a new background by dragging the image you want to use as the new background to the timeline.

Part 2: How to change video background on your mobile phones

As it is possible to change video background on computers, it is also possible to change video backgrounds using mobile phones. Interestingly, there are different video background changer apps for Android and iPhone users.

1. Video background changer for Android (Chromavid)


Chromavid is available for Android and iOS devices. It is a typical mobile application that lets you change the "chroma" color in a video to your choice's custom background. Interestingly, this mobile app is available for free across Android and iOS app stores.

But, there is a critical downside of this mobile app. It cannot change the background of a video that is saved on your iPhone; you need to record the video using the mobile app, and the initial background needs to be a solid color. If you need an app to change the background of videos you have on your phone's storage, Chromavid isn’t the best option.

How to use Chromavid on mobile (Android)

  • Install the application from Google Playstore

  • Open Chromavid on your iPhone and select a plain solid-color background

  • Also chose the custom image you wish to use and replace the Chroma color after the video shoot

  • That’s it; your video will be saved with the custom background you choose.

2. Video background changer for iPhone (Erase&Change Video Background)

This mobile app is a professional video editing app that allows you to change video backgrounds in different clips. The app is designed with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms; thus, its portrait segmentation processing is accurate and automatic.

Erase&Change Video Background app for iPhone removes background from portrait (selfie) videos. It comes with various sharing options, and there are varieties of video editing tools, too.

How to use:

  • Go to App Store and install the Erase&Change Video Background app.

  • Launch the application on your iOS device and upload your video clip

  • Select “Change Background” and use the available tools to set your preferred background for your video

You may have to subscribe to use the premium version of this mobile app for flawless video edit.

Part 3: FAQs

1. How to change background color on Instagram story?

Open the Instagram mobile app, and add a new story as you would always do; however, before publishing the story, here’s how to change background color on IG story.

  • On the Instagram story interface, tap on the drawing tool (scribble)

  • Press and hold on the background to activate the color options

  • Look at the bottom-left and click on the “dropper” icon to select your choice's background color.

If you’re posting a text story, simply click on the “Aa” button, and further click on the “Color circle” to select a custom background color for your IG story.

2. How to change the background in video using movie maker?

Movie Maker is a built-in utility on Windows computers, and it can be used to change backgrounds.

  • Launch Movie Maker and import the custom photo you want to set as background using the "Import Media" button.

  • Click on the photo thumbnail in the timeline, and further click "Titles and Credits" in the left pane.

  • Click "On the Selected Clip."

3. How to change video background in Movavi video editor

  • Install Movavi video editor, launch and import your video

  • Click on New Project and then Add Media Files; you can drag and drop the video file

  • Navigate to backgrounds and choose a background or upload a photo

  • Customize the video (if you wish) and click on export


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