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When we think of editing a video, one of the significant tasks that are included in an effective video editing is merging two videos into one. Merging videos involves joining two videos into one so that the end result will appear as one single file. How to merge MP4 files into one? Several options can help you do that. We will check out a few tools that can help you achieve the task.

How to merge MP4 files into One – Best Video Joiner Tools you can use

Suppose you are looking for one of the best video joiners that help you merge MP4 files. In that case, you have the option of picking either an online tool that works in a browser-based variant or goes with a software that needs you to install the software before you can begin using the video joiner functions.

Online video merger/ joiner

Online video joiners come with the advantage of not needing any sort of an installation. You can use the tool on any of the browsers and thus does not have the limitation of being tied to any operating system. You can use them on the go on any device, anywhere.

1. Clideo

Clideo is one of the popular options to merge MP4 files online. You can source your videos from the local system, Google Drive, Dropbox, and through URL. In addition to the support to combine MP4 files online, the online video joiner also can work with other formats such as AVI, MPG and MOV.


The tool can be used to merge multiple media formats such as multiple videos, images and add audio. You can add up any number of videos to the tool and merge them with a single click operation. One of the best options is the support for adjusting a few basic parameters such as resolution, quality, and format.

2. Online Converter

If your purpose is only to merge two or more MP4 files without the need for a heavier editing requirement, Online Converter should be an excellent option for those needs if you are wondering how to combine MP4 files. The maximum total file size supported would be 200 MB. The free video joiner tool supports almost all major video file formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, to name a few.

online converter

Do note, however, that if you have encrypted files, they will not work with the merger tool. You may need to decrypt the file first and then add it up to the tool to merge them with other videos. Make sure that you have added to the videos in the order you want to merge them. In essence, it is a reliable tool to merge MP4 files online.

3. AConvert

This is yet another online tool that can be an effective and efficient option for merging MP4 files into one. The best part with the online video joiner software lies in the fact that the merged videos can be a total of 1 GB in size. Make sure the videos are in the same format, i.e. they have the same format, size, resolution, and other parameters.


AConvert can merge your video files in a host of video formats that include MP4, MKV, MOV and WEBM. You can add a file from the local system drives, Google Drive, Dropbox, and URL. Please note that the videos are merged in the same order that they are added.

4. MovieMaker Online

This is one of the decent options for merging MP4 files online. The software offers you a drag and drop functionality which should further be a considerable value addition. While the videos are merged in the order they are added to the software, but you have the option to alter the order of files in the merged video manually.

movie-maker online

The software also offers you the option to trim or cut the videos if the source video has any unwanted portions. While merging your videos, you can either choose to include transitions or decide to avoid having them. The interface may not be much users friendly, which can be a concern.

Software-Based Solutions to Merge MP4 files

The software-based tools come with an advanced feature set and can be a great option when compared to their online counterparts. They would also offer you several high-end advantages such as better control over the parameters of the output video.

1. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is part of the larger DVDFab Suite. It has been treated to be one of the most popular and full-featured video converters and can be a perfect option for a wide range of video editing tasks, including merging MP4 files into one. It can also be helpful in converting the mainstream video formats into those that can be played on regular devices such as smartphones and tablets. It should be an excellent option to merge MP4 files on Windows 10.

The Video merger capability offered by the DVDFab Video Converter should be precisely what you would be looking for. Ability to configure and customise the output video files is akin to the professional video editors that provide you with a studio like transition.

Here is how you can merge MP4 files into one using DVDFab Video Converter:

Step 1:Run DVDFab and launch Video Converter

Like we already stated, DVDFab Video Converter is a part of DVDFab Suite. Launch DVDFab and choose Converter from the top.

dvdfab video converter

Step 2:Add your files

Add the MP4 files you want to merge into one. You can add them in several ways. You may choose the Add from local option or drag and drop the video files onto the software. If you have those files on a disc, you can load the disc and add the files to the software.

dvdfab video converter

Step 3:Choose the output format and the parameters

As soon as you load multiple files, the Merge button is enabled automatically (You would find it disabled before you add more than one files). You can configure the parameters for the final video output based on your requirements.

dvdfab video converter

Step 4:Choose the Output folder and begin merging

Click on Merge Button. The screen shows the videos that will be merged together. You can change the order of merging. To change the position, simply drag and drop the files in the order of your preference.

dvdfab video converter

Pick a destination folder to save the output video after merging and click on START to begin merging the videos.

That does it. The software will begin merging the files. You will be able to check the progress through a progress indicator. Wait till the merging of files is completed.

A few more exciting features of DVDFab Video Converter

Apart from merging MP4 files, DVDFab Video Converter offers you a host of advanced features that makes it a formidable option for your needs in a powerful video editor and converter.

Some of the enhanced features you stand to gain would include:

  • Support for a huge range of formats:DVDFab Video Converter can detect and read a huge number of video and audio formats. It can even read the formats downloaded from the internet or those recorded on camcorders, capture cards and several other similar devices.

  • It offers a rich profile library:The profile library provided by DVDFab Video Converter is one of the best with support for practically every device or platform. You can convert one video format to another, extract audio from video or even convert audio files from one format to another.

  • Extracting Metadata:The video converter can extract the critical metadata from the source files and apply them to the output video. This can be helpful for the players like DVDFab Player 6 in providing enhanced metadata information.

  • Non-linear video editing:The non-linear video editing options offers you a host of advantages like adding intro or credits to your videos, adding your favourite music to the video and adding subtitles with special effects.

It may be worthwhile here to mention that DVDFab also provides you access to a separate Video Merger tool available in the DVDFab Toolkit. The Video merger app can handle a limited video merging functionality. However, our recommendation would be to use DVDFab Video Converter as it offers a wide range of functionality.

2. iMovie

iMovie is an excellent option for a free video merger if you are on Mac or iOS. The software comes with an easy to use functionality and should be an excellent option for your iOS devices. The availability of drag and drop functionality should be yet another added advantage.


The software is extremely intuitive, and that should be one of the reasons you should opt for it. If you are new to video editing, this should be one of the exciting options you can go with. Compatibility with 4K videos is one of the features you would find it an effective option.

3. Avidemux

Avidemux is yet another video editing software and should be one of the excellent options to merge MP4 files for free. The interface is much easy and simple to go with. Avidemux has been considered to be the best tool that you can use to learn how to edit a video.


The basic features and not so overwhelming functionality should ideally make it one of the most preferred options you would want to go with. While there are enough of tutorials available, the easy to use interface should make it rather easy to work with the software.

4. VideoPad

VideoPad is one of the great options for the amateurs in the realm of an intuitive video editing requirements. An enhanced version of Windows Movie Maker, it offers you an easy to use option for the easy options to merge MP4 files for free.


One of the grudges when using the software can be that it works only with the Windows operating system. Simple, yet effective – it should be an excellent choice for all your needs in learning the video editing basics. Support for a wide range of video formats makes it one of the prime choices in terms of offering you enhanced video editing options to merge MP4 files on Windows 10.

A Few FAQs on How to combine MP4 Files on Windows 10

Now that we have discussed a host of options that let you merge MP4 files into one, we will now tackle a few FAQs that would be helpful in understanding the concept of the merger of MP4 files.

1. How to merge multiple mp4 files into one?

Merging multiple MP4 files can be accomplished with the help of dedicated software options. You can choose to combine MP4 files online or pick any standalone software options to merge MP4 files. You can even configure the parameters for the output video.

2. Can VLC merge video files?

Yes, VLC Player can be a great option if you are checking out how do I combine MP4 files into one. You just need to open the corresponding module to merge MP4 files and add up the video files in the timeline. You can easily reorder the files as per your preferences.

3. How to combine an audio and video file?

To merge both audio and video files, you need to import both audio and video files into the software you choose to merge MP4 files. Note that not all video merger tools support merging audio and video files. Tools like DVDFab Video Converter can be helpful in adding music files to your video.

4. Why is the need of combining MP4 Files?

You might have shot different videos that correspond to the same event and want to watch them as a single video file. This is where you feel the need for merge MP4 files. Creating a movie of a sort is yet another reason that may necessitate the need to combine MP4 files.

5. Does Windows 10 have video editing?

There is no dedicated app for video editing on Windows, and thus if you are trying to find how to combine MP4 files into one on Windows 10 – there is no built-in option for the purpose. There is, however, a hidden option in the Photos app that should offer a basic option to merge MP4 files for free.

The Closing Remarks

MP4 joiners are not something new for those involved in video editing requirements. The best video joiners featured here should definitely help you answer your questions in how to combine MP4 files into one. The wide array of tools listed here should go a long way in promoting your choice of the best video merging solutions.

Pick the right options of the video merger software that meet your needs and make use of the best options offered by a host of tools outlined in this compilation.