convert wav files to mp3

Waveform (WAV) Audio File Format is a widely used audio format by IBM and Microsoft for all Windows Users. MP3 is a better choice than WAV for playing songs on MAC or mobile devices.

MP3 is also a popular audio format for Internet users, because its space-saving technology is portability the best. You can use any of the good to MP3 converter to create mp3 files from the WAV files. There are some other ways to change the audio file format too. In this post, we shall check out how to convert wav to mp3 with some of the best methods and tools.

Some of the best options are listed as under:


1. Convert WAV file to MP3 using iTunes

When you convert WAV to MP3 file the quality will be retained, but the output takes up less space. MP3 is a versatile format that can be used on almost all devices. Steps to convert wav to mp3 iTunes are mentioned below:

  • Open up iTunes and make the following settings

  • For Windows, click on edit and then select preferences

  • For Mac OS, click on iTunes and select preferences

  • For import using, select MP3 Encoder. Go to setting and select the higher quality of 192 kbps. After making the changes, click on Ok.

  • Try locating songs in the Music Library, choose the song title, and convert WAV file to MP3 by making it the MP3 version.

wav file to mp3

2. Top 3 Best Free Online WAV to MP3 Converters

How to convert a Wav File to MP3 is such a difficult question when there are so many ways of doing it. You can also it for free in the following ways:


1) Zamzar

It one of the best free Wav to MP3 converter that helps to convert audio files immediately. It supports so many other formats like M4A, OGG, WMA, AAC, FLAC, etc. It provides high-quality conversions for transforming videos into songs, images, or documents just like you want it.

The conversion time is very high and it doesn’t operate more than 150mb upload for conversion. For fast speed, you can pay and purchase their premium wav to mp3 converter online.

free convert

2) Free Convert

This is another free wav to mp3 converter that is used for converting files into audio format. It helps in converting multiple files into mp3 format at once. Just upload wav files into the upload box and click on the convert option and download it.

It can be used for uploading up to 1 GB files. The only con is that sometimes the files can get corrupted, and erase source files too.

mp3 converter

3) Online Audio converter

You can also convert mp3 to wave file by using the Online Audio Converter. It is a great converter for saving the output files in Google Drive and Dropbox. It comes with the support of conversion files present in the Cloud. You can easily edit metadata in the audio files.

However, the only problem is that the website comes with so many advertisements, and it supports very limited audio file formats.


3. Top 5 free Wav to MP3 converter applications for Windows 10

MP3 is still considered to be popular audio format, even after so many years, as it gives great quality in small size. There are different tools to convert wav file to mp3 for Windows 10 as well. Some of these are listed as under:

1) DVDFab Video converter

This free wav to MP3 Converter converts any kind of video formats to MP3. You can also do a video to video conversion, or convert video to other audio formats like AAC, WAV, MP3, etc. Open converter module of DVDFab 11 client and add the files you want to convert by dragging and dropping method, or with Add option from mobile phones.

video converter

Visit Profile switcher and choose the Audio category. You can also edit your source videos by going to Format option. By clicking on the advanced settings, you can customize according to your liking. Click on Ok button.

It can also convert multiple wav files to mp3 with great ease. Using the bottom menu, select the destination, and click on the start button for the conversion process. Songs get converted fast, but videos take a little more time.

How to Batch Convert WAV Files to MP3 without Losing Quality?

You can easily do batch conversion of Multiple WAV files to MP3 with DVDFab Video Converter. Not only does to allow you to convert wav file to mp3, you can use this best tool to convert other formats like FLAC and AAC to MP3 as well. Now let us check out the steps to easily batch convert WAV Files to MP3 by using DVDFab Video Converter.

Step 1: Launch the software. Now you will see the Convertermodule in the menu on the top part of the software interface. You can use the drag and drop option to select the WAV files that you want to convert. Mobile users can get the ‘Add’ option for choosing the files for conversion. Since this tool allows for batch conversion, you can add multiple files at the same time.

Step 2:Now you will need to choose the ‘Format tab and choose the category, ‘Audio. In addition to WAV, this audio extraction module works equally well with other video formats like mp4. You can also trim the video clip before converting it to mp3. You can get trimming and other tools for editing video by going back to Format tab and choosing ‘video’. Make the necessary edits as per your requirements.

Step 3: You can further customize the output files by choosing the ‘Advanced Settings’ option. After making the required changes, just click OK and hit the Start button.

Step 4: The best thing about DVDFab Video Converter is that it creates MP3s music files in few seconds. You can see the file destination folder location at the bottom. You might need more time if you are converting big movie files to mp3.

Note: if you are going to convert a big video file, learn more about how to convert video file without losing quality.

2) VSDC Free Audio converter

It is a free tool for converting Wav files to MP3 and it is quite fast and powerful. It supports various formats like WMA, ASF, MOV, M4A, RA, AIFF, etc. This tool helps to convert or extract audio from video files too. You can also use it to cut or delete audio fragments from big audio files.

The only con is that it operates only for Windows, and you cannot use the software anywhere else.

3) Wondershare Free video converter

It is a wav to mp3 converter by supporting numerous formats like M4B, M4A, MP3, WAV, etc. Many video conversion formats are also available for converting audio to video formats. The application is so simple.

Simply add the wav files to the Wondershare software. Choose the MP3 output to convert Wav file to MP3. Select the convert option for starting with the conversion process.

4) Freemake Audio Converter

This wav to mp3 converter software has been developed by iSkysoft and can be used in Windows. It is yet another free converter that supports several formats like OGG, MP3, WAV, AIFF and so many more. It also has the batch processing feature to convert multiple wav files to mp3. It supports working with Cloud. You can edit and bitrate and fine-tune the conversions easily. The only con is that it is not available for other operating software other than Windows 10.

5) Fre:ac

It is a free wav to mp3 converter for supporting so many popular audio formats like MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG, AAC, WAV, and Bonk. It helps in converting multiple files while retaining the folder structure. You can add songs from the online music database.

You can convert the music library into a folder by retaining the old structure. It is available only for Windows and supports limited audio file formats.


4. Top 5 free Wav to Mp3 converters for Mac OS

Even when it comes to converting wav to mp3 converter Mac, there are unlimited options here also. All of them have their unique features and some of the best ones are listed here:

1. DVDFab Video Converter

It is a professional video to the audio converter and can convert all sorts of file formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, and also other audio files like WAV, ACC, FLAC to MP3 and so many more. The software is so versatile to use and easy to use with a friendly interface. You can learn the software easily and convert wav file to mp3.

2) Audacity

Audacity is a wav to mp3 converter Mac and is open source management for editing and converting between any audio formats with the help of external libraries. It can operate in major operating systems like Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Because of its open-source, anyone can contribute to its developments. You can also understand anything going behind the scenes. The only cons are that some of the conversions don't work on some players.

3) Free Video Converter Mac

This is a free video and audio converter for MAC. It is available as desktop media for both Windows and Mac systems. This wav to Mp3 converter supports numerous file formats including both audio and video. It comes with an easy interface that can be understood by anyone.

The user interface is so appealing and amazing in itself. The conversion speed is so great. But the converted videos will have a watermark like all other free tools.

4) MediaHuman Audio Converter

It is free desktop software to convert wav file to mp3 and is available to Windows and Mac. It helps in converting of various media files and exporting directly to iTunes. The interface is simple and easy. It helps in batch converting along with keeping the older structure intact. But the software has slow speed while comparing it to WondershareUniConverter.

5) All2MP3

It is a wav to mp3 converter MAC. It offers many options for adjusting the bitrate easily and for working fast. The conversion speed is quite fast and it works on only MAC, and does not work for Windows.

5. Extension: Converting Video between Different Formats


DVDFab Video Converter software helps to convert videos to any formats like MP4, AVI, or MKV. Not just video conversion, there are tools for customization and editing as well. You can get output video quality to a standard resolution of up to 720p. Additionally, you can add subtitles and create watermarks to your video files. DVDFab Video Converter has to be downloaded from the official website. The software also allows you to upload files directly to YouTube.

6. Conclusion

There are many Wav to Mp3 converter tools and methods, but the choice will depend upon your specific requirements. We recommend DVDFab All-In-One package for all types of audio and videos editing requirements. They also offer excellent after sales support.

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