Have you ever felt some portions of your favorite songs or speeches to be extraordinarily beautiful, and wanted to directly listen to only that desired part?

You will be happy to know that you can trim the favourite parts of your MP3 files by using reliable and effective audio trimmer software like DVDFab Toolkit. You will also find this software to be very handy, if you are into audio/video editing and website designing.


Part 1: How to Trim an Audio File Using DVDFab Audio Trimmer


Steps to cut or trim your audio file with DVDFab Toolkit

  • Download and install this best audio trimmer and cutter from the official website. Do read the instructions to get access to a 30-day free premium trial.

  • After the toolkit is installed, you will see that it contains audio, video, and image editing tools. Select the option ‘Audio Tools', and then ‘Trim', for your audio file.

  • Now click on the ‘+’ button available in the center to load your audio file into this software, or simply drag and drop the audio file into this software interface.

  • Now that the file is loaded, you can see the total running time. Drag the pointer from the left side on the vertical bar to mark the starting time, and perform the same function from the right side to mark the end time. Click ‘Start' to initiate the process to cut mp3 file.

  • In case you want more mp3 files to be added for trimming, just click on ‘Add from Local', and the files will appear automatically. When the process of cutting mp3 file is complete, the finished icon will be displayed. To go back to the main UI of this software, click on ‘Finish'.


Some more useful audio editing tools in this kit include ‘Converter' under the option ‘Audio Tools’ to convert wav file to mp3, or to any other format that will suit your device. Further, if the sound of your audio file is very low, or if the voice of the speaker not very clear, you can always use the ‘Volume Adjust’ option to get more clarity of sound.

Part 2: How to Trim an Audio File Using Online Audio Trimmer

There are some other online audio trimmer applications and tools too that can help you cut mp3 file into smaller audio. These include web-based tools and mobile applications.

Web-based Tools:

1. Online MP3 File Cutter

This is an online audio trimmer tool that helps you cut MP3, WAV, OGC, and many more types of files. It is very efficient and reliable. You just need to follow these instructions:

  • Select the option'Launch Application' to load the editor online.

  • Now use'Please Load an audio file' and import mp3 audio file into the editor. Select the desired portion to cut mp3 file .

  • Under the'Export Range', go to'Selection Only'.

  • Select the ‘Export' icon, and specify the required format and download folder.


2. Web-based MP3 Audio Cutter

If you don’t want to install any kind of software to cut mp3 file to save your disk space, the good option is to trim audio files on the browser apps. You can do it without any sign-ups or registrations. You will need to follow these steps to know how to cut mp3 files :

  • Select ‘Open MP3' on the MP3 Cut website. Now choose the audio file that needs to be cut from your hard drive.

  • Select the section of the file that needs to be trimmed, and cut it by selecting the ‘Cut' button.

  • Finalize the folder where you want to save the file.

  • The audio trimmer will do the rest.

Part 3. How to Trim an Audio File Using Mobile Applications


1. MP3 Cutter for Android

You can get this audio trimmer from Google Play Store. It runs on Android version above 2.1. Following are the steps to cut mp3 file on this app:

  • Open ‘MP3 Load' and import the file that you want to cut.

  • Next, you need to select the ‘Play' button and press the red button when the desired part arrives.

  • Continue playing the file again and do the same thing to mark the end time. Then, select the option ‘Start Cut'.

  • Select ‘Save' after naming the file.

2. Hokusai Editor for iPhone

This application to cut mp3 file is suitable for devices running iOS 6.0 and later. It provides you with the option of Real-Time Editing. The can do the trimming while listening to the audio. It can allow you to add filters or mix tracks. The audio can be cut easily, and time duration can be controlled.


Part 4:Conversion of Audio Files to MP3

DVDFab Toolkit is one of the best and reliable software that can convert your audio files into any kind of format that supports your specific device, and provides maximum flexibility. Now you don’t need to worry about how to convert the file to mp3. Follow these simple steps to convert an audio file to mp3 :

Steps on How to Convert Audio Files into MP3

  • Go to option ‘Free Download’ available on the official website of DVDFab Toolkit. This tool will be ready to serve you after your three quick clicks.

  • Now select ‘Convertor’ under ‘Audio Tools' and pick an mp3 converter file to load it there.

  • Click on ‘Output' and you will see a range of options for Codec like AAC, FLAV, MP3, etc. Select MP3 and then select the Bit Rate.

  • Choose between audio channels like Dolby ProLogic II or Mono and Stereo. Select the Sample Rate. Once the preferences are made, click Start to convert audio file to mp3. Your audio file will be converted to MP3.


Part 5: Conversion of video files to MP3

MP3 is one of the trusted file formats that provide great quality of work. The small file size is compatible with any kind of multimedia player. Here is how you can convert video file to mp3: Conversion of Videos to MP3.

This can be done using DVDFab Video Converter. It allows you to convert anything into MP3 and supports every video format. It even facilitates video to video conversion. Some simple instructions that you need to follow here are :

1. Steps on How to Convert Video Files into MP3

  • Open the DVDFab 11 client. You will need to select the Converter module from the top menu. Using the drag and drop method, add the desired file to convert video file to mp3.

  • You can add more video files if you want to because the software also facilitates bulk conversion. Now go to ‘Profile Switcher’. Under the Format tab, select the ‘Audio Category’.

  • Also if you wanted to cut video before conversion, it could be done under Format Tab. Just select your video and choose any profile. The screen will display ‘Video Edit Button' where you have access to trimming tools.

  • Set up the information like Sample Rate, Bit Rate, Volume, Codec, etc. in ‘Advanced Settings' and click OK.

  • Choose the destination folder from the bottom menu and click ‘Start' for conversion. Your songs will be converted to MP3 in a few seconds. Movies, however, may take a longer time.

2. Steps on Conversion of YouTube links to MP3

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 software is a free YouTube to mp3 converter that can convert your entire playlist in one go. The steps that you need to adhere to are as follows:

  • Go to Utilities Section in DVDFab 11 and select the option ‘YouTube to MP3'. Now go to YouTube, select your favorite video, and copy its URL.

  • Come back to the selected section and paste the URL that you have copied. If you have some more videos to be converted, you can paste their links there too. From the bottom menu, choose the folder where the file needs to be saved.

  • Once the link gets pasted, the process of conversion starts automatically. After the download has taken place, go to the Finished tab and click on the folder to view your updated file.


3. Using Online Videos to MP3 Converters


It provides online document, video, and image converter facilities. Guidelines to convert video file to mp3 for the tool to are as follows:

  • Select the Audio or Video Converter facility according to your need.

  • Select the format of the file as MP3 and load the file for conversion.

  • After finalizing customization options, press the ‘Convert' button.

  • Once the task is completed, you can download the MP3 to any folder on your hard drive.

Cloud Convert


It provides the facility to convert any type of video file into MP3. You can do so by following these steps:

  • Go to the official website and pick up the files that need to be uploaded. Select the MP3 format.

  • Go for the option ‘Wrench' to make necessary changes. Click on ‘Start Conversion’.

  • Download the file upon completion and save it to the desired location.


As explained above, you can see that DVDFab Toolkit proves out to be the most trusted, reliable, useful, and best software for your audio, video, or image editing needs. You do not need to look for separate applications for carrying out your tasks . The company is known for developing effective and secure software applications.