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download youtube subtitles in 8 ways

Did you watched an interesting video about technology on YouTube and you want to archive only the subtitle, like a book in your library? Do you want to read the subtitle like a book, without the audio/video part? Or you are a language learner who wants to download subtitle YouTube? Well, good news – no matter are the reasons!

After reading this article, you will find how to download subtitles on YouTube videos. In addition, you will find how to download YouTube video with subtitles. YouTube is the most popular video website on the internet. Some videos have subtitles as part of the same video, while others have available subtitles that are deliberately created and separated from the video. YouTube often generates subtitles automatically through a speech recognition process. To choose the most appropriate method for download subtitle YouTube, or download auto generated subtitles from YouTube, you need to consider the source of these subtitles. But, don't worry.

You will see how to download subtitles from YouTube online with no efforts, only with a few clicks. We made a list with the top 8 online ways to download YouTube video subtitles.

Part 1: Download YouTube subtitles as txt or SRT*

How to download YouTube subtitles srt online or txt? Easy. We made a top 8, in order to download subtitle YouTube free. All you have to do is to go online on the websites bellow but first, you need to check that the subtitles are available.

1. Downsub


A free application that shows you how to download subtitle YouTube. You need to paste the link of a video from YouTube and then you will start download YouTube subtitles srt online, if you want. You can download subtitles from sites like Facebook and Dailymotion, Vimeo and so on.

2. DVDVideoSoft youtube subtitles srt online
this is also a handy app for download subtitle YouTube. You must paste a YouTube link. This website has some great extra options. You can choose interval if you don't need subtitles for the whole video and you can see a preview of the subtitles . An easy way to the topic “how to download subtitles from YouTube”.

3. Toolbxs youtube subtitles srt online

This YouTube Subtitle Downloader let you download subtitle YouTube with ease. Just get the URL of YouTube video you want to download subtitle YouTube from and paste the URL to the input, then click submit, like in the case of the other sites presented here. This can also download YouTube subtitles srt online, even in txt format.

4. Savesubs youtube subtitles srt online

With this tool you will see how to download subtitles on YouTube videos, also in an easy way. Insert a YouTube video URL intro the target field, then click Extract & download YouTube.

Part 2: How to Download the Auto-generated Subtitles from YouTube*

As we know, most YouTube videos have auto-generated transcripts. However the transcript may not be 100% accurate in some cases but it should do the work. Some websites/ programs allows you to download auto generated subtitles from YouTube, like:

1. Toolbxs (mentioned above)
2. VidPaw
3. YouSubtitles

These are the best when it comes to download auto generated subtitles from YouTube.

How to download subtitles on YouTube videos when these, let`s say, are not available? Here is another method to download auto generated subtitles from YouTube. In this case, you can do this manually but don`t worry. It isn`t difficult. So, here some brief steps, in order to avoid some errors.

4. Download the YouTube Transcript

This can be an alternative when it comes to download subtitle YouTube.

First step – log in to your YouTube account and check if your video has subtitles. Check if the “ CC ” button is available at the bottom of the video. Obviously if this button does not exist, then there is no auto- generated subtitles.

checking cc subtitles youtube

Second step – Click the three dots below the video to drop down a list. Select “Add Translations”

three dots youtube and add translations

Third step – Click “ Actions ” and then download the auto generated subtitles from YouTube. The file format is “.sbv”.

download translation youtube

Tip : If the format doesn't please you, then you can copy the subtitles into a Notepad or Word file.

It seems that now you can easily answer the question “how to download subtitles from YouTube online”.

Part 3: How to download YouTube Video with Subtitles Embedded*

Let's dive into how to download YouTube video with subtitles embedded by DVDFab Video Downloader.

This is the perfect tool when you know that you are going somewhere where the Wi-Fi or carrier`s signal is weak, unstable or non-existent. This software is the perfect solution when it comes to watch your videos offline and download YouTube video with subtitles. Through DVDFab Video Downloader you can download YouTube video with subtitles embedded.

1. What Are the Best Parts of DVDFab Video Downloader?

Supported Sites DVDFab Video Downloader

  • Sharing sites, such YouTube, are offering videos with variable resolutions, from 144p all the way up to 4K. So, you can choose your preferred resolution, when you want to download YouTube video with subtitles.
  • It can auto-download YouTube video with subtitles if you are a subscriber to a YouTube Channel. Once there are new videos detected, it will then automatically start download YouTube video with subtitles embedded.
  • It can download only the audio file from the video, if you are looking for that.

2. How to Download YouTube Videos with Subtitles?

Let`s see how it works:

A. Download the DVDFab Video Downloader.It`s fast and easy.

B. After installing, click “Paste URL” in the left corner of the interface. A box will appear. Paste the URL in the text box. As you can see, you have a couple of options. Either you can download YouTube video with subtitles, or only the audio format.

dvdfab video downloader

C. If you are choosing to download YouTube video with subtitles embedded, in a video format, you can choose the quality of the video.

dvdfab video downloader

D. Click “ Download ” to download YouTube video with subtitles. Then it will appear a processing bar. This operation will take a few minutes until complete downloading.

dvdfab video downloader

Now you are prepared to watch your favorite video from anywhere, without any concerns about the Internet connection. Just copy your videos on your tablet or keep them on your laptop and enjoy watching them. This software can be installed on Windows, Mac and it is available on Smartphones.

The cherry on top is that you can connect to a large range of websites, in order to download your favorite videos. You can download YouTube video with subtitles, but you can enjoy downloading videos from plenty of popular websites that DVDFab Video Downloader supports.

As you can see, in the left corner you have a button named “ Explorer ”. There you will find a list from A to Z with all websites supported. Not many software ensures such a range of websites and this is a major plus for DVDFab Video Downloader. Thank me later.

Part 4: Conclusion

These being said, we've shown you 9 ways of the best desktop and online tools for download subtitle YouTube, even with closed captions, but these are only a small part. There are still many similar tools available that can do the same thing, but these are the smoothest and reliable. Now you know how to download subtitle YouTube and you can realize that this process is piece of cake.