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Livestreams and gameplay recordings have been a few factors that have made screen recorder software one of the prominent options one needs to opt for. OBS Screen Recorder software is one of the excellent screen recorders you can opt for the best possible capturing of your entire screen, webcam and other specific windows. It can be an excellent option for both gameplay recordings or live streams.

However, if you are not happy with the OBS Screen recorder software, you would be checking out the right options for the best OBS Screen Recorder alternatives. A few of the complaints that you would come across when using OBS Screen Recorder would include the large output file and the limited functionality when you compared with the other tools among the best screen recorder for PC.

In case you have recorded multiple videos, so you may have a need to merge videos into one file.

10 Best OBS Screen Recorder alternatives

When you look at the best OBS Screen Recorder alternatives, there are plenty of options available. We will check out some of the excellent options you can go for an enhanced experience.

1. Wondershare Filmora SCRN

Filmora SCRN is one of the powerful and efficient OBS Screen recorder alternatives. What makes it a formidable option is that in addition to screen recording, it also doubles up as a good option for video editing requirements. You can also record a part of your screen or the full screen.



  • Screen cum webcam recording at the same time makes it the right screen recorder for PC
  • You can capture both audio and Video
  • More than 100 annotations and cursor effects.
  • Change the speed of the audio and Video


  • Extremely intuitive and easy to use
  • Best suited for the beginners
  • Picture in picture mode is quite good enough on the Filmora screen recorder


  • May impact your gaming performance

2. Camtasia Studio

The Camtasia Studio can be an excellent option for the best OBS Screen Recorder alternatives. Best suited for Windows 10, it can be an excellent option for each of your needs in the best professional-looking videos. Creating your videos would be fast and easy. The intuitive interface is what would make it one of the prime options. If you are wondering how to record streaming video, this one should be a great choice.



  • It offers you a great set of features and functions in editing your videos
  • Has been around for ten years as the best software
  • Robust screen recording and editing functionality
  • Simple to use features


  • The built-in video editor can help improve video editing
  • Plenty of instructional videos
  • Can even record audio


  • May be complex for newbies
  • Expensive price tag

3. CamStudio

One of the excellent options for an enhanced experience among the alternatives to OBS Screen recorder, CamStudio can be what would make it one of the prime options ever in how to record streaming video . The tool outputs the Video in AVI format under ideal circumstances, but you can even get your videos in the SWF format if needed. That may be a great option for bandwidth-friendly functionality. It can be a great solution for how to screen record on Samsung and other devices.



  • Popular options among the veteran Windows users.
  • Free alternatives for the best OBS Screen recorder software.
  • High-quality recording and video compression options


  • The free and open-source tool
  • Ease of use
  • No time limit for the screen recording.


  • Output formats are limited
  • May come with bundled software
  • May take more CPU resources

4. Fraps

Fraps has been around since long and available only on the Windows platform. Of course, the tool is not free and comes with a price tag. It provides you access to an enhanced performance standard with benchmarking software, screen capture software, and real-time video capture tool all made into one. The software can capture your videos in any of custom frame rates as per your preference, making it one of the best alternatives to OBS screen recorder software.



  • Best suited for the gamers
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and best suited for the newbies


  • Regular support for forums
  • Best designed for gaming fans
  • Options for an enhanced video recording


  • A great maximum resolution support
  • Framerates benchmark support
  • Can capture screenshots in specific intervals

5. Bandicam

You can save almost all the screens and content and save it in AVI and MP4 formats. Bandicam Screen recorder can provide you access to the best game, video and screen recording software. It compresses the video when saving it thereby reducing the CPU, GPU and RAM usage.



  • Real time drawing support
  • Can record videos in high resolution
  • You can directly upload the video onto YouTube


  • Webcam overlay when recording
  • Simultaneous addition of arrows, boxes, and numbers


  • Recording time limitation
  • Free version comes with watermark

6. XSplit Broadcaster

The XSplit Broadcaster is one of the prime options for all your needs in an enhanced and powerful solution for live streaming and recording software. The software is designed to make your multimedia broadcasting and streaming a lot more easier.

xsplit broadcaster


  • Easy to use interface
  • You can self produce videos and podcasts
  • A great tool for Windows operating system


  • A wide range of plugins to enhance functionality
  • 3D positioning at its best
  • A shorter learning curve


  • May be resource heavy
  • Not available on other operating systems

7. ScreenStudio

ScreenStudio is a tool designed to make your streaming rather easier. You can create your own screencast and live streaming efficiency. It can virtually run on any hardware.

screen studio


  • Complete activity stream
  • Audio and screen recording
  • Screenshot options embedded


  • Multiple webcam and text label support
  • Option to support multiple desktops


  • Not many cons

8. Simple Screen Recorder

An easy to use tool for your screen recording needs on Linux, the Simple Screen recorder should be a great choice by almost every respect. Support for X11 and OpenGL will further make it one of the good options for the best screen recorder for PC.

simple screen recorder


  • Qt based graphical user interface
  • Can record the entire screen or a pert of it.
  • Can reduce frame rate if your computer is slow


  • Come pre-packaged as part of most Linux distros
  • Option to pause and resume recording at anytime
  • Ease of use


  • May not live stream like OBS

9. Captura

Captura is a Windows based screen recording tool and can be an excellent options for the best OBS screen recorder alternatives. You can record your entire screen or a part of it with or without audio. It can capture high resolution video with ease.



  • Completely free and no ads software
  • Multiple language support with over 30 languages
  • Can run in the background on system tray


  • DirectX full screen game recording
  • You can capture specific regions of the screen
  • Can mix audio from speaker and microphone


  • Less features compared to OBS

10. DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor - The Best & Recommended One

Imagine you have come across a video that you like the most and want to download it. But, there are situations where you would find that there are no options to download the Video. DVDFab Screen Recorder and Editor is an excellent option that can help you achieve the task with ease and simplicity. Of course, the tool is available only on iOS, and that may be a concern.

Killer Features offered by DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS

Some of the worthy features that would make the DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS a powerful choice can include:

  • Capture anything on your iOS screen:DVDFab Screen Recorder and Editor can be used to record every activity on your screen with ease. That would mean you can even record the gameplay video and create professional videos with ease.
  • Capture both Video and audio with ease:You can record whatever is happening on your iOS screen with ease. This will include iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This would assist you in creating a video tutorial for demonstrating a particular application or game. It can be the best screen recorder with internal audio.
  • AirPlay Mirroring Feature:The AirPlay Mirroring service can be one of the excellent features that makes it a great tool in every respect. You can be assured of both audio and Video being in total sync.
  • PIP Screen and Audio Voiceover:That would provide you with an exciting opportunity to create a demonstration or tutorial video to explain gameplay or a software application. Use a headphone and use it to record the contents on your screen with a perfect voiceover.
  • Multiple video editing capability:The iOS Editor and Recorder option can be what makes it a perfect option for a dozen of robust features. You can add multiple options that include adding transitions, animations, callouts and other captions.

How to use DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS for recording your screen on iOS? The steps here can be what would be helpful in the long run as the right alternatives to OBS Screen Recorder software options.

Here are the steps to record the video:

Step 1:Install and launch the software

DVDFab Screen Recorder and Editor for iOS is a part of the DVDFab Suite. We assume you have downloaded the DVDFab Suite. Launch it and choose the Utilities section at the top. Then pick iOS Screen Recorder option.

dvdfab screen recorder and editor

Step 2:Connect your iOS device

Once you choose the iOS Screen Recorder option, you would get the options to connect your iOS device. You will be able to connect your iOS device to DVDFab through AirPlay Mirroring.

dvdfab screen recorder & editor for iOs

Step 3:Start Screen Recording process

By default, the video screen is recorded on the software. If you are checking out the options to add audio as well, it would be advisable to opt for the options to add the audio stream as well. You can also add another video track for the Picture in picture effect. You can add the audio track for adding your own personal voiceover.

OB screen recorder alternative

Step 4:Edit and export your Video

Stop the operation as soon as the desired portion of the video is done. You can click on the Preview button on the timeline and make edits as per your preferences. You can begin your editing your Video. The tool offers you the simple video editing options such as trimming, cropping and adding text or animations. Click on Save the Video in the MP4 format.

That does it. Wasn't that the simplest option to record your screen on iOS? The only issue you would face can be that the tool is available only on iOS.

DVDFab Player 6 – The best media player to play your screen recordings

Having created the videos with the help of DVDFab iOS Video Recorder and Editor, how would you play your videos with ease.

DVDFab Player 6 is treated to be the world’s best 4K UHD Media Player. It does provide you access to a navigational menu and HDR10 support for the 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. You can choose between the two clarity options that include Ultra and Standard. You can pick the right option based on your exact requirements in viewing videos created with screen recorder for PC.

Some unique features offered by Player 6 are:

  • Support for multiple formats:The media player works the best for all your needs in playing DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. In addition to the popular video formats, you can even play a host of audio formats that include MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, CUE, APE.
  • Multiple modes for seamless watching:DVDFab Player 6 comes with a PC Mode and a TV Mode. With an optimised playback mode for small and large screens, you would get a seamless entertainment.
  • High-resolution audio resolution:You have access to a host of lossless high-resolution audio output. Gain the best Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master and DTS:X etc., with up to 7.1 channel surround sound.
  • All-inclusive media support: The Player 6 supports 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, HEVC and Other Media Files. You can get access to H.264, H.265 (HEVC), WMV, etc., and resolutions, 720p, 1080p, and way up to 4K UHD.

How to play your videos on Player 6?

Step 1:Install and launch the software

Download and install DVDFab Player 6 as you would do with any other software. Launch it and pick the right options among PC and TV Modes

dvdfab player 6

Step 2:Choose the files you want to play on your media player

You can either load the disc containing the video file or pick it from the File Explorer section. You can browse for the file you want to play and open it as you would do with other files on your computer.

dvdfab player 6

Step 3:Play your file

As soon as the disc is loaded or you have chosen the file, it will begin playing. You can easily control the playback and even preview the file.

play your video file with DVDfab player 6

A Few FAQs on the best OBS Screen Recorder alternatives

1. What screen recorder do most YouTubers use?

OBS Software is one of the most common screen recorder software options used by YouTubers. However, there are a few limitations that may make it not very efficient. A few other tools can include Fraps, Camtasia and CamStudio. If you are on iOS, DVDFab Screen Recorder and Editor for iOS can be a great solution.

2. What is the best screen recorder for PC for free without watermark?

A wide range of screen recorder software options help you get access to the best screen recording without watermark. You can pick the best screen recorder for PC alternatives outlined in the above discussion for an enhanced experience.

3. How to get a screen recorder for iOS?

DVDFab Screen Recorder for iOS has been equipped with a wonderful set of options, and that makes it one of the preferred options for your screen recorder needs. Check out the above tutorial to get a feel of the software.

Final Words on OBS Screen Recorder Alternatives

Screen recording has been something that you would invariably need if you are a YouTuber and create a lot of explainer or tutorial videos. It can also be one of the prominent options if you are looking to showcase your gameplay or working with a demonstration video.

Check out the best screen recorder for PC for free options outlined here and get access to a wonderful experience ever.