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Do you have a large video you'd love to compress and burn into a DVD disc? Obviously, this can be achieved using a reliable software solution; however, the big question is, which video conversion software is best to use when there's a need to compress DVD video files?

Also, it can be a daunting task to get a reliable DVD compression software, and it can be daunting to find one can compress video size faster and losslessly. Interestingly, this article lists the best video compression for DVD solutions for Windows and Mac, as well as explains how to compress a video file efficiently.

1. Why Should You Compress Video Files?

Some premium movies or high-quality videos can take up 8GB space or more on your hard drive – imagine if you've got up to 10 of such videos files, that's a whopping 80GB space stolen from your HDD just for ten (10) files . It becomes more of concern when you have many big-size videos or movies, or when you want to transfer the videos to a mobile device/table; at this point, the need to compress video size becomes a necessity.

  • When you compress large videos, you save up much reasonable space for other important files.

  • Compressed videos are easier and faster to share across your devices, social media, or email.

  • Most portable and mobile video players won't be able to playback uncompressed videos.

2. How to Compress Video Files to Fit on DVD?

Certainly, you need a DVD compression software for this purpose; hence, this section lists the best and most reliable software that helps to compress video size (DVD or regular MP4).

1. DVDFab Video Converter

Using the DVDFab Video Converter solution, it is much easier to compress any video file losslessly. The software is fully packed with several powerful futures to ensure smooth compression/conversion processes. Also, DVDFab Video Converter features a comprehensive “Advanced Settings” menu where users can adjust video settings to personalize the resulting clip/movie.

Furthermore, DVDFab Video Converter supports a built-in video editor panel that is packed with a bunch of video editing tools. It is a multi-feature video conversion software to use and compress video files to fit on DVD. With support for multiple video formats , DVDFab Video Converter works for compressing any big-size video, whether it is DVD or regular video formats such as MOV, MP4, MPEG, etc.

3. How to compress a video using DVDFab Video Converter

First step:


Download DVDFab Video Converter on your computer, run the executable file to install the software, and then launch the DVDFab 11 app after installation.

Click on the “Converter” module and load your large video file(s) to the interface; you can upload more than onevideo at a go.

Second step:


With your large movies or videos uploaded to the interface, next is to select a compatible output format for your DVD, and then set a perfect resolution. Click on the “Advanced Settings” icon to configure the video settings and compress the size. The “Advanced Settings"icon is the second-last button on the movie info row.

Here, you can change the video size, set a comfortable resolution, adjust the bitrate, and other advanced video settings. You can also amplify the video's volume level and set any quality of your choice.

The video size in configured in megabytes – 1000MB = 1GB, 1500MB = 1.5GB.

Third step:


Select where to save the compressed video and click on “Start” to start compressing the video files. However, you cannot burn the compressed video directly to a disc using DVDFab Video Converter.

Note : DVDFab Video Converter can compress any video to any size of your choice, and it provides a lot of adjustable settings option. It is arguably the best solution to compress video files. Nevertheless, the compression process may take time to complete.

4. How to burn compressed video to DVD?

If you wish to burn the compressed file to DVD, then you should wait, after DVDFab Video Converter completes the compression process, follow the steps below to burn the movie to DVD.


  • Click on the “Creator” module and upload the compressed video file.

  • Select “DVD Creator” mode from the “Profile Switcher” button on the top-left corner.

  • Tick ​​​​the checkbox beside the "Fit to DVD" option; this can also be defined from the "Advanced Settings" menu.

  • Click the “Advanced Settings” button and personalize your DVD movie settings for smoother playback experience.

  • At the bottom panel, select your DVD disc as the output storage option, and then click the start button.

That's it, the compressed movie or video will be burned into the DVD in your system's disc drive. However, the burning process may take time to complete. DVDFab DVD Creator is the answer to anyone looking for “how to compress a video to fit on a DVD."

5. How to Compress a Video on Mac?

DVDFab Video Converter and Creator software apps are available for macOS users; however, many Apple device owners prefer using iMovie for their video editing or conversion needs. Well, iMovie is a free app, and it can help to compress video files.

iMovie, Apple's primary video software is a multi-feature video solution for Apple device users to use and achieve various tasks regarding video edit, compression, and conversion. So, if you are looking for how to compress a video on Mac, with iMovie, it is possible.

IMovie is built-in your MacBook, so there's no need to download a 3rd party video compressions software.

6. Using iMovie to compress video size on mac


First step:

Launch iMovie on your MacBook and create a new “Movie” project. Optionally, you can choose a theme for the video or at it at the defaults. Import the large video file and add it to the timeline. If you do not wish to edit the video, jump to the next step; else, you can utilize the editing tools available on iMovie to edit your video.

Second step:

Click the “Export” button (found at the top-right) corner of the iMovie interface, then select “File” (identified with a clip icon).

In the "File" menu options, you are not allowed to alter the video size; however, if you change the video resolution to a lower one, the video size automatically decreases. If the large video has a 1920 x 1080p res, you can bring it down to 960 x 540p; this will drastically reduce the video size. You may also need to choose a lower "Quality" to further compress video sizes on iMovie.

Third step:

When you're done reducing the size and quality of your video, then you can click on the “Next…” button, choose a name for the compressed video, should a location to save the video, and finally click “Save.”

7. What more?

That's it! This is how to compress a video on Mac using iMovie. However, with this method, you can only compress video sizes by reducing quality and resolution. In contrast, DVDFab Video Converter for Mac allows you to retain the video's resolution while setting a custom size for the compressed video.

8. Summary

While looking for how to compress a video, you should first understand the video formats and resolutions that are compatible with DVDs. Also, ensure that you use the best DVD compression software or video converter software for more efficient results. To compress video files using any software can take a lot of time.

Lastly, you could learn more about how to convert a video into MP4and simultaneously enhancing the video quality significantly, which is one of the best video formats for good quality and suitable size.