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compress mp4 files with 5 top video compressor

So, you've made a fantastic video and now want to send it via an email or need to submit it online within a size limit? Well, you've stumbled upon a suitable place to get it done the way it has to be. Smartphone camera game is climbing new heights as we see multiple cameras lined up going all the way up to a hundred megapixels. A video recorded in high-resolution may sometimes be huge, from megabytes to gigabytes!

In such cases, it is necessary to compress this large video file into a slimmer one to share it via an email or other file exchange service. Thus, today, we'll be discussing some of the best online and offline MP4 video compressor tools to compress your desired video file efficiently. If you're still wondering, "How to compress a video?" then we'd insist you simply follow this definitive guide to obtain all of your answers.

Part 1: How to compress MP4 file online?

Converting MP4 files online in an online video compressor is always a good idea as it is available at your service instantly all the time. No need to install any software, just open the website, upload the video and that’s it. We’ve filtered out three of the best online video compressors to compress an MP4 file according to your need. No matter if you just quickly want to get that mp4 compressed or want additional output video tweaks, they’ve got them all!

The best part is all of them are entirely free to use, leave no watermark on the output video and nails it when it comes to getting the job done. Just a quick heads up before you start searching for the best suitable video compressor, if you’re into compressing an mp4 video of size more than 500MB, then skip to the third one in this list, i.e. Video Compressor by FreeConvert.

1. PS2PDF- Free Online MP4 Video Compressor

PS2PDF is a versatile online video compressor that lets you reduce the size of your MP4 videos quickly. It has a clear and straightforward user-interface accompanied by a swift video compressing service. To begin with, you have multiple options to upload your video file no matter if you have it on your local storage, google drive or dropbox, all of these upload options are accommodated.


For the purpose of compressing, you have four options to choose from as per your requirements viz. Reduce by percentage, by preset quality, by variable bitrate, and by constant bitrate. Thus, if you require a video output according to a specific configuration, you can easily do that in the PS2PDF converter and compress video online for free.

There are two converting methods to choose from depending upon conversion speed. Additionally, if you need to compress mp4 files frequently and if you get annoyed by those ads easily, you’re given the control of switching off those ads too!

2.MP4COMPRESS- Compress mp4 files

MP4COMPRESS is yet another powerful and lucid online video compressor that allows you to reduce the file size of your mp4 video instantly. Unlike the previous one, PS2PDF, this free online video compressor simply takes the video file from your local storage and compresses it in a single click. Thus, if you’re searching for something quicker and do not prefer customizations, then go for this one. However, it does not accept online video resources such as google drive or dropbox options.


The maximum video size that this online video compressor accepts is 500MB but does its job pretty much smoothly. We’ve tried to compress multiple videos with it, and it did compress the original video to a great extent without losing the original video resolution, at least. MP4COMPRESS and PS2PDF both are some of the best video compressors online as you get the work done hassle-free and also do not leave an ugly looking watermark in your video.

Thus, MP4COMPRESS nails it when you’re in a hurry, and it comes to quick mp4 video compression with just a few simple clicks and no headaches.

3. Video Compressor by FreeConvert

FreeConvert’s Video Compressor is yet another tool to compress video file according to your requirement. It gives you tons of output customizations similar to the PS2PDF, such as choosing various output video formats, output video codec, and output video target size. Thus, if you need the output video in a format other than MP4, you can select from FLV, MKV, AVI, and more. For compressing the video, you can choose to compress video by size, video quality, and max bitrate.


Moreover, you can also alter the resolution of the output video in this online video compressor, and it supports videos up to 8K resolution. We even tried this online video compressor to compress mp4 file of 4K resolution, which was over 500MB, and the results were astonishing. Thus, if you want to compress a huge file of size > 500MB, then this is the best video compressor for you.

Overall, this video compressor is an all-in-one tool for you to compress any of your videos into various output formats with loads of additional tweaks.

Thus, you just passed by the list of three best online video compressing tools to compress mp4 file. We’ve handpicked these after testing a bunch of them available online to reduce your effort and so you can simply go with your desired one as per your specific needs. Coming up next is the section where we’d be introducing the method on how to compress a video but, without losing its quality. Sounds exciting enough? Follow us along with this.

Part 2: How to compress MP4 file without losing quality?

Online video compressors are, no doubt, the best options to get away with when there isn’t any serious video compression issue involved. But when it comes to sizeable mp4 video files and losing quality, online video compressors prove out to be ineffective as compression is being carried out at the cost of quality. If you’re looking for an mp4 video compressor software that reduces video size without losing its original condition, we’ve got you covered!

Besides the quality factor, there are several other perks of using standalone desktop software such as saving time, faster compressing process, multiple compressions at once, and many more. Using an online tool, you need to upload the source video that you wish to convert and download the output video, which is not an issue until it is smaller in size. Still, for more massive videos, it becomes annoyingly time-consuming and often time consumed in the process of uploading and downloading is more than the time taken for compressing.

Thus, we’ve found out an all-in-one solution that addresses all of your video compressing and converting needs with ease.

DVDFab Video Converter- Lossless MP4 Video File Compression

Video Converter by DVDFab is a complete solution for all of your video compressing and touchup requirements. It is a full-featured video processing software that is suitable for entry-level as well as professional-grade video editing requirements. With its fantastic set of inbuilt tools, you can compress mp4 file without losing quality and as per your output configuration

dvdfab video converter

The best part of this video compressor software is that you get tons of additional utility features related to audio-video such as Copying & Ripping DVDs, Blu-rays. You can even create a DVD with a fancy menu with the help of various inbuilt menu templates and customizations.

You can easily compress videos of different formats in this versatile software just by following easy steps enlisted below:

  1. Download and Install the DVDFab Video Converter from here.

  2. Launch DVDFab Video Converter, navigate to the Converter section and load the source video file.

  3. Choose the preferred output video profile according to your desired output video format and quality and just click start!

  4. It will initiate the video compressing process, and progress details would be displayed on the screen as the video gets processed.

Once you have initiated the process, you can cancel it at any point if it is no longer required. If the file is huge and the estimated time to finish the compression is too long, you can even schedule the program to automatically shut down the PC, hibernate the PC, or exit the program. DVDFab is an advanced video editing tool with which you can accomplish all of your video editing or processing tasks.

Part 3: How to compress a video on mac?

If you’re looking on how to compress a video on Mac, but still can’t find a reliable solution, don’t worry more. DVDFab has got your back once again in this segment as it has a Mac version of this software too. Video Converter for Mac by DVDFab supports all of the significant video formats for compressing and converting and provides you with the desired video output.

DVDFab Video Converter for Mac

For macOS users, it has been always tough to search and find the purposeful software according to the requirement but not this time. With DVDFab Video Converter, you can compress mp4 videos of all playable formats, including support for your iOS devices. DVDFab places the power in your hands to fully control the output video as per your specific needs.

video converter for mac

If you want to compress a video on your Mac, just follow us along with the steps described as follows:

  1. Download and setup the DVDFab Video Converter for your macOS from here.

  2. Launch the DVDFab Video Converter and load the source video that you desire to compress.

  3. Configure the output video specifications according to your needs.

  4. Start the compressing process and wait for it to finish. Until you get your desired output, you can have a look at the process details.

Similar to its Windows counterpart, this software for macOS is also jampacked with tons of video utility functions such as DVD and Blu-ray Copy & Ripping. You can also build custom DVDs with an exquisite menu with this software. As far as compatibility is concerned, it supports macOS 10.10 - 10.15 versions. All in all, it is a great tool to manage your daily conversions and compressions in one place.

Part 4: [Bonus] How to compress MOV file?

MOV is a QuickTime file format developed by Apple for easily sharing of audio-video containing media files. It is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms and is supported by almost all of the new smartphones. If you’ve recorded a video on an iOS device, the chances are high that it would be in a MOV file format because it is the default video file format across all of the iOS devices.

MOV videos recorded on iPhones are already optimized as iPhone's video recording, and processing algorithm compresses it at a certain level to save that space. But, if you need some additional compression, tools that we shared previously can do this job pretty quickly. If you prefer online conversion, then go for the Online MOV video compressor by PS2PDF. If you don't like waiting for uploading and downloading, you may download Video Converter by DVDFab.

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