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how to compress mov files

The MOV video format, also referred to as QuickTime video format, is a digital media format (developed by Apple) that’s supported by most players for mobile and PC. Initially, MOV videos can only be played with Apple's QuickTime player, but many media players currently support this format. If you have a MOV file that has big size, and would not send via email or play on your portable device (because of the big size), then you should consider to compress MOV files using relevant apps and tools. This article explains how to compress MOV file without losing quality.

Part One: How to Compress a MOV File|4 Best MOV Compressor

Here, you'll learn how to compress MOV file online and how to use a MOV compressor software.

Method 1: Compress MOV File Online

1. Clideo Video Compressor Tool

Compressor Tool

Clideo’s MOV video compressor tool is a web-based utility that allows you to convert MOV video files to MP4 format. It accepts multiple video formats as input and basically converts them to MP4 format. It is one of the best online MOV video compression tools. More interestingly, this online tool is totally free to use, and you will not download any software. Whether you use a Mac or Windows PC, this MOV video compressor is available across OSes; all you need is an active internet connection and a web browser.

2. You Compress


YouCompress is an intuitive, universal video compression tool. It supports digital formats such as MP4, MOV, GIF, etc. This free online video compression tool can compress MOV files up to 80% to deliver a small size file you can easily share or send through different means. When you want to compress MOV file online, the YouCompress tool is an ideal tool you could use for this purpose. As expected, this tool is totally free to use and does not require you to download a software.

How to compress a MOV file Using Online Tools

  • Visit the online video compressor tool's website and upload your MOV video.

  • The site processes your MOV video and provides you with a compressed file.

  • Download and save the compressed video on your PC local storage

Irrespective of the online tool you’re using, the steps are almost the same.

Method 2: Compress MOV File with MOV File Compressor Software

Using an online tool to compress or convert videos leaves you with limited options. In contrast, a MOV video compressor software or a typical video converter software provides a wealth of options and output formats. Here, we have listed the top best software apps that allow you to compress MOV file without losing quality.

3. Using a Free MOV Clideo Compressor – Freemake


Freemake is popular among Windows computer users. It is a free video converter software with tons of extensive features and support for a wide variety of formats. According to the developer(s), Freemake supports nearly 500+ digital formats, including device-specific formats for iPhones, Androids, and other mobile devices. One of the main reasons why people choose Freemake video converter is because it does not offer free-trial and also does not have a premium (paid) version. All its features are accessible for free for a lifetime.

The interface provided by Freemake software is easy to understand and use. For anyone looking for how to compress a MOV file to a smaller size, Freemake is an ideal software to use. However, if you’re so conscious of “Quality,” Freemake does not guarantee lossless compressed videos. It is advisable to opt for a paid MOV Video Compressor software in order to compress MOV file without losing quality.

4. Paid MOV Video Compressor Software – DVDFab Video Converter

mov video

The DVDFab Video Converter is the first video converter software to come with a highly-efficient AI Enlarger solution, capable of upscaling video images up to 300% from 480p to 4K. When it comes to video compression, DVDFab Video Converter can convert any video format to a smaller size and that it does without detriment to the video’s quality.

More interestingly, the DVDFab Video Converter features a built-in video editor tool packed with the basic editing tools to make your video stand out even after being compressed to a smaller size. The advanced settings panel on DVDFab Video Converter contains a lot of customizable video and audio parameters. However, you should only adjust these settings if you know their implications on your video.

Although DVDFab Video Converter is a premium (paid) MOV video compressor software, it offers a 30-day full trial period. During the free-trial period, you can access all the features of this app, and in the end, you can either opt-in for the premium version (paid) or continue with a free version with limited features. Below is how to compress MOV file without losing quality using DVDFab Video Converter.

Guide: How to compress a MOV file

Download and install DVDFab Video Converter on your computer (macOS or Windows). Launch the program, click on the “Converter” module, and follow the steps below.

First step:

mov file

Upload your MOV video file to the DVDFab Video Converter interface. There are many ways to upload a video file, and you can upload more than one video at a go.

Second step:

dvdfab video converter interface

With your videos uploaded to the interface, there are many things you could do to the video. From editing the video with the built-in video editor to adjusting the video settings or previewing the video. Simply click on the respective icon on the video info tab to choose an action. Here, we’ll click on “Advanced Settings” to compress MOV file.

Third step:

compress mov file

Change the value in the "Output Size" box to compress your MOV video size. The size is calculated in Megabytes. Click “Ok” to return to the main interface, then click “Start” to compress your MOV video file. If you uploaded multiple MOV videos to DVDFab Video Converter, you have to customize their output sizes individually before proceeding to click the “Start” button.

What more?

The guide above refers to the steps to compress MOV files to a smaller size to serve a particular purpose. With DVDFab Video Converter, your MOV file’s quality will not be touched during the conversion process. Also, DVDFab Video Converter is available for macOS and Windows OS computers, the guide above works for both OSes.

Hopefully, this article solves the need of wanting to compress MOV (QuickTime) video files to smaller sizes. However, there are quite a lot of other software apps and online tools that are capable of compressing MOV files, but these selected ones listed here are the "Top Best" and most reliable ones you can use across platforms (macOS and Windows).

Part Two: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.How to compress MOV files on Mac without losing quality?

Firstly, you need to download DVDFab Video Converter for Macintosh and install it on your MacBook. Launch the program, select "Converter," upload your MOV video file(s), go to the "Advanced Settings" panel and change the "Output Size" to any size of your choice, return to DVDFab Video Converter interface, and then click “Start.” DVDFab Video Converter for Mac automatically converts MOV files without denting the quality. It is the best MOV compressor software available for MacBook users.

2. Compress mp4 video to smaller size online free?

Basically, online tools allow you to convert or compress digital files for free. Whether it is an online MOV compressor or video converter, usually, it is always available for free. That said, it is possible to compress MP4 videos to a smaller size for free using online tools. The popular online video converter/compressor tools include Clideo and YouCompress - there are quite other ones you can you, but we recommend these two.

3. What is the best video compressor tool?

DVDFab Video Converter software is the best video compressor tool for MacBooks and PC. It assures lossless video compression for all formats and video types. Plus, the interface is intuitive and easy to use. However, DVDFab Video Converter isn't available for free; it offers a 30-day trial period. You will need to upgrade to continue enjoying its unbeatable features that are very important for lossless video compression and conversions across formats.

Part 3: How to Convert MOV to MP4

Using DVDFab Video Converter software, you can convert virtually any video file from one format to another. The software supports over a hundred digital formats, as well as supports many video/audio codecs. It is a professional video converter software with an AI upscaling add-on feature (sold separately). To convert MOV to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter, follow the steps below.

  • Download and install DVDFab Video Converter on your computer and then launch the DVDFab 11 program.

  • Select “Converter” and upload the MOV video. You can upload more than 5 MOV videos at a go.

  • Click on the “Profile Switcher” button to select an output format for your MOV video; choose MP4 from the “General” video formats.

  • Select an output folder for the converted video, and click the “Start” button.

Your MOV file will be converted to MP4 immediately. The conversion speed of DVDFab Video Converter is quite above par when compared to its alternatives.

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