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A photo size editor is what would help you get access to an enhanced experience in resizing your images to your heart’s content. Depending on where you want to use the photos, you can use a wide range of tools for the purpose.

There are times when you are annoyed with the need to spend hours together for polishing a photo when you are looking to upload your images to social media. There may be situations where you want to get the photos printed, and the printer does not support the size. That is where a simple Image Resizer app comes to the fore.

How To Resize An Image With Enhanced Quality?

There may be several options that can help resize your images and photos. However, if you are looking to improve the quality of the images as well, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI should be a great and simple image resizer for Windows and Mac.

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is an excellent tool for making your photos look better and enhanced. The software makes use of the deep convolutional neural networks for upscaling your images. The tool has been trained over millions of professionally enhanced samples. The tool can handle a wide range of features such as sharpening your images, reducing the noise in the images and upscales the pixelated images.

Some of the prime AI features offered by the product include

  • Perfect optimisationOptimise your photos shot on devices such as a smartphone to look like the ones shot on a DSLR. The PhotoPerfect technology is one of the excellent options that would provide you with a huge degree of high quality. The tool removes halos, artifacts, and aberrations that considerably enhances the quality of the image to a greater extent


  • Enlarge your photos The tool can help you enlarge your images to up to 40 times. It can upscale your images without the need to lose any of your quality. In sharp contrast to the competitor tools, the software does not turn your image blurry or pixelated. The software has been trained by countless images. The machine learning capabilities of the software further makes it one of the excellent option.

enlarge your photos

  • Reduce the noise – The software is trained over millions of blurry and clear images for reducing the noise so that your images do look lifelike. You can remove every type of image noise that includes background noise, chroma noise, and luminance noise. If you have images that have been shot in low resolution or higher ISO value, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI simply reduces the noise to make them look great.

reduce the noise

  • Remove the blur– The removal blur in the images has been a tough task even with the best software. The use of Deep Neural Convolutional networks would improve your experience in removing the blur efficiently. You can remove the motion blur or out of focus blur, making it one of the excellent options in the long run to unblur photos.

remove the blur

The ability to improve the imperfect images with the help of PhotoPerfect feature should definitely make it an excellent tool for handling your imperfect images and making them look as if they have been shot on a DSLR device. It can even double up as a bulk image size resizer.

How To Resize An Image Without Losing Quality?

The steps involved in improving your photos are relatively easy. Here is how you can do it –

Step 1 – Install and launch the software

The software is available on the DVDFab official store. Simply download and install it the way you would install the software. Launch it a pick the PhotoPerfect option.

launch the software

Step 2 – Add your image

You can simply drag and drop the images you want to add to the tool. You may also add them following the traditional method.


Step 3 – Save the file

The program will convert your file, and you are good to go. There is nothing you need to do. The software will get the enhanced photo quality.

enhanced photo quality

You can perform a wide range of other image resizing options such as enlarging your images, sharpen it or even denoise any of your images without hassles. Since the tool is AI-enabled, there is nothing you need to adjust as the tool will be handed automatically. It should be one of the excellent options to resize images for Instagram and other social media profiles.

How to resize image without losing quality (Windows & Mac)?

The DVDFab Photo Enhancer comes with an excellent set of features for resizing your images without hassles and even without losing quality. It can help you enlarge your images through a simple interface and let you provide you with an option to enhance the quality without affecting the quality of the image.

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI apart, here are a few of the excellent options you can provide you access to.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has been a great option and perfect option as a market leader among the professional graphic designers. The tool is extremely strong and versatile in almost every respect. The ability of the tool in manipulating the images is one of the perfect options and doubles up as the simple image resizer for Windows.

adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is not a free tool. It can provide you access to an enhanced performance and offers you a consistently perfect service quality. The tool is available on both Windows and Mac. Just ensure that system you are on supports Photoshop. You have access to a powerful image editing tool, a simple option to resize image. You can even increase the image resolution to your heart's content. Adobe Photoshop has been popular since the 1990s making it one of the prime options. No need to worry about how to resize an image in Photoshop, as it provides you with an easy to follow tutorial.

Available onWindows and Mac.

2. Fotophire maximiser

Coming from the house of Wondershare, the Fotophire maximiser has been one of the excellent tools you would find a great tool. It can efficiently enhance the resolution of your images in a simple and easy to follow interface. The attractive interface is what should make it one of the exciting choices. It can be an excellent option for the free image resizer.

fotophire maximiser

The developers claim that the software can enhance the resolution of the images by over 1000 %, though we have not tested it. However, if you are increasing the resolution to your standard sizing that we would normally use it for, you would find that there is enough quality preservation. You can even add the filters as per your preference.

How to resize an image on mobile phone?

The specially designed mobile phone apps for the purpose have proved to offer you an excellent functionality and features. We will check out the best options for the best experience in resizing the image on a mobile phone.

1. Instasize Photo Editor

Instasize Photo Editor has been one of the excellent options in how to resize an image on iPhone. Quite simple and easy to use, the photo resizer app can prove to be one of the excellent options you would find to be providing you access to a great degree of experience. The software comes with the options for pre-set sizes for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

instasize photo editor

You can crop your content to meet the exact aspect ratio. The tool can be a great option that provides you access to cropping and resizing. The multiple filters and photo adjustments can prove to be yet another exciting option that can prove to be a good option. You can even adjust the parameters such as hue, saturation, and exposure.

2. Image Size

Image Size is one of the best and most popular and simple image resizer app for iOS and iPad. It does provide you access to an improved and a great degree of a neat and clean interface that further improves your experience with the tool. The ease of use makes it a great image resizer app for the beginners. It can definitely answer your query on how to resize an image on iPhone.

image Size

One of the best factors that makes it a great solution can include the ability to decide your own size for the final image. You simply need to enter the exact size in pixels, cm, inches or whichever unit you want to, and your image will be resized to the size you want to. The option to preserve the aspect ratio can further make it one of the excellent choices. You also have access to saving, emailing, printing or sharing your final image.

3. Photo Resizer - the best free image resizer

Photo Resizer is one of the perfect options for your needs in an improved photo editor app on Android. The basic resizing options offered by the simple image resizer app can definitely make it one of the exciting choices. The tool lets you crop, shrink and resize the images in JPG and PNG format.

photo resizer

The software can be one of the excellent options for providing you with an enhanced experience to share your images to social profiles. You have access to device-specific presets to work with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr. It can be your prime option as a simple image resizer app capability.

4. Resize me

This is yet another Android app that can provide you with a perfect Android resizer app ever. You can use the tool to resize and compress your images as per your preferences. The batch resize option provided by the tool can further make it one of the enchanting option you can convert your files.

resize me

You can use the tool for resizing your images before you can send them through email and share them on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The one-click resize, crop and rotating features should ideally make it one of the thoughtful inclusions. The batch image resizer option should be one of the excellent options in the long run.

How to resize an image online?

Having checked the simple image resizer tools available on Windows, Mac and mobile devices, we thought of listing out a few great options that can prove to be handy enough in an online mode.

Here are a few prime online options that can prove to be handy in letting you resize your images before you can share them on social media services. If you do not want to go with an image resizer download, the online tools can be a perfect choice. is one of the excellent options for an enhanced and improved options for the excellent experience in one of the most popular tools resize image online. You can use the pre-sets for providing you with the right size of images for sharing your data on your social media profile. It can also be a great option for providing you enhancing your images on an online store.

No matter whether you are looking to resize your images for sharing on the online store, or checking out your options for optimising your images for your websites or online store. The is a great choice in handling practically every need you may have in terms of resizing the images in the most effective manner.


IMG2GO is yet another online tool for the perfect, yet simple image resizer tool. The online tool is entirely free, and you can reduce the size of the image very efficiently and effectively. The tool can be used to either enlarge your image or reduce the size as per your preferences. A quicker and an efficient way to resize you images, it can be a great way to provide you with an enhanced experience.


You can use the tool to resize image for all the types of images. It can handle raster images and vector images as well. The online tool can handle a wide range of options that include BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, WebP to name just a few. It can be an excellent option for handling your images on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WordPress or other online platforms.

The Closing Thoughts

Resizing a photo is seen to be one of the most commonly used techniques for almost each of your needs. You would need to enlarge your image for a better printing, or may need a reduced image size for sharing them on social media profiles and through email.

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is an excellent tool with image resize capability without losing quality. Most of the tools outlined here may not be able to retain the image quality when resizing, but DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI excels with the functionality. Whether you are trying to find how to resize an image on Mac or Windows , you would find it offering a truly wonderful experience.