top 4 free ppt to video converters

Can you convert a PowerPoint to a video? PowerPoint presentations are saved with the extension (.ppt); they are not video files but slideshows. However, one may wish to save a PowerPoint presentation as a video format for one reason or another. But this is not practically possible; to have your presentation saved as a video file, you need to use a PPT to video converter software. With a PPT to video converter, you can convert PowerPoint to video formats that can play on most media players. More so, there are online (web-based) tools that also allow you to carry out this conversion for free without downloading any ‘ware. Here, you are going to learn how to convert PPT to video formats quickly.

There are quite a bunch of PowerPoint to video converters out there, but this article focuses on the best ones you can get to use.

Part One: How To Convert PowerPoint To Video Online

Using these online tools mean you will need an active internet connection, and a web browser. You won't download any software, and it is mostly free.

1. Online Convert App

online convert

Online-Convert is a popular online video conversion site that allows you to convert files into various formats. Interestingly, this tool lets you convert PPT to video online free, and it supports quite a couple of features you'll find handy for different needs. There are various ways to upload your PowerPoint presentation file: upload from your local disk, URL, Google Drive, DropBox, or you could simply drag and drop the PPT files on the site’s interface.

Online-Convert grabs your PowerPoint document and converts it to MPEG (MP4) video format. One of the reasons to choose this web-based PPT to video converter is that it provides many configurable settings and presets to make the resulting MP4 video outstanding and unique. Additionally, Online-convert provides an online tool that could convert MP4 files to PPT format.

2. MP3 Care

mp3 care

This appears as a direct alternative to the online-convert PPT to video converter tool mentioned above. The website is easy to understand and supports all types of presentation files (PPT, PPTX, PPS, or PPSX). You can rely on this web-based tool to convert PowerPoint to video files so that you can play them on your media player. MP3Care will output your PowerPoint presentation as MP4, and the site’s intelligent algorithms will automatically decide the video quality and size.

You won't be able to configure the potential video settings when you use MP3Care, but it is generally an amazing tool to help out anyone seeking for how to convert PPT to video formats for free. You won’t pay for using this tool; however, it doesn’t support multiple ways of uploading PowerPoint files. It only supports the native "upload" method, unlike online-convert, that provides a variety of ways to upload your files.

How To Convert A PowerPoint Presentation To A Video File:

This guide is particularly for using the online PPT to video converters mentioned above.

  • Visit the file convert website and upload your PowerPoint slideshow or presentation. These platforms support various presentation formats.

  • (for online-convert) scroll down the site and configure the video settings. However, you should leave the settings at their default options if you do not know how they’d affect the final video

  • (for MP3Care) choose the slide to slide transmission time

  • Click the “Convert” button after you have customized the available settings (depending on the platform you use).

  • Your presentation will be converted to an MP4 video, and you will able to download it to your PC.

When you use an online converter tool, it works on both Mac and Windows computers because it is accessible via web browsers. It is quite more flexible than software apps.

Part Two: How to Convert PowerPoint to Video on PCs (Windows and macOS)

Convert PowerPoint To Video On Windows OS

These software applications help you to convert PPT to video formats on Windows computers. They are quite easy to use.

3. Focusky Free PPT to Video Converter

focusky free ppt to video converte

The Focusky PPT to video converter software comes with a lot of important features that allow you to touch every slide in your presentation while converting them to video. It flaunts an intuitive interface with the options & tools arranged on the left pane for easy access. Focusky PPT to video converter further comes with preset templates for the resulting digital video.

However, for you to use this software, you need to sign in to your Focusky account or create an account if you’ve not done that. This windows software is all-inclusive – it outputs your video in MP4 format. There’s also a mac version of the Focusky PPT to video converter.

How To Convert A PowerPoint Presentation To A Video File

This guide works for Focusky Free PPT to Video Converter; you will need to download the software and sign in to your account. Afterward, follow the steps below:

  • Launch Focusky Free PPT to Video Converter and upload your PPT document or start from scratch

  • Choose from the preset templates the one that’s the best fit for your presentation video

  • Customize the video using the various editing elements and tools provided by Focusky Free PPT to Video Converter

  • Click the “Publish” button and select a video type, as well as configure the available parameters

4. RZ PowerPoint Converter

rz powerpoint converter

This lightweight PPT to video converter is one of the best you can get as a Windows PC user. It is a powerful utility software with a clear-cut interface that anyone can understand. RZ PowerPoint Converter also allows you to convert PowerPoint files to DVD quickly. The resulting video will be saved in MP4 format. You only need as low as 100MB free space on your computer to download this software.

Furthermore, the RZ software supports all versions and formats of PowerPoint presentations. You can customize the video size and resolution. Apparently, if you’re looking for how to convert PPT to video formats, this software is highly recommended. The free version adds a watermark to your videos.

How To Convert Powerpoint To Video On Mac

How to convert PowerPoint to video on mac is not so different from how you do it on a Windows computer. You only need the mac version(s) of the software apps above, and you can easily convert PowerPoint to video mac.

However, if you're a Microsoft 365 Subscriber and you use MS PowerPoint on your mac, below is how you can export your presentations in video format.


If your MacBook runs macOS 16.19, PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 for macOS 16.19 computers supports audio narration when you export presentations as video.

  • After creating your PowerPoint presentation, click “File,” and then “Export.”

  • Go to the File Format menu and choose between MP4 or MOV (the two supported formats)

  • Also, you will need to choose the quality you want for the video. Supported qualities are presentation quality, internet quality, and low quality. Selecting a higher quality means the final vide size will be large.

  • Check the box beside “Use Recorded Timings and Narrations” if you’ve got recorded timings on the presentation video.

  • Click “Export” after you have entered the necessary details and configure the video output settings.

Part Three: How to Edit and Enhance Video Quality at the Same Time?

After you have successfully converted your presentation file to a video format, you may want to edit the video further and enhance its quality. This can be achieved using DVDFab Video Converter. The software is an advanced video conversion tool that supports an AI upscaling solution that helps to upscale/enhance video quality. DVDFab Video Converter is the first video conversion tool to support an AI upscaling solution.

DVDFab Video Converter

dvdfab video converter 01

Using DVDFab Video Converter, you can edit and enhance video quality at the same time. It supports multiple video input and output formats; plus, the interface supports batch processing, drag, and drop upload, and super-intuitive to use.

video editor

The built-in video editor on DVDFab Video Converter is packed with all the possible video editing tools you could need to make outstanding videos. From the video editor window, you can trim your video, apply effects, customize brightness/saturation, and perform quite a lot of other video editing stuff.

DVDFab Video Converter is fully packed with everything you need to turn ordinary videos to stunning masterpieces. Below is how to use DVDFab Video Converter to edit and enhance videos at a go.
dvdfab enlarger al

  • Download and install DVDFab Video Converter on Windows or MacBook

  • Launch the program and click on the “Converter” tab

  • Upload the videos you wish to edit and enhance

  • Click on the profile switcher button and choose any of the options under "Enlarger AI."

  • Return to DVDFab Video Converter and click the “Video Edit” icon; it is the last icon on the video info row.

  • Edit your video as you wish and click “Ok” to save the customization

  • Choose an output folder for the video by clicking the box beside "Save To."

  • Click “Start” to convert and enhance your video.


This article covers how to convert PowerPoint to video and how to edit the converted video to look better and clearer. Here we recommend you best ways to convert video to GIF.