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Netflix is the best option for people who enjoy watching movies and TV series on a daily basis. The error messages that this streaming service sends you may frustrate you despite the fact it is popular and appears to be capable. This article will discuss the Netflix Error Codes M7362-1269, and M7363-1260 -00000026. It also explains how to fix them.

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Reasons for Netflix Error Code M7362-1269 and M7363-1260-00000026

If you encounter Netflix Error Code M7362-1269 and M7363-1260-00000026 on your device, it is likely that the information saved on your browser has become outdated and that it needs to be updated. Here are some troubleshooting steps for you to resolve these error codes.

Solutions to Netflix Error Code M7362-1269 and M7363-1260-00000026

1. Refresh the page

  • Close and reopen the page.
  • Click Reload this page button on the upper left corner of your browser.
  • Right-click anywhere on the page, then choose Reload option (or press Ctrl+R on the keyboard).

2. Turn off private browsing

If you see a purple icon with a white mask inside of it, you are looking at a private browsing window. Attached are two ways to turn off private browsing mode.

  • Shut all of your private browsing windows down, and then you will be able to resume normal browsing mode.
  • Take Firefox for an example. Select Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security > History > Firefox will > Remember history > Restart Firefox now.

turn off private browsing

3. Shut down your device

  • For Mac: At the top left, click the Apple menu > Shut Down.
  • For Windows: From the Start menu, click Power > Shut down.
  • For Chromebook: From the bottom right, click on the time > Sign out > Shut down.

When your device is shut down, wait for a few minutes and relaunch it to check whether the error has been resolved.

4. Clear Netflix cookies

  • For Computer: Go to This step will sign you out of your account. Then select Sign In and enter your Netflix email and password.
  • For Smartphone: Form the Home screen, select Settings > General > Apps or Applications > Manage Applications > Netflix > Storage > Clear Data.

5. Check for available storage

check for available storage

  • For Windows: Select Start > Settings > System > Storage.
  • For Mac: Select Apple > About This Mac > Storage.

Streaming Netflix will be interrupted if your device storage capacity drops below 100 MB. Therefore, make sure you have enough storage to watch Netflix on your device.

6. Contact Netflix for more support

You can contact Netflix through either telephone at 1-844-505-2993 or live chat on their official website.

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