No, it's not about sound. Image noise is those dots, sometimes annoying, that appear when we "push" the camera to take pictures at high ISO. Simply put, ISO is the level of sensitivity of the camera to the available light. That granulation occurs due to the high temperature of the sensor when we want to take pictures at night or in low light conditions. The image sensor is the most important part of the camera and is responsible for capturing / collecting light, turning it into an image. With high sensitivity (high ISO), we remove the need to use the camera flash but at the risk of waking up with high grain (image noise).

In this article, you will find the answer to your problems with your footage. We selected the best image denoisers and prepared a tutorial about image denoising. Keep reading and get ready to denoise a video that you want to save.

image denoisers

1.What Is Image Denoising?

Image denoising is the process of removing or reducing the noise from an image, without loosing the details. This is one of the main challenge in the field of image processing and computer vision. The goal is to estimate the original image by suppressing noise from a noise corrupted image. Practically, if you use the best image denoiser, you will see that the details from an image are kept while removing the color and luminance noise. Did you know that the noise can be of different types? The most popular noises are Gaussian noise, speckle noise, impulse noise and poisson noise etc.

Basically, this noise can be reduced through a image denoiser either an online image denoiser or an offline image denoiser. There are some online and free image denoiser like Pinetools or Photo-kako, but you need to consider that you need much more in order to dramatically reduce or exlude the noise from an image. These free softwares may work but are not entirely satisfactory when it comes to denoise a video or a image with accuracy. You need to look for professional softwares, like an AI image denoiser with neural network image denoising tehnique. An AI image denoiser based on previous training that consisted of processing and comparing a large amount of images, the AI ​​essentially adds new pixels, which fit into each frame.

2. What Technique An Image Denoise Might Use?

We understand that image denoising is to remove noise from a noisy image, in order to restore the true image. The demand for more accurate images is increasing and so far, video and photography lovers have already proposed various methods to denoise a video. These image denoising techniques are many but we will mention the most important ones.

a. Image denoising with the stacking technique

By making a series of images without moving the camera, every single image will have a slightly different noise pattern. When combining these images, it is possible to cancel out the noise, without loss of detail. You can use Lightroom in order to set the sharpening, to get your noise reduction to zero and to disable all lens distortion settings. Next, you need to move these pictures as layers in Photoshop. You need to make sure that the photos are on top of each other and perfectly aligned. Then select all layers and transform it into a smart object (Layer/Smart Objects/Convert to Smart Object). When this is done stack the layers in the smart object with option Median ( Layers/Smart Object/Stack Mode/Median). Rasterize the image and this is it. Lightroom + Photoshop are a great team and it can be your main image denoiser tools if you have the passion and patience to learn these image denoising softwares.

b.AI video denoiser - Deep learning

Various deep learning approaches have been proposed to solve noise reduction and such image restoration tasks through a technology called super resolution. Deep Image Prior is one such technique which makes use of convolutional neural network image denoising and is distinct in that it requires no prior training data. You can find this service of image denoising with deep convolutional neural networks on Github. There, you can find there someone that can denoise a video or make an image denoising in need.

Also, we have another post on how to improve a video or an image with the technology of AI, you could learn more about it:AI Upscaling for Video and Image.

c.Image denoising through offline or online image denoiser softwares

There are many image and photo editing softwares that have one or more noise reduction functions ( median, blur, despeckle etc). So, you can opt for a image denoising software.

Best Image Denoisers

  1. Topaz DeNoise – this is an image denoiser for Windows and Mac users also. It can be installed as a Lightroom or Photoshop plug-in. This is not a free image denoiser but the purchase definitely worth it.

topaz denoise

  1. Blender Denoise – a free AI image denoiser tool and it is compatible with Win & Mac.This image denoising software can help you to produce automaticalyy beautiful noiseless images.

blender denoise

  1. Denoise Photoshop – designed for Win & Mac users and servers as a useful image denoising. You can reduce the noise while retaining the image details.

denoise photoshop

  1. Neat Video – this is a plugin video denoiser and can help you to denoise a video, including photos also. You can reduce visible noise and grain found in footage from any source including cameras, digitized film, TV tunners and so on.

magic bullet denoiser

  1. Magic Bullet Denoiser III – a video denoiser for the operating systems: Win & Mac. With a few controls for fine tuning you can let the default settings do the job in order to denoise a video.

magic bullet denoiser

  1. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI – this is a next- gen AI image denoiser is the best image denoiser that rapidly accelerates teh process of renderingnoise images. Based on a neural network image denoising algorithm, Photo Engancer AI can removethe noise from photos without losing any detail. With just one click, you will say goodbye to noisy photos and you will embrace a more life-like photos. This software is able to remove all kinds of noise like chroma noise, luminance or background noise in order to give a more realistic touch of your photos.

DVDFab photo enhancer

These are some of the best image denoising software available for youto remove noise from videos and photos. All of these software are pretty effective in terms of reducing noise from videos and photos. Personally, I have tested all these image denoising softwares and I liked “DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI” the most. This is because the amount of noise which it can remove from videos without compromising the video quality is very impressive. Also, I admire how developers kept the interface of the program very simple and user friendly, with such a huge amount of technology underneath.

So, try these image denoisers softwares for image denoising videos and photos with ease.

How to denoise a photo?

We will show you how to denoise a photo with Photo Enhancer AI, developed by DVDFab. This image denoising software offers an advanced photo enhancement solution.

  1. Download Photo Enhancer AI and install the program into your computer. It will take very little time.


  1. In order to start the image denoising, click on ” Denoise”. As you can see the interface is very clear and intuitive.


  1. Upload your image into this image denoiser software, in order to start the image denoising process

denoiser software

  1. Now this image denoiser will automatically will start the image denoising. As you can see, the results speak for themselves. This is surely the best image denoiser.


  1. On this step, you can reduce noise and sharpen the image to unblur photos with AI by dragging the slider from left to right, reaching the optimal value and best visual effect. Here is where the magic happens. Now you really say that you did an image denoising with success.


  1. Now click on ”Save” button. You can choose the output format, rename your photo and last, the place wher you want to save the image.

 denoising image

With only a few simple clicks, you can make an image denoising with Photo Enhancer AI. This is the best image denoiser based on neural network image denoising, in order to deliver a professional-looking photographs for personal or business purposes.

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI mainly has 6 features and denoising is just one of its most features.

  • Cartoonize yourselfie to make something fun.
  • Automatically retouch your photos by improving the contrast, brightness, color, and more.
  • Upscale images to 400% without losing any quality.

Noise is one of the most common issues photographers have to deal with, and there are lots of different ways to deal with it in post-processing. Noise is a main issue for photographers and it can range from being an inconvenience to a deal-breaker for image quality. The majority of the time, when working on it in post-processing, you have to trade off keeping detail with reducing noise, but the promise of this image denoiser, Photo Enhancer AI, is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to retain more detail while getting rid of noise. In our experience, this image denoising software cangive some great results in a few minutes.