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Fox Nation is an American subscription video streaming service. It is a companion to Fox News Channel. It carries original programming videos that cater to viewers who are interested in it. Thus, the streaming app is accessed by users through their phones, computers, and other selected devices. You can watch original shows, documentaries, and stories that celebrate America through it.

For fans who are loyal and passionate about celebrating America's people, stories, and history, this application is considered the best for them. It gives you daily opinion-driven programming and on-demand content. Furthermore, you have access to exclusive experiences with your favorite personalities. Fox nation's significant content is crime & justice, lifestyle, investigative shows, and much more entertainment.

Fox Nation: Start Your Free Trial | Shows, Documentaries, & Specials

On the other hand, DIRECTV is an American multichannel video programming distributor based in California. One of its essential services is to serve as a digital satellite service to the United States. It delivers the best Live TV packages for you and your family. It brings all the On-Demand Streaming under one roof. It is providing its customers more accessible access to their favorite shows.

It is an alternative to get a better quality and service for customers. It provides premium video using the most innovative and latest development technology. Moreover, it gives access to numerous unique channels and reliable services. It offers you to watch movies of high resolution at an affordable price.

What Channel is Fox Nation on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV has recently announced that they have started offering Fox Nation to its customers. Fox Nation is available as a "premium add-on" for DIRECTV subscribers. These plans came into action after the expansion of DIRECTV. Thus, now people can find out what channel Fox Nation is on DIRECTV. Furthermore, DIRECTV will also include Fox Weather in it. It is a free, ad-supported weather streamer application. All of this will be available in the entertainment package.

The Fox Weather was launched in October 2021. It had a team of more than 120 meteorologists. This service includes a comprehensive suite of weather products with local, regional, and national reporting and live programming.

In case you cannot find out what channel Fox Nation is on DIRECTV. Fox Nation is located on DIRECTV channel 1960 and is designated as "FOX NTN." DIRECTV subscribers can search for Fox Nation using their usual onscreen programming guide.

What channel number is Fox on DIRECTV?

Suppose you cannot figure out what channel Fox Nation is on DIRECTV. We are here to guide you on this. Finding the exact channel of Fox Nation on DIRECTV from hundreds of channels can become a hectic job since there are numerous channels you get with your DIRECTV.

Finding the channel of Fox Nation on DIRECTV is like time-wasting since you have to flip through all the channels and look out carefully for the desired channel. Thus, we will directly tell you which number to enter to get to Fox to resolve that problem. Fox channel number on DIRECTV differs for every city.

For example, the Fox Nation channel number on DIRECTV in New York City is 5, the Fox Nation channel number on DIRECTV in Los Angeles is 11, in Chicago is 32, in Houston is 26, in San Diego is 69, and the list continues.

You can also check channel 363. For people who cannot figure out what channel number is on Fox Business on DIRECTV. It is channel number 359. It is the same channel number on every package, either its entertainment package, ultimate, or premier one. Fox News Channel is channel number 360.

How much does FOX Nation cost on DIRECTV?

Fox Nation on DIRECTV is offered as a premium add-on. The amount of fee one has to pay is $5.99 per month. After purchasing the premium add-on, you can directly watch Fox Nation from your DIRECTV app or website. This will give you access to whatever program or sporting event you want to watch without any break.

How to enjoy Fox videos offline?

StreamGaGa Video Downloader lets you download and view your favorite series and movies in 720p on your computers, mobiles, and other devices. StreamGaGa eliminates all the ads when you download any movie or TV show. Furthermore, you can download movies with subtitles. Moreover, these subtitles can be extracted from download movies and saved as SRT files.

Another exciting fact is that you can download the whole season in one go. This feature is called the batch mode, which StreamGaGa supports. The videos can be downloaded in MP4 format. This compatible format can be used on almost all devices. The GPU-accelerated time process helps the download time, which is perfect for people who are struggling to download shows quickly.

The poor internet often causes buffering, which becomes irritating. Getting stuck in between while watching your favorite series episode for which you have waited for days is the most annoying thing ever. You can now download your favorite movies and videos to avoid wasting time. StreamGaGa Video Downloader lets you watch your favorite movie or show anytime with high quality.

Here is a guide on downloading videos on your Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. This will make your watching experience a smoother one without getting stuck at any point.


Fox Nation is a bundle of TV favorites, blockbuster movies, and new Max Originals for everyone. With increasing demand, access is becoming difficult, and as the prices rise, not everybody can afford it. Thus, we suggest you to watch Fox Nation movies on DIRECTV.

DIRECTV gives access to customers to watch their favorite seasons in high resolution at affordable prices. Furthermore, StreamGaGa is an excellent option if you want to watch high-quality movies or TV shows offline. Fox Nation with StreamGaGa is a great combo. Watch your Fox Nation movies now anywhere you want with StreamGaGa.

StreamGaGa is the best option available as you can download high-resolution videos with subtitles. No ads, no wastage of time.

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