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Getting constant interruptions or errors in the midst of streaming your shows on Hulu can be irksome and frustrating. It can quite easily dampen your plans of a restful evening of unwinding and binging your favorite movie. So if you are thinking why is my Hulu not working? Well, the reasons can be many ranging from internet connectivity issues to web players, apps or just about anything else that may be malfunctioning.

However, the good news is that we have here for you, an easy guide to follow and solve your Hulu woes as quickly as possible.

Why is Hulu not working?

There can be several reasons behind this vexing question- Why is my Hulu app not working?

  • Internet connectivity problem
  • Software problem
  • Server issues at Hulu’s end
  • Problem with the web player of the Hulu app
  • Cache corruption

10 ways to troubleshoot Hulu when it is not working

1. Check if it is a Hulu internal problem

Before you go into a troubleshooting mode and thinking why is my Hulu not working, dig deeper into the problem at hand. So first and foremost, you need to check if the problem is arising from Hulu itself and whether their servers are down or not.

It could, in all probability, be due to absolutely no fault at your end but an internal problem at Hulu’s end. It may sometimes so happen that Hulu has released a new movie or TV show which has instantly attracted a huge surge in users at the same time. This could lead to a server overload and is a possible reason for the service to plummet.

Sometimes, the streaming service could intentionally keep the servers down for emergency or regular maintenance work.

There are several online tools you can use to check on the health and condition of a particular service or website. You will also be able to see here if there are other users facing similar concerns.

2. Examine the internet connection you are using

You can face connectivity issues with Hulu if you have a low bandwidth or a teetering internet connection. Bad internet connection wreaks havoc with your viewing experience and you may encounter video buffering as well as difficulty loading webpages.

So immediately check on the condition of your internet connection. You can run a speed test of your connection with the help of certain tools easily available online. Ensure you have a speed that is conducive to stream Hulu on your devices. As per Hulu’s general outline of internet seed requirement to run its content, for general streaming you need a 3Mbps, for live streams you need 8Mbps and for 4K content you need 16Mbps.

Sometimes, inclement weather may play spoiler and throw into disorder your internet signals. Hence you must keep an eye out for that.

Sometimes, resetting your router and ensuring it is placed safely in surroundings that does not suffer intrusion, may help matters.

3. Turn off and turn on all your devices

Once you are assured of the smooth running of your internet connection, close the Hulu app as well as all other apps that may be running and then try reopening it. Stop temporary processes, if any, precluding all interferences. In case the situation does not improve after this, restart al your devices that you use to stream Hulu. Moreover, take care to not run a lot of apps or other programs at the same time.

If you are using a video game console to stream Hulu, keeping your game in a pause mode while using Hulu can affect your streaming performance.

4. Keep your Hulu app updated

As explained earlier, sometimes the issue of why is Hulu not working, may be completely lying at Hulu’s end with internal complications and server issues, with absolutely no complication with your or network connectivity. Similarly, sometimes the Hulu app itself may have internal corruptions with the presence of bugs that lead to the error you are facing.

In that case, visit your app store to check if there is a newer version/update of the app available for downloading.

Alternately, instead of using the Hulu app, you can use the website and use your phone to cast to Hulu on your television.

You also have the option to send your complaint via e-mail to Hulu’s support center where you describe the issue with the app and hope they find a fix to it in the next update.

5. Keep the Hulu cache clutter free

The presence of local files in your cache assist in the smooth, efficient and fast running of your app. However, at times you may face cache errors if it gets corrupted.

The primary reason for cache errors is bad sync. Caching leads to many of the Hulu issues you may face, more so if you are using multiple devices. It is during the syncing of your data on different devices by Hulu, that your cache faces the risk of getting corrupted, especially if your internet connection is also unstable.

Fix the problem by clearing your app’s cache.
  • In the case of smartphone users, go to your app’s settings and clear the cache.
  • For desktop users, you will need to keep your browser’s cache clear.
  • For users who are streaming Hulu on their TVs, go to settings and look for the app menu. Once there, go down to Hulu app and clear its cache.

6. Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app

If the issue persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Hulu app on your device from the app store. Sometimes, doing a fresh installation can purge the app and all its files of all corruptions. Doing a complete deactivation and reactivation of your device may also help matters especially if you are logged in on multiple devices and from multiple locations as then, a minor glitch can cause Hulu to stop recognizing your device.

Go to your Hulu account page and click on Manage devices. Then select Remove. I order to incorporate it again to your device, sign in to your account on your device after which you will receive a generated code on your phone/email. Put in the code and your device will be automatically added again.

7. Look at the Hulu error codes, if any

When trying to seam Hulu, if you see an error code pop up, look up that specific code and all the information available about it. While you can also follow the regular steps of troubleshooting, knowing the particular error code can streamline the process with specific information.

8. Try switching to a different device

If you are having streaming trouble on your computer with Hulu web player, try switching to another web browser or even your phone. Hulu allows users the flexibility to stream on a host of devices, so you are sure to have an alternative handy.

9. Go for a wired internet connection

If you are facing slow network connectivity, you can try connecting an Ethernet cable with your modem in case your device backs it. In case this works, it may entail a weak Wi-Fi connection or that there are too many devices that are connected to your router.

10. Improve Wi-Fi reception

Try getting rid of any obstruction between your router and streaming device. It is better if the distance between them is the least as this will entail less obstruction and thus your increases the chances of your Hulu working smoother.

Can you download Hulu movies/shows to watch offline?

You now have the chance to save all your favorite movies, videos and TV shows from the Hulu and Hulu JP streaming service, for offline watching with the FlixPal Hulu downloader. The software enables you to download high quality video and can support 1080p quality along with an ad free streaming experience.

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Here are the features and advantages of using FlixPal Hulu downloader:

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  • It is 100% clean and safe
  • FlixPal also gives a 14-day money back guarantee

FlixPal Hulu downloader- Download Hulu movies/shows hiccups-free

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Step 2:

Find the video you wish to download

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Why is Hulu not working on Roku?

Many a time Hulu crashes on Roku because of a backdated or corrupted app. Moreover, if the problem is seen only with Hulu and no other streaming service/app, you need to check for a Hulu channel update. If no update is available, try removing it altogether and downloading it all over again.

Why is Hulu not working on my TV?

You may sometimes experience buffering issues when streaming Hulu on your TV. This can be resolved by unplugging the device and waiting for a minute before plugging it back in. After resetting it completely check for buffering again.

How can I refresh Hulu on by TV?

Navigate to TV and Video from the XMB menu to check for Hulu updates. Click on All apps and go to highlight the Hulu tile and press Options on your controller. Now check for Updates.


So, if you have been irked by constant interruptions when watching your favorite shows and movies on Hulu and wondering why is my Hulu app not working, there is no reason to worry. We have brought to you the best and simplest fixes to your Hulu troubles that you can follow to easily get the app back up and running.

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