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An image that appears stunning clear on your device's display may be blurry on another display (with higher resolution capacity). What causes this? It's simply because your image quality doesn't match the resolution of the other display (where it appeared blurred).

So, what should you do in this situation? You can use an A.I. Image Upscaler solution to enhance the image quality and make it appear clearer (with more details) on all screens (big or small). Interestingly, there are quite a bunch of image upscaler apps and software solutions available across platforms and OSes.

This article lists the best AI-based solutions that let you upscale image resolutions. It also explains how to upscale an image using different image upscaling software solutions. But what actually is an image upscaler?

What is Image Upscaling?

Image upscaling simply refers to the process of making old or low-quality photos appear more detailing and compatible with high resolutions. There are lots of tools and software that can help you upscale an image; however, all of them do not give the same "high-quality" result(s) as expected. Thus, here are the best A.I. image upscaler solutions to choose from.

5 Best Online Image Upscaler To Upscale An Image Online

1. Image Upscaler

image upscaler

This web-based image resolution upscaler is one of the best you can use. It utilizes deep-learning & Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) algorithms to upscale an image quality up to 4X. With the Image Upscaler tool, it is possible to upscale an image without losing quality, instead - the quality gets much better.

However, there are limitations to the type/size of images you can upload on ImageUpscaler. The tool allows you to upload images that are not more than 5MB in size. Also, your image's width/height must not exceed 2500 Pixels. Everyone can make use of this tool because it is free and easily accessible.

To use this online image upscaler, all you need is a web browser and an active internet connection. It works on smartphones and P.C.s. The best images to upscale with this tool include cartoon pictures, logos, animes, and other synthesized images.

2. Let's Enhance


Let's Enhance boasts of cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms capable of upscaling images up to 16 times more than their initial quality. This A.I. image upscaler is quite easy to use, and it works across platforms. The tool is powered by severally-trained neural networks (image super-resolution technology); it can reconstruct faces faster and more accurately.

Furthermore, Let's Enhance features an intuitive interface – you must have an account before you can be able to enhance your photos with this tool. While this is a free online image upscaler tool, it has paid plans for people who want to access its extensive features and bulk processing. If you were looking for the best way to upscale image online, this is the right tool.

More so, Let's Enhance is capable of upscaling images up to 4K (for premium subscribers). The upload size limit is 15MB; plus, this image upscaler will automatically denoise JPEG or JPEF images. It is ideal for virtually everyone looking to upscale image resolutions online.

3. Image Enlarger


Using Image Enlarger, you can comfortably upscale an image to be much better than it was. This online image upscaler works perfectly for its purpose, as well as provides a few settings options for the resulting image. Image Upscaler is totally free to use (with no premium feature) – it promises to remove artifacts from images and deliver near-lossless upscaled images.

More interestingly, this online tool does not require you must create an account before uploading your images. It looks to be an ideal option for anyone looking out for a free online image upscale solution. However, this tool isn't powered by A.I.; thus, it is not an A.I. image upscaler. The maximum file size supported by Image Upscaler is 5MB, and the supported output format is PNG or JPG. There are a few other settings you can change before upscaling an image with this tool.

4. Photo Enlarger

photo enlarge

Photo Enlarger is a simple interface online image upscaler tool that works on all devices with internet access and a web browser. This free online image upscaler allows you to upload and enlarge any type of image up to 400%. You can set custom width and height for the upscaled image, as well as choose an upscaling percentage by dragging the slider or entering custom text inside the (%) box.

Interestingly, you don't need to register to use this tool – it is entirely free with no premium feature. However, it doesn't upscale your images using A.I. algorithms; nevertheless, the upscaling quality is commendable. Photo Enlarger is a basic web-based image upscaler with basic tools; if you need an A.I. image upscaling software, they are listed in the next section.

5. Deep Image

deep image

If what you need is an online A.I. image upscaler, Deep Image could be your best choice. Deep Image is a web-based application that allows you to upscale image resolution to a tremendous quality. Interestingly, Deep Image delivers lossless upscaled images, thanks to the neural network A.I. powerhouse. You can upload a single JPG or PNG image file, or batch upload images from Google Drive.

Deep Image helps to upscale images up to 25 megapixels (12020 x 2080, 6250 x 4000, 5000 x 5000). It only supports JPG and PNG. The A.I. upscaling quality of Deep Image is quite impressive; nevertheless, some features of this tool are available at a subscription fee.

Furthermore, to use Deep Image, you must be registered on the website. This tool works for all purposes regarding that has to do with improving an image's resolution/quality.

What More?

While these online image upscalers may seem perfect for your need, they do not offer much flexibility and features. Thus, you may still want to use an A.I. image upscaling software. Many people already know/see Photoshop (by Adobe) as a professional software to edit and improve images' quality. But when it comes to A.I. image upscaling, there are other software programs that seem better with more features and a simpler interface.

Top 5 Best Image Upscaling Software to Upscale Images Quickly

6. DVDFab Photo Enhancer A.I.

dvdfab photo enhancer

The DVDFab Photo Enhancer A.I. is a one-of-a-kind image upscaler software. It is arguable the best software for upscaling images and photos. Interestingly, this software utilizes a deep convolutional neural network that's severally trained with millions of professionally enhanced samples; thus, the DVDFab Photo Enhancer A.I. is capable of upscaling pixelated photos up to 40x losslessly.

More so, this software helps to reduce noise, sharpen blurry images, optimize photos shot with low-quality cameras (mobile phones), as well as provides other handy editing tools/features. DVDFab Photo Enhancer A.I. is easy to use – you can upload many images at a go by dragging them to the program's interface.

However, this software requires NVIDIA Graphic Card (updated to the newest version), plus 4GB RAM (3GB available) to run smoothly and as expected.

7. GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

manipulation program

GIMP is a professional image editing software with lots of features that help to enhance images to standard quality. While GIMP doesn't use A.I. technologies or algorithms to upscale your images, it delivers clearer images that are nearly lossless (compared to the original).

People choose this software because it is an open-source program – GIMP is totally free to use, offers an intuitive graphical user interface, and available across OSes/platforms. Furthermore, how to upscale an image in GIMP is a straightforward process; install the program on your computer, launch it, upload the images, click on "Image" and select "Scale Image," here you can upscale your image as you wish using the provided tools.

8. GigaPixels A.I.


This A.I. image upscaling software is one of the top best software programs you can use to upscale image resolutions. Gigapixels A.I. is a professional A.I. image upscaler with loads of impressive features. The artificial intelligence algorithms used to develop this software are based on cutting-edge technologies and passed through several tests to assure accuracy. Thus, Gigapixels A.I. software can upscale images (with people's face) up to 600% losslessly, thanks to the automatic face refinement algorithm.

The Face Refinement algorithm detects small faces (16 × 16px to 64 × 64px) and improves the detailing through machine learning. Gigapixels can make photos captured with mobile phones look like those that were captured with high-quality DSLR cameras. More so, you can upload as many images as possible and upscale all of them at a go, thanks to batch processing support of Gigapixels A.I.

9. BigJPG


BigJPG is available as a computer software program, as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Particularly, this image upscaler specializes in upscaling animes and illustrations perfectly. Nevertheless, it can upscale any other image or photo. Utilizing cutting-edge deep convolutional neural networks, BigJPG intelligently reduces serration and noise from your images and enlarges them losslessly.

The image upload limit on BigJPG is 3000 x 3000px or 10MB. If you have larger images, you may have to consider other options, such as the DVDFab Photo Enlarger A.I.

BigJPG is also available as an online image upscaler; however, you will need to create an account to explore all its features. Generally, this software is meant for people who want to upscale an image.

10. Fotophire Maximizer

fotophire maximizer

Fotophire Maximizer (by WonderShare) is a professional image upscaling software that's capable of zooming photos and images up to 1000%. This image upscaler removes pixelation and blurriness from your images – ialso adds high-res close-ups details, as well as correct low-light.

Well, Fotophire is more like an all-in-one image editing software packed with lots of features. It also features a bunch of filters and effects for photo edit. WonderShare has designed this software to be easily accessible by everybody. However, Fotophire Maximizer does not support any know A.I. algorithms. It is just an image upscaler without A.I. support. This software comes in handy for zooming print project images.

Can You Upscale a Video to 1080p or Even 4k?

It is very possible to upscale and enlarge video images to higher resolutions (up to 4K); all you need is an A.I. video upscaling software. There are a bunch of video editing software programs out there that promise to upscale videos to a higher resolution; however, they do not support A.I. upscaling algorithms; thus, you won't get lossless upscaled videos with such software programs.

In contrast, DVDFab Enlarger A.I. (world's 1st A.I. upscaling software) helps you to upscale videos up to 1080p or even 4K resolutions. It is an exceptional video enhancer software that can help to revive your aged DVDs and low-res videos.

DVDFab Enlarger A.I.

Utilizing cutting-edge super-resolution and deep-learning algorithms, DVDFab Enlarger A.I. can upscale videos from 480p (S.D.) to 1080p (FHD), and subsequently, from 1080p to 4K (UHD). This software enlarges video images up to 300% - adding great details to ensure lossless results.

However, the DVDFab Enlarger A.I. does not work individually; it integrates with DVDFab DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, Video Converter, and DVD to Blu-ray Converter. Thus, you are getting much more features to tweak your video/DVDs to appear much clearer, detailing, and crisp when played back on larger screens. Simply put, DVDFab Enlarger A.I. is the best video quality enhancer software for Windows users.

How to Enhance Video Quality Using DVDFab Enlarger A.I.

dvdfab enlarger

  • Download and install DVDFab 11 on your P.C. or MacBook, then purchase DVDFab Enlarger A.I.

  • Launch DVDFab 11 and navigate to the "Converter" module (if you want to upscale digital videos such as mp4, MOV, MKV, etc.) or go to the "Copy" / "Ripper" module (if you want to upscale DVD movies or ISO files).

  • Upload your videos/movies – you can upload as many files as possible

  • Choose an output format for the video, and tick the "Enlarger A.I." checkbox

  • Click on the Start button to start upscaling your video to a higher resolution

Note: depending on the "Module" you choose (Converter or Ripper), you are availed with different settings and options to customize the video/movie before upscaling it. DVDFab Enlarger A.I. is the best video enhancer you can use at the moment.

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