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There are a lot of reasons why you would want to resize an image. The right pixel size is needed no matter where you want to use an image. Be it on a blog, for taking out a print, for using it in an official document, or for uploading KYC documents. Having the right image size is important. While you can resize image online as well as offline using a variety of tools, image upsizing tools are less common.

Part 1. What Can An Image Resizer Do?

There are two types of image resizers available based on your requirement. If you require to:

Enlarge an image

Not many applications offer the capability of enlarging an image. After all, while it is easy to downsize image, but how to resize image upwards? Since the advancements in AI and ML, this has become a reality. There are online as well as offline tools that can enlarge your photo by making use of Artificial Intelligence. Just like one experiences a perfect vision after wearing correction glasses, AI can now make your low-quality images look crisp and more realistic than ever. This process at core use an AI algorithm guessing the correct pixel data to fill the increased space.

Reduce a large image

Image downsampling doesn’t require an AI-based solution and hence is a common feature in many image-related applications. The only important part of such a process is to make sure that the tool can resize image without losing quality. The best way to reduce a large photo is to either reduce the pixel dimensions or reduce the physical size. Both these methods don’t change the resolution of the image hence preserving the clarity.

However, if you want to reduce the physical dimensions of the image but don’t want to lose any details, you can resize without resampling. This process won’t remove any data from the photo but will affect the resolution proportionally. For example, if you reduce the size of the image by half without resampling, you double the resolution of the photo. Similarly, increasing the size of the image to twice its actual size will reduce its resolution to half compared to the original value.

Trendy: Enhance low image quality with AI

Image resizing utilities which are capable of upscaling your photos can also improve the quality of your image using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. There are many neural network image enhancers in the market which increase the image resolution with quality loss. At the core level, these tools make use of Tensorflow and OpenCV technologies for training of their ML algorithms. The tools keep improving themselves with continued usage and more dataset that is used by their engineers to improve this technology. The result today is highly efficient software which can do wonders when upscaling images. Also for video, it is possible to enhance low-res video through AI.

2. Top 10 Free Image Resizers for Windows, Mac [Online & Software]

Below we will discuss the best image resizing software available in the market. We will categorize them based on it being an AI or non-AI powered tool and online and desktop software.

Non-AI Powered Software

Image resizer for Windows and Mac use the simple technique of increasing or decreasing resolution without using ML to keep quality intact while upscaling is quite common.

#1 FastStone Photo Resizer


It is a free image resizer for Windows. It is a nifty tool that comes free for home users, doesn’t get frequent updates and is free of any adware or paid features. The absence of regular updates is not a bad thing because the tool has gone through a decade of development already and has all features that an average user needs. It supports all major image formats, can do format conversion, and rename files when generating output image files. You can use to do batch image conversion and editing like image crop, rotate, changing colour depth, add text or watermark.

#2 XnResize Image Resizer


It is another free image resizer for Windows. It supports around 500 image formats as input and exports in 70 different image formats. It can be used for reducing image resolution but not increasing it. You can use it to correct the orientation of an image. It comes with predefined aspect ratios, but you can apply your own as well. It is available for Mac and Unix operating systems as well and has support for over 20 languages.

#3 BatchPhoto


It is a bulk Image Resizer for Mac. It is a paid tool and makes the image resizing easy. All you need to do is add one or more photos, apply the required edits and generate the output files after selecting the output directory.

There are multiple ways to resize images. You can mention the required height and width in values or percentage or inches and preview how reduced the photo looks. And if you know about image DPI, you can use the Advanced options to modify the image size through that.

The changes you apply are stored in a profile, and the next time this profile is automatically applied by default. It has a folder monitoring feature as well. You can set it to watch a particular folder for new photos and whenever any new image is added to that folder, it will automatically generate its resized photo in the output folder.

There are filters present in the application like applying a sepia or black and white filter. You can rotate, crop, add watermark, text and even adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.

#4 PhotoBulk


If you are wondering how to resize your image on Mac with a tool that is named a watermark software PhotoBulk: watermark in batch, don’t worry. This tool can batch resize images on Mac quickly and efficiently.

Just like BatchPhoto, you get multiple ways to resize your image by specifying the size in width and height values or percentage. You can reduce the file size without reducing the image resolution or quality. You get a live preview screen as well as image editing options like crop, rotate and watermark addition.

AI-Powered Software

There are very few applications in the market currently which have a good AI-based solution which solves the problem of how to resize an image without losing quality. Let’s look at the best of the image resize apps for both Windows and Mac computers.

#5 DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

It is the top tool in our list for image resizing and enhancing the low quality or low-resolution photos using AI. With this tool in your possession, you no longer have to think about how to resize an image without losing quality. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI uses deep convolutional neural networks to image enhancement. It has been trained with millions of photographs enhanced from low-quality to high-quality by professionals. This training has equipped it with the ability to upscale images without introducing blurriness, improve existing low-res images, remove noise, and generate sharp copies of blurry photos.

Enlarge Photos: With DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI you can enlarge your photos up to 40x. It equips you to convert your photos shot from old mobiles having less than 5MP resolution to ones that are comparable to those taken from DSLR cameras. Its PhotoPerfect revolutionary technology not only upscales the image but also removes halos, digital artefacts, and chromatic aberration. You no longer have to keep blurry, grainy or dull photos with you.

Reduce Noise: DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI has been trained with millions of photos with noise and their noise-free version. It can remove all sorts of noise from an image - background noise, chroma noise, and luminance noise. You can make photos cleaner and smoother using this tool. Other similar tools focus on individual pixels to make the image better, which is a wrong way to reduce noise from a photo. Such a processed image looks broken since the work that has been done on a pixel level doesn't look good when you look at the image as a whole. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI makes sure that photo is undistorted and it appears normal even after noise removal.

Reduce Blur: Removing Blur from photos is a job that even professionals have a hard time doing. None of the non-AI software can remove blur from images. But with the Deep Convolutional Neural Networks that powers the image processing engine of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI, removal of motion blur and out-of-focus blur is a matter of click on a button. Even the objects in motion captured in a still picture like moving cars or a flying bird will appear as if they posed for the photo.

Step to use Photo enhancer AI

Step 1. Download and install DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI.

Step 2. Launch the application, load the required modules and wait for the required AI models to finish downloading.

photo enhancer AI

Step 3. Load one or more images to the application interface by clicking on the Open Images button or drag and drop the files.

drop the files

Step 4. Preview the results or do any modifications as required by changing the settings.

Step 5. Click on the Save button to save the generated images.

#6 Bigjpg

Bigjpg application is available as an online image resizer and software tool. The software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. There is an Android app of it as well. You will need an active internet connection to use the software. The image is uploaded to Bigjpg servers where it uses Convolutional Neural Network to reduce noise and preserve the original image quality. The algorithm used by Bigjpg has specific adjustments for image lines and colors which makes sure the enlarging the images doesn’t distort the original quality.


You can use it to resize image online or as a free image resizer with its desktop version. The free version has certain limitations on the enlargement size. It works best with anime images and illustrations. In our tests, it was not much effecting on real-world photos like animals and humans.

#7 Adobe Photoshop

This software needs no introduction. A premium tool used by many professionals, Adobe Photoshop, is an excellent utility for any type of image editing. However, while it has loads of tools to resize images and enhance them, it has a steep learning curve to it. There are professional training classes required before you can start using it. The cost of the software is also prohibitively expensive.

It ships continuous updates to its AI engine. The engine gives you suggestion while editing to help you enhance images or upscale it to your required proportions.

Resize image online

AI engines require a lot of processing power and memory to keep its training handy. That is why it makes sense to resize image online using these excellent resizers and enhancers.

#8 LetsEnhance.IO


This website offers you a prohibitively expensive option to resize image online upwards and enhance it. When you signup on the website you have five free credits by default which you can use to give the tool a test run before spending money for the subscription. The results speak for themselves.

resize image

You can use the Smart Enhance feature to quickly double the image size as we did with the image above. Or, you can tell the application details about the image like whether its an illustration, photo or digital art. You can even generate images optimized for your use cases. The Presets offers you optimized output generated for a host of use cases like for an eCommerce website, Real Estate, print on A0, A3 or A4, etc.

#9 Deep-Image.AI


It is another Neural Network Image enhancer which is not good as LetsEnhance.IO but still gets the work done. It works better with illustrations and animated images. It supports batch conversion as well with its integration with Google Drive. You can use it to resize image online on the upward side. You can use it for five photos for free before you pay for the utility..



It is a non-AI based tool you can use to resize image online. Use this tool to downscale images. You can add one or more images at once for resizing. You can mention the size of the new image in percentage or pixel values. You can select the quality, max file size and the format of the output image.

It also has image editing tools integrated which you can use before generating the resized images. It has a paintbrush, special effects, crop, rotate, eraser and the ability to directly share the image online to your social media networks.


For the above 10 image resizing online tools and software, you could try your images with them to pick out the best, however, the best way we recommend is through AI-powered image resizers, which would be more automatic and produce better results compared with the traditional image resizing ways.

Not just images, AI also marched itself into the field of video, a lot of blurry video could be enhanced through the latest AI method called super resolution technology.

Explore more, learn better, try hard, and embrace extensively.