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When it comes to TV, remote control is an important accessory. Without remote control, your TV is of no use. How purposeless it would be to buy a big fat TV and not be able to change channels from your couch. TCL and Roku worked together to create a TCL Roku TV. It comes with its very own TCL Roku TV remote.

TCL Roku TV remote not working? Want a TCL Roku TV remote replacement? Or don’t know how to turn on TCL Roku TV without remote? You have come to the right post! This article will help you remove all these concerns and introduce you to all the essential steps of using a TCL Roku TV remote. TCL Roku TV remote app is also something you must learn to get a hold of your device.

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TCL Roku TV Remote:

Before getting a hold of the TCL Roku TV remote, it is important to know about Roku TVs. TCL Roku TVs have a built-in Roku OS. It comes in various sizes and can fit anywhere. Good internet connectivity will elevate your Roku TV experience to another level.

Like a normal TV, TCL Roku TV also requires a remote control to function. With a Roku TV, you will get a TCL Roku TV remote. They come with a power button, a set of arrows to control the menu and choose from it, volume buttons on the side, and shortcut buttons. TCL Roku TV remote does the functions of a normal TV remote, except that it is specially made for your Roku TV.

How to Use a TCL Roku TV Remote?

  1. First, a home button on the TCL Roku TV remote will take you to the homepage of the TV menu.
  2. A Go-back button to take you to the previous screen. While the "Channel-recall" button will take you to the previous channel you were watching before.
  3. The sleep timer button allows you to control your TV’s turn-off timing.
  4. View more options’ button helps you control detailed audio and video settings.

It is an easy guide to getting hold of your TV. Having a remote to watch your favorite Roku videos without trouble would be best.

TCL Roku TV Remote Features:

The TCL Roku TV remote may look old-fashioned with several advanced features. Here is a review of some specific features that make TCL Roku TV remote, one of the best remotes.

Good Built:

Your Roku remote is well suited for a Roku TV. Besides that, it can also help turn your regular TV on and off. The next good thing is about its shape and size. It has a good grip and easy buttons.

Voice Command Feature:

A special microphone button will help you control your TV through the built-in mic in your remote. This feature makes navigation easy and controls simple tasks like pause, play, and rewind.

Earphone Plug-in Option:

The TCL Roku TV remote allows you to hear with your earphones. It has a port for earphones and can also connect to earbuds. Once plugged in, the voice will channel from your remote into your earphones.

TCL Roku TV remote App:

It is the best feature Roku can offer for those habitually misplacing their TV remote. It is easily available on Apple and Android App stores. This App uses voice commands to navigate control through your phone. TCL Roku TV remote app makes your Roku experience more efficient.

What to Consider While Buying a TCL Roku TV Remote Replacement?

TCL Roku TV is undoubtedly a big modified device, but the magic lies in its remote. TCL Roku TV remote not working? Lost your remote, or did it get destroyed? You may learn how to turn on TCL Roku TV without remote, but you will have difficulty performing other operations.

It would help if you bought a replacement remote for TCL Roku TV to continue enjoying your Roku shows. Roku TV remote comes with the TV when you buy it. But if you are looking for a replacement remote for TCL Roku TV, you may need to consider some aspects.


Walmart and Amazon offer great deals on replacement remotes for TCL Roku TV. A Roku TV remote costs around $9 to $10, so while selecting a replacement remote, consider it a mean value and buy accordingly. However, a rechargeable remote or a remote with voice recognition options is costly.


While selecting a replacement remote, ensure that they function perfectly with your Roku TV. Ethernet connectivity, remote size, and all required buttons should be present.

Must check the ideal features of a Roku remote before buying a replacement. Otherwise, you will face difficulty in speech mode and customizing your shows' list if your replacement remote is not supported.

Programming and Set-up:

A replacement remote for TCL Roku TV must come with easy programming options. Buy a remote that easily sets up with your Roku TV through settings. To select a remote with these options, check reviews on the product. Some good replacement remotes cause trouble while connecting it with your device.


A replacement remote must be compatible with your Roku TV. Many remotes fail to pair to Roku TV for unknown reasons. So it is necessary to ensure that your TCL Roku TV remote will work with your TV by entering your model in it.

TCL Roku TV remote pairing button is what you should look for before buying a replacement remote. It is the key to pairing it with your TV. The TCL Roku TV remote pairing button is located at the below batteries at the back of your remote, plea. Please turn it on and wait for a signal light. Move your remote closer to your Roku TV. It will pair automatically.

7 Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacements to Recommend:

If you are looking for a replacement, a universal remote for TCL Roku TV might seem a good option. A universal remote for TCL Roku TV allows you to control your Roku TV directly from your iPhone or iPad. Other than a universal remote, you can also consider the following options:

1-Clicktech Better Remote for TCL Roku TV:

It works better than the original one. It works on infrared rays and has an improved design. It works perfectly with almost every model of Roku TV.

Vinabty Better Remote for TCL Roku TV:

This one is identical in appearance to the original model and has a good grip. Reviews on this product tell us that this remote is easy to use and set up with your TV/ROKU without causing any trouble. To sum up, this is one of the best remotes for daily purposes and comes at a reasonable price.

Smartby Better Remote:

It has excellent reviews on Amazon and other buying sites. It is cost friendly and almost similar to the original device.

Universal Remote Complete Control:

This universal remote has an LCD Color Screen. This remote can control virtually every function on your Roku TV.

Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Learning Remote:

This remote is highly compatible with Roku TVs and also has great control over different commands. It also gives you the same experience as the original Roku TV remote.

Zdalamit Better Remote:

Zdalamit offers high quality in all its models. The zdalamit better remote is famous for a back button identical to TCL Roku TV remote pairing button.

The Motiexic Better Remote:

Reviews about this product tell us that the remote is awesome regarding its reasonable price. In addition, it is easy to navigate the buttons, and the voice features work perfectly too.

What if My TCL Roku TV Remote not working?

TCL Roku TV remote not working properly? Here's what you should do to bring it back to life.

  1. Try pairing your TV with the help of the TCL Roku TV remote pairing button.
  2. Change your batteries or charge your rechargeable remote.
  3. Reboot your Roku device paired with the remote.

If your remote is still not working, you can learn how to turn on the TCL Roku TV without remote. Hold the turn-off button of the TV for five seconds and allow it to restart. You can also try unplugging the power or removing batteries from the back panel.

How to Download and Watch Videos on TCL Roku TV?

If you wish to watch your daily shows on Roku TV offline, you will need something to help you download videos on Roku TV.

Many apps come in handy for downloading from streaming channels like Roku. Among them, a big name is StreamGaGa. StreamGaGa Roku Downloader is a subcategory of StreamGaGa specially designed for Roku.

You will need to buy a StreamGaGa subscription from its website, open the portal and go to the Home. Now select Roku from streaming options and look for your favorite shows. There will be a download option right in front. Click on that, and your shows are added to the downloads list.

Final Words:

TCL Roku TV remote comes with great variety and is a must accessory for your Roku TV. TCL Roku TV remote not working? The solution lies in the art of learning how to turn on the TCL Roku TV without remote or go for a replacement.