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You must be wondering how to activate HBO Max on TV? Or what is the HBO Max TV sign in enter code? In this post, we will share all the possible details related to the HBO Max TV sign in enter code and what steps you can follow to successfully sign in to HBO Max TV. Continue reading the article to find out all the necessary information.

What is HBO and HBO Max?

Many people think that HBO and HBO Max are the same, but they are not. On HBO Max, you can stream HBO and various other things, such as TV shows, series, videos, and much more. Apart from that, you can also watch movies, cartoons, and original shows.

On the other hand, HBO is older than HBO Max and can be added to different TV plans and packages. But HBO Max has more content, which is why it is used by many users worldwide. HBO Max packages start from $14.99 per month.

How to Sign in to HBO Max?

Here are the following steps that you can find to sign in to HBO Max.

  • First, open HBO Max on your TV and click the"Пријавите се"опција.
  • Now, click the option and enter your HBO Max TV Sign in Enter Code that you will see on your TV screen.

  • In the next step, type your account email and password.
  • Once you are done, click the“Пријавите се”опција.
  • Finally, you have signed into HBO Max, and now, you can enjoy watching all the movies, series, and much more.
  • You can also sign in with the help of a mobile provider.

In case HBO Max TV Sign in enter code is not shown on your screen, then wait for a while and start the process again.

What Devices does HBO Max Support?

HBO Max is compatible with different devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Xbox, LG, Samsung Smart TV, Sony TV, VIZIO Smart TV, Android devices, and Google Chromecast. You can easily run HBO Max on these devices and enjoy all its amazing features.

Below we have mentioned all the possible ways that you can try to sign in on the devices mentioned below.

How to Sign In on Different Devices

Here are the possible ways to try to sign in on different devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Xbox, PS4, and so on. Дозволити's discuss the steps one by one.

Amazon Fire Stick:

  • Open the Firestick app, select the"Find"option from the homepage, and click the"Претрага"опција.
  • Type HBO Max and choose the option.
  • Now, select HBO Max under the Apps & Games option.
  • From the app's page, hit the"Добити"option to download HBO Max.
  • Wait for a while until the app is downloaded.
  • Once it is installed, go to App Library and look for the HBO Max option.

  • Now, complete the Sign-in process by typing the HBO Max TV sign in enter code and enjoy all its amazing features.

Apple TV:

  • Open HBO Max on your Apple TV and look for the sign in page.
  • Now enter the HBO Max TV sign-in code and click the Sign-in button again.
  • In the next step, type username and password and hit the“Пријавите се”опција.
  • Select your profile, and you are ready to watch movies and much more.

Samsung TV:

  • Open the Smart Hub application and click the"Apps"опција.
  • Look for HBO Max and download this application.
  • Once it is installed, again open HBO Max and click the“Пријавите се”опција.
  • You will get the free trial so enjoy it

Note: Keep in mind that you won't find the HBO Max application on all the Samsung TV models.


You first have to download the HBO Max application on PS4 to start the process. To install the app, you don't have to do much. Just open your PS4 application, select the Application option, and look for the HBO Max app. Once you are done, check the steps below to sign in to HBO Max on PS4.

  • Open the application on your PS4 device and click the“Пријавите се”опција.

  • Now, open the Chrome browser and visit HBO Max Sign In page.
  • You will see the HBO Max TV sign in enter code PS4 option on your screen. So, enter the code, and within a few seconds, HBO Max will be activated on your PS4.


You can easily stream HBO Max on XBOX by following the steps below.

  • First, Sign up for HBO Max and get the login credentials.
  • Once you get the details, go to the Home screen.
  • Search for HBO Max on your Xbox. Кликните“Инсталирај”option to get the app.
  • Now, login into your HBO Max application. Keep in mind that you might have to enter HBO Max Sign in code on XBOX to complete the process.

These are the simple methods you can follow to sign in to HBO Max on different devices. However, for all these ways, you might have to enter the HBO Max sign in enter code, which you can easily get from your TV.

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Where to Find HBO Max TV Sign in Enter Code?

In order to find HBO Max TV sign in enter code, you can check out the following steps.

  • Open your phone or computer and visit You can also type the link in your browser.
  • On this page, you’ll see the Enter Code Page option where you can type a 6-character code from your TV.

  • Also, visit to get your TV Code.

These are the simple steps that you can follow to get HBO Max TV to sign in enter code.

How Much Does HBO Max Cost?

You don’t have to spend more on HBO Max because its packages are reasonable. If you want to buy a plan with Ads, then it would be around $9.99 a month and around $99.9 per year.

And if you are frustrated with the ads, the package is around $14.99 a month and $149.99 a year. In both packages, you can get unlimited access to all the entertainment hubs and enjoy online streaming as well. Plus, you can run this service on almost three different devices.

However, if you have bought a $14.99 plan, you will get different other features, too, such as you can download 30 titles and watch them offline. Plus, you can get good quality content as well.The free trial is also available but in specific countries.

How to Subscribe to HBO's Membership?

Here is how you can subscribe to HBO Max Membership.

  • Type and go to and select the Sign In Link. Don’t forget to enter HBO Max TV Sign In code.
  • Type your account email and password, and hit the Sign In option.
  • Select Renew Your Subscription option and add your payment details.
  • Click the Start Subscription option. You will be charged around $14.99/month.

How to Download Offline Videos?

Do you want to download offline videos and enjoy watching them without worrying about the internet connection? We have got you covered. You can download StreamGaGa HBO Downloader , which helps download movies, series, and much more. You can download this software on your devices and enjoy all its wonderful features. Шта’s more, you don’t have to worry about the ads anymore because it doesn’t contain any advertisements that can annoy you for sure. Дозволити's discuss its features.

High-Quality Videos:

You can download the videos in MP4 and 4K format.

Ads Free:

Are you worried about those annoying ads? Don’t worry because this application will make sure that you can enjoy videos without worrying about the ads.

Save Subtitles:

You can quickly save subtitles and external SRT files. Plus, it allows downloading videos and subtitles in different languages.

Batch Mode Download:

It supports batch mode downloading, which means you can download multiple videos in one go. This process also saves you a lot of time.

How to Use this Application?

  • Select the movie that you want to play and choose preferred audio and subtitles. After that, click the“Преузми сада”опција.

  • Wait for a while until the downloading process is done.
  • Finally, you can watch videos offline.

Постављана питања

Why My HBO Max is Not Working?

If your HBO Max app is not working or you are unable to sign in, we recommend re-install the application on your TV and trying signing in again. Also, don't forget to unplug your device and wait for almost 20-30 seconds before starting the process.

Is HBO Max Available on Prime TV?

No, it is not available on Prime TV. However, you can enjoy all its services on different online streaming websites, such as YouTube TV and Live TV.

Which Movies Can You Watch on HBO MAX?

You can watch different movies and seasons on HBO Max. Some of the famous ones include An American Pickle, Locked Down, Halsey, Let them all Talk, and many more. Apart from that, you can watch different seasons as well.