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When your virtual entertainment world has become one of the foundation pillars of your real living world, different types of devices, gadgets, and equipment are the essential ornamental elements to strengthen the foundation of virtual reality. And while talking about indispensable elements of virtual entertainment in the real world when Apple TV has become a parallel platform, you probably need to know everything about how to reset apple tv or how to reset the apple tv remote or how to factory reset apple tv to always stay entertained to your affectionate virtual reality world.

Take a peek at the Apple TV:

You are probably giggling while thinking that Apple TV doesn't need an introduction to its users or the rest of the world. However, you probably know what an Apple TV is but you are perhaps a little lacking behind in making the most out of it because you are yet to know how to reset apple tv or how to hard reset apple tv to get the best out of this best innovation.

Having two-in-one benefits of the digital media player and microconsole in one single device Apple TV is a conclusive platform to get exploded with your favorite digital media content along with the rocking ride of your obsessive video games. This small network appliance would allow you to have the easiest and smartest access to your favorite leisure realm to any of your convenient display devices.

From enhanced definition to a high-definition widescreen television, you can connect this HDMI-compliant source device to any of these through an HDMI cable. So, knowing the vastness of the application of Apple TV, it is important to know the different fundamental steps of multiple options of how to reset an Apple TV or how to factory reset apple tv. However, before getting into the solution, you must know why you need to do that.

Reasons to Reset Apple TV:

The simple equation of that if there is smoke, there is fire too, is also applicable in case of resetting your Apple TV because it is explicitly implied that if you need to know the solution and step by step instructions to know how to reset the apple tv then there must be some valid reasons for doing that. Here, you go with the basic reasons for resetting your apple tv device.

  • Apple TV doesn't respond even after installation.
  • You are unable to update your apple tv.
  • If “An Error Occurred Loading This Content” occurs.
  • If there is any ID, password issue.
  • Apple TV keeps glitching.
  • If this device gets frozen.
  • If you want to give an apple tv to someone as a gift, before doing that you must try out the resetting option to make sure that it is working perfectly.
  • If you want to resell your apple tv then you must go for the resetting option to delete all the existing data and upgrade the device to its updated version.

Apart from these issues, there could be many more but resetting apple tv is one of the best options to get rid of all these issues because when you would reset your apple tv to its factory setting, all of the settings and information data including your account and configuration got deleted and the entire system would be reset and updated to its latest version at the same time.

How to Reset AppleTV: Ways, Steps, and Instructions

So, when you know why you need to know the information about how to reset apple tv then here you go with the detailed steps by step instructions on how to factory reset apple tv for resetting and updating your apple tv.

Option 1


  • Go to the setting option.
  • A list of options will appear, you have to scroll down to the 'system' option.
  • Then another page will open with a list of options, you must scroll down to the 'reset' option which is given under the 'maintenance' section, and click on 'reset'.
  • Two options will appear on the screen in a red color toolbar written 'reset' and 'reset and update'.
  • The reset option comes with the information "select reset to restore your apple tv to factory settings and erase all settings and information". 'Reset and Update' option comes with the information "select reset and update to restore your apple tv to factory settings and erase all settings and information and update to the latest tvOS version".
  • Once you click on the 'reset and update' option, a page will open with a question for your approval for acceptance of the given information. If you are ok with it, you must tab on the 'reset and update' option.
  • There is also written that 'you need to set up your apple tv again' and 'make sure your apple tv stays plugged in while it resets' if you would select this option.
  • Now, your device is ready to download and install the latest update of the Apple tv through the internet.
  • While selecting this 'reset and update' option you would need an internet connection.
  • After sometime your apple tv will be rebooted once the downloading and installation of the updated version has been done.
  • On the other hand, if you select the only 'reset' option, your apple tv would immediately reset to its factory settings. For this option, you don't need any internet connection.

Option 2


  • This option is for Apple TV+PC+iTunes / Mac + macOS Mojave or earlier.
  • You must have a USB cable.
  • First of all, you have to disconnect the power and HDMI cables from the Apple TV.
  • Next, you need to attach one end of the USB cable to the apple tv and another end to the computer.
  • Go to the iTunes option on the screen of your PC.
  • Select the 'apple tv' option given in the source list.
  • Go for the 'restore' option and click on it.
  • You are done with the resetting option.
  • This is also one of the best options of how to reset apple tv without a remote.

Option 3


  • This option is for Apple TV + Mac+ Mac OS Catalina or later.
  • You must have a USB cable.
  • Put in one end of the cable to the apple tv and another to the computer.
  • Now, go to the 'Finder' option on your computer screen.
  • Select apple tv in the sidebar.
  • Next, go to the 'restore' option.

While following these steps you can easily reset your apple tv to get rid of any streaming issue.

How to Reset the Apple TV Remote?

Now, when you know how to reset an apple tv then you have to know the steps of how to reset the apple tv remote because without a remote it will be difficult to make the most out of this device.


  • First, charge the remote for 30 minutes through a USB cable and USB wall charger.
  • Plug out and plug in your apple tv after 6 seconds.
  • Press and hold Control Center Button & Volume Down Button simultaneously around for 5 seconds till the apple tv status light button turns off and then turn it back.
  • After turning back, wait for 5 to 10 seconds, a lost connection notification will appear on the screen.
  • Once the remote restarts, the connection notification will appear on the screen.
  • If still your remote doesn't work, you place your apple tv remote very close to the apple tv within 3 inches.
  • Press and hold the 'Menu' and 'Volume up' buttons for 5 seconds.
  • For complete pairing, you must keep the remote at the top of the device.
  • If nothing works, you have to update your apple tv to the latest tvOS version.
  • You can also use your apple tv remote on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to operate your apple tv and through this, you can also check the current tvOS version of your device.

Learn about more details by reading this guide:Methods To Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working Problem.

FAQs Related to Resetting Apple TV:

How to reset the password on Apple TV?

First of all, you have to turn off the password feature of the Apple TV, and then you have to turn it on again. While doing that when you will be asked to re-enter your password, you will give a completely new password.

Why has Apple TV often asked for passwords?

Because of the two-step verification security feature, the password has been asked repeatedly. On the other hand, it has been happening because the Apple TV users are supposed to put some code that would be automatically sent to their device for security purposes. But due to the little complicated process, some users are unable to do it successfully.

What is the "An Error Occurred Loading This Content” issue in Apple TV?

This is simply an error that prevents you from loading any video or audio content on your Apple TV. It happens because of the poor internet connection or there is some networking or other issues with the content-providing server.

Bottom line

Now, if you are all set to spend your best quality time with your friends and family with your favorite collection of content through the flawless and high-end execution of your Apple TV then before taking your relaxing recreational ride you must go through all the instructions of how to reset Apple TV or how to reset apple tv remote to ensure the quality of your watching without disturbance and with ultimate satisfaction.