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Are you eagerly waiting for upcoming fantastic project? Your wait is over now! Pinocchio is all set to launch. Disney+ once again here to enthrall us with the nostalgicadventurous animation.

Over the past seven years, Disney has stepped along with 10 captivating remakes, and many more are in a row. This time it's a recreation of a 1940's classic animated movie, having the new storyline and cast.

The actual 1940s Pinocchio was initially taken from the Italian book of children written by Carlo Collodi. Since then, the same story has turned into different screen versions, and characters have become a part of pop culture. At the same time, it encourages other adaptations like Guillermo del Toro's version, which will release soon.

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If you wonder what will happen in the revival of Pinocchio's 2022, here's everything we know about this top-tier children-tale.

Pinocchio 2022 Release Date

First of all, you need to be clear that this article contains information about Pinocchio's upcoming animated live-action film and not about Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022), which is releasing this year too. Both of them are based on the classic book The Adventures of Pinocchio, so it's confusing.

Pinocchio was announced in 2015. Its scripting stage is exaggerated to 2018. All hail to Covid-19, which was proven a hindrance in its release. Furthermore, it was pushed back due to the failure of Dumbo at the box office. Concerning these issues, Disney decided to stream it on Disney+.

Finally, the cast, marketing, and promotion are all done. The film is ready to deliver a wavering experience to its viewers on September 8, 2022.

Pinocchio 2022 Plot

It was originally an American animated film, featured in 1940, till now its the Disney’s most beloved and classic production.

The story revolved around a poor man known as Gappetto. To meet his expenses at both ends, he used to shape puppets. His work made him happy, but grief left him sad after that. To give himself a father-like feeling, he made a puppet out of wood and named him Pinocchio. “I wish you were real.”, narrated Gappetto.

On that night, a blue fairy flew into his room and asked him to make a wish. "I could have my own son.", He wished. Fell asleep because he knew it would not be possible. But there was something that Gappetto was unaware. "In the morning, you will be able to walk and talk like a real boy. If you prove yourself courageous and honest someday, you might turn into a human being." By saying so, the fairy tapped over the head of puppet with her wand. Pinocchio opened his eyes.

The following day, when Gappetto woke up, he was stunned. Out of happiness, he hugged his puppet-like hybrid son.

Whenever Pinocchio lies, his nose was comically grown. He fell into the trap of cat and fox twice for gold coins. Moving on, the second time, when he allowed himself to follow a foolish path, he turned into a donkey. That's where the adventure began.

A giant shark swallowed him. Where he found Gappetto already living in its belly. With bravery, Pinocchio rescued his father. On this courageous action, the fairy turned him into a real boy.


Pinocchio 2022 Trailer

Various Pinocchio projects are in the pipeline. Robert Zemeckis’s Pinocchio film is what people are eagerly waiting. One of the reasons for having so much fame is that his studio is famous for reviving iconic old-fairy tales with a mysterious and captivating touch.

The latest trailer can give the slightest glimpse of the story. It's not possible to depict what the movie contains at this point. Still, we are sure that you will witness some of the original characters in the disguise of new faces.

Continuing the same story, Pinocchio is all set to be premiered on the streaming sites. The actual date fluctuates, but they promise to release it in September 2022.

Pinocchio 2022 Cast

That's where the die heart fans get excited. The cast showcased in the upcoming project is spectacular. However, all leads have not been disclosed till now, but what information we have is as under:

Well-recognized Tom Hanks will be seen as a woodcarver known as Gappetto (Pinocchio's father). Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be seen voicing over anthropomorphic Jiminy Cricket. Cynthia Erivo – as the blue fairy, will bring Pinocchio to life. Benjamin Evan Ainsworthwas the main lead of Pinocchio.

Other primary casting includes Keegan-Michael Key, who is voicing over the fox, Lorraine Bracco voicing the new fascinating character Sofia, Luke Evans cast for the coachman role and Sheila Atim as Signora Vitelli.

Where can You Watch Live-Action Pinocchio 2022?

Viewers can watch previous versions on various streaming websites. The live-action Pinocchio 2022 will be premiered on Disney+ only.

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Wrapping Up

Fans' patience is getting tested repeatedly as the premiere date fluctuates. It's not confirmed yet whether it will be released on September 8 or not. The information we gathered about this iconic piece has been pen down here. Of course, it's not sufficient for a die-heart fan, but that's all we have so far.

We are sure that this film will be going to break the previous records. The high-fi rating can be expected as fans eagerly wait for its depiction. Stay tuned to Twitter and other news broadcasting websites for more updates.

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