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So far, we have seen the process of upscaling an image resolution only in some cop movies, in which the investigation specialist miraculously can reconstruct any blurred image by pressing a few keys on an extremely sophisticated PC, obtaining in a few seconds the portrait of a suspect or the registration number of a vehicle. Now, this is reality and it is almost available to anyone. In the real world, the process is called super resolution technology and it is possible to upscale an image.

The super resolution technology restores grainy, low resolution images into clearer high resolution images. Of course, this kind of technology is not yet perfect but it is constantly evolving. But the good news is that there are some online image resolution upscalers and image upscaling softwares that can be installed on your computer that are working pretty good. What is this article for? For example, for those who want to revitalize the photos taken with an old phone.

We did a top 6 online image upscalers and a short tutorial on how to upscale an image with an image upscaling software. In the end, you will decide which is the best way to upscale an image.

1. What is Image Upscaling?


First, let`s define what is image upscalling.

Any image upscaler involves an advanced processing techniques, which analyze the content of the image looking for similar elements, which can be combined to reconstruct unclear details. To better understand this process, imagine a barely decipherable picture of a city landscape, with buildings, paved streets, a poster with almost illegible text and so on. Most of the objects in the image have a distinctive look, following a certain pattern: the texture of the asphalt, the lines of the bricks on the wall, the letters shape on the poster . In most cases, the barely visible details follow a repetitive pattern, but with subtle variations at the sub-pixel level and the size of the individual elements, depending on how the objects are positioned in three-dimensional space.

The AI ​​image upscaling super-resolution filter separates the most representative details from the image, generating a real puzzle with texture patterns, which is then used to reconstruct the blurred details from the original image. In short, an image upscaler is using the super resolution process, based on AI (artificial intelligence) technology that can enlarge a blurry or a low-resolution picture into a more detailed image, rendered at a higher resolution than the original.

In the following section, you will find where to upscale an image online. So, check this short list with the best image upscalers.

2. Top 6 Online Image Upscalers?

If you don't know how to upscale an image in Photoshop, then you need to turn your attention to image upscalers software. With these tools you can upscale an image automatically without losing detail because of the super-resolution procedure, the core of these miraculous image upscalers. If this image upscaler software is really generate quite satisfactory results nowadays, imagine what it will be like in 5 years. Please note that you will get a better result using pictures that were not previously upscaled. The top of the best image upscalers includes both paid and free versions.



Image upscaler is an online AI image upscale service. It helps you to give a natural look to your pictures. Get your images bigger without making it blurry or losing quality. Not to mention that this is a free image upscaler. You can use this image ppscaler on your phone, laptop, etc whenever you need it.

Deep AI

deep AI

This is an online image upscaler that allows you to upscale an image up to 4x automatically. Although it's free, you have to create an account in order to use this AI image upscaler. You can sign up with Google account. After this step, you can upload your desired image to get a higher resolution, then you can right click and “Save image as” to save the result. It is easy to use and the result it is pretty good but it is not suitable if you want to print high -quality images.

Vance AI Image Enlarger

vance AI Image Enlarge

You can access the free trial to upscale an image up to 5 photos for free each month up to 8x. You will be amazed by this AI image upscaler. Through its AI image upscaling technology, you can upscale an image to the largest scale up to 40x. But this comes with a cost if you want to upscale an image up to 40x: basic $9.90/month or Pro $19.90/month.



This AI image upscaling software is free and online. You can do an AI image upscale very easily and allows you to upscale an image and choose between four upscale options of your photo. This way, you can opt for the perfect image.

Gigapixel AI

gigapixel AI

You can upscale an image online with this tool especially if you have portraits. Gigapixel is specialized in this direction and it can produce a more seamless enlargement of faces in photos without losing quality. Although this image upscaler is really great and not to mention the results , it also has a downside. It is quite expensive ($99.99).

However, not just image, this image upscaler could also upscale blurry video to higher quality as a great video enhancer.

3. How to Upscale an Image with Image Upscaling Software?

Do you ever find the perfect picture, but it is just too small or too grainy to use? Well, with a little help from DVDFab Photo Enhancer you can solve this without a hint of drama. This is a must-have tool if you want to get an unprecedented visual. This ultimate AI image upscaler can upscale images by up to 40 times their original size, without losing the quality. Based on one of the latest AI technology, DVDFab Photo Enhancer is really impressive because it is capable to enrich details from a blurry photo, learn more about how to unblur an image through AI.. Based on a neural network image algorithm, this image upscaler is like an octopus: it can upscale a photo without losing quality, remove noise and sharpen blurry photos. This process behind this AI image upscaler has been trained on large datasets,allowing the tool to accurately clear up and upscale images. It has many AI features that offers various solutions in order to restore a photo.

photo enhancer

The result? Clear & crisp, even at a high resolution and this can be seen with the naked eye. The below image shows how DVDDab Photo Enhancer AI performs in removing image noise and unblur photos.

The result below shows how DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI behaves in colorizing black and white photos.

It is true that this is not an online image upscaler and it must be installed on your computer but that means you have more control. This AI image upscaler creates new pixels to make a final picture look natural. How to upscale an image with this image upscaler? Nothing easier. If you want to test it, check this tutorial bellow.

1. Go to DVDFab website or you can download directly Photo Enhancer AI from here. Install the program into your computer.
2. Open the image upscaler and select the module ”Enlarge” from the front page of the interface. You have many options here , feel free to play with all of them but for now let`s stick to the plan.

enlarge options

3. Upload your image into this image upscale software, in order to start the AI ​​image upscale process. You can drag and drop the picture.

AI image

4. This step is where miracles happen. As you can see, I uploaded an image with a low quality. I selected 2x and you can see the difference. This image upscaler really works. The size of the original image is at 688*430 and I have selected the 2x output from the right menu. Now the size is at 1376*800 and the image is looking even better. Indeed, this image resolution upscaler is accurate.

resolution upscaler

Of course, you can opt for 6x and then select what part of your picture you want to upscale from the top right image frame. Also, you can suppress the noise by dragging the slider located at the bottom right of the interface. With this AI image upscaling software you can adjust the level as you wish. Let`s see the result:


5. At this point, you can save your photo. This image upscaling software it is extremely useful and really does its job, not like some others AI image upscalers.

With only a few simple clicks, you can upscale an image with Photo Enhancer AI. This is the best image upscaling software based on neural network technology, in order to deliver a professional-looking photographs for personal or business purposes. This image upscaler is available only for Windows users and the supported input and output formats are: .jpg, .jpeg and .png. Even if this image upscaler it`s not free ($79.99/ year or $129.99/ life), it provides a free trial. You can upscale 5 images to convince yourself of this image upscaler impeccability. The results are amazing and delivered in minutes. It also has a Video Enhancer AI product to enhance low-quality videos to high-quality, like from 480p up to 4k.


After testing many image upscalers, I am still a fan of Photo enhancer AI. The details are recovered and the results are impressive. I think that you can easily print the upscaled images without worries and this is certainly a plus.

At this moment the technology has advanced incredibly and in a few years everything will be superlative. Can't wait!

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