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Table of Contents

1. Flip VS Mirror VS Rotate
2.Use cases for Video Mirroring/Flipping:
3.How to Mirror, Flip, and Rotate a Video?
a) On PCs:
b) On Mobile Phones:

4.Extension: Edit Video without a Hassle:

If you are into video editing, you must have come across the terms like mirroring and flipping of videos. Latest first distinguish between these two terms.

1. Flip VS Mirror VS Rotate

  • Flip a Video

Flipping of videos basically means turning the video upside down vertically or left to right horizontally. If you shot a video upside down on your phone camera by mistake, then you can use flip video tools to rectify your mistake. There is no need to strain your neck trying to watch the wrongly shot videos if you know how to flip a video. The image rectified should be called as a mirror image.

  • Mirror a Video

Similarly, if you have an original video of a vehicle moving from right side of the screen towards left, then the edited video will show the same vehicle moving from left to right. In this post we shall share information on how to mirror a video on iPhone, Android phone, and also on Widows PCs.

use cases or reasons for mirroring flipping

  • Rotate a Video

On the other hand, rotating a video is to let the video move around the central axis by 90 degree clockwise or counterclockwise. After 4 times of rotation, you would get an image same as the original one.

how to rotate a video on iphone

2. Use Cases for Video Mirroring/Flipping:

  • For Sharing on Social Networks:

These days, people love to share their pictures and videos on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, FaceBook, and many more. If you have mistakenly shot the clip in reverse orientation, then you will need to rotate video for sharing on those websites.

Similarly, you can mirror video to catch the eye of your audience. It will ultimately have to increasing the numbers of your followers or viewers on your social media posts. Editing is used quite extensively by internet and social media marketers.

  • For Creating Special Effects:

If you are into video editing, you will find the need for mirroring of flipping to create special effects, for improving the visual experience of your viewers. You can also use the mirror and split option to have to identical characters on the same screen. A mirror video app will have the features for editing and creating such special effects.

creating special effects

  • For Personal Needs:

If you have any of your favorite personal videos, you might find the need for editing them to create the desirable effect. Below in this post, we will see how to mirror a video on iPhone or Android phone, and also on the PC.

3 How to Mirror, Flip, and Rotate a Video?

how to mirror flip and rotate a video

On PCs:

DVDFab Video Flipper is an excellent tool that allows you to flip or mirror video really fast, and the quality of the output files is exceptionally good as well. By using this fully featured video flipper from DVDFab toolkit, you can easily flip videos with just a few clicks. You can use the vertical or horizontal options as per your desirable requirements. The user interface is very simple, and the process is even simpler.

The best thing about this DVDFab video flipper is that it works on almost all types of popular formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV, FLV, WMV, VOB, and many more. You can check the complete listing on their official website.

Installation procedure is very simple and safe - DVDFab products are known for high level security and stability. You won't have to be worried about the security of your system, as it does not allow any kind of backdoor entry for trojans, spyware, and viruses.

Another significant feature of their products is that they come up with regular updates to improve the overall quality and user experience. These developers are proactive when it comes to taking feedback from their customers. You can get in touch with them online or through email. All your concerns will be addressed in quickest possible time. Besides, this video flipper supports multiple languages, so that you can choose the right one as per your preferences

How to mirror a video or flip it easily on your PC:

The process is very simple if you download and install the DVDFab Toolkit on your PC.

mirror video on pc

1. Once you run the program, choose the ‘video tools’ option to find mirror/flip. Here you will see the Plus sign (+) button, using which you can browse and choose the source video. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the file on the software interface.

2. After choosing the source file, you can select horizontal or the vertical orientation tab, as per your requirement.

3. Just hit the start button and sit back for the process to take place. It will hardly take a few second for you to get the output file on the folder location in your local hard drive.

Similarly, you can also mirror the source file with these options. The software works really fast, and you will get your edited file in no time. It is currently available for Windows OS.

On Mobile Phones:

How to Flip a video or Mirror it On Android:

how to flip a video or Mirror it on android

Since Android OS is much more open than iOS, you can simply flip or mirror video on your PC with DVDFab Video Flipper, and then use the data cable to transfer the file to your device. Most players on Android phones play almost all video formats, so you should not have any issues with file type compatibility.

On the other hand, there are Android apps that you can use for flipping or mirroring the files directly on your devices tool.

1) Flip Video FX:

This app is very user friendly, but you do not get choices for configuring the format or quality of the output videos. There can be a significant difference between the size of the source video and output file. You can use either the file on your device, or record from the camera for editing.

The software interface has two sliders, using which you can choose the ending and starting point of the file that requires editing. The result file will be stored on the SD card. If you are using the free version, you will have to put up with the advertisements.

2) Smart Video Rotate and Flip:

smart video rotate and flip

This app also has a fast mode that allows for quick file editing. It is the Android phone video rotate app so you won't have to go through the process of doing the editing on computer, and transferring the file. It is a free app with simple interface.

3) Google Photos:

This is another good app to rotate video Android. Google photos will be generally available when you by the phone, but if it is not pre installed on your device, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

After installing the app you can use the edit option to rotate video files of your choice in a few steps. It is a simple procedure to edit and save the videos, after changing the orientation. You can access the edited file from the gallery after changing the orientation.

How to Rotate a Video On iPhone:

iMovie for iOS

iMovie rotate video app can be used for different types of editing on iPhones and iPads. You can use this app for video trimming, creating a copy, splitting a clip, extracting the clip, or to rotate video.

You can simply load the clip on the viewer, and then use the finger twisting motion for rotating the orientation in clockwise or counterclockwise motion. It will take a few seconds for the processing and to appear on the viewer.

You can download it on which is available for iPhone and iPad.

How to mirror a video on iPhone:

how to mirror a video on iphone copy

After doing a lot of search on the net, we could not find any specific app for directly mirroring the videos on iPhones. The best option is to use the DVDFab Toolkit to do the job, and then send the files to your device through iTunes. Besides the option to rotate and mirror video, DVDFab Toolkit comes with a lot of other editing features. You won’t need any other software if you have this one.

4. Extension: Edit Video without a Hassle:

DVDFab Toolkit is the best tool for editing the videos. It comes with a lot of editing features like trimming, converting, adjusting the speed, mirroring and flipping, rotate video, cropping, sharpening, extracting the audio, converting into GIF, adjusting the volume, merging audios, adding text watermark, including subtitles, and lots more.

It is the best software for Windows operating system. You can do all the types of editing with this software, and save them in the compatible file formats for the devices. You can check out all the features. You can try the trial period of 1 month to check the quality of the tool, and then buy it after that.