Hulu is a popular streaming service, but it isn't work without any flaws or faults. The Hulu error code 3(-984) is one of the most common mistakes that you are likely to encounter when utilizing the streaming service. Let's have a look at some of the preferrable methods for resolving the Hulu error code 3(-984) problem.

What is the Error Code 3(984)?

The Hulu error code 3(984) has been regarded as one of the quite commonly happening errors on Hulu. The error can come up due to a host of reasons, and understanding the exact reasons would form a root for how to fix the error code.

The possible reasons that can result in Hulu error code 3(984) can include

  • The slow internet connection
  • The issues with the Hulu app
  • Corrupted cache issues
  • Issues with your Hulu app

If you are wondering why Hulu keeps saying network error, this could be one of the reasons.

You may also want to fix a few of the other errors on Hulu –

The reasons that can cause the Hulu error code 3(-984) are aplenty. However, that is precisely why it is quite evident to try out a few of the solutions in a trial and error mode.

A few of the fixes of Hulu error code 3(-984)

Restart your device

Restarting your streaming device should be one of the best options to resolve the error on your Hulu streaming service. In fact, the restart option should be the first solution that one should apply to fix a host of issues.

Be it your smartphone or any other streaming service, and you can simply restart your device and check if that resolves the error for you. Your device may have a few temporary issues, which would be resolved right away if you restart your device.

Restart your modem and router

Yet another great option that can prove to be handy in fixing the Hulu error code 3(984) can be to restart your modem and router. This can rule out the issues with your internet connection. This should help you find how do I fix my Hulu connection error.

The underlying network issues, if any, can easily be resolved if you opt for the power cycling of your network devices. First, unplug your router and modem from the power source. Once that is done, wait for one or two minutes before you restart your modem and router.

Clear the cache and app data

The cache is what would be helpful in speeding up your app. However, there are certain issues wherein you would find that the cache files themselves can create havoc with your streaming service.

Clearing the cache can be one of the unique options that can prove to be a good option to help you resolve the error. The exact methods used for clearing the cache can be dependent on the device, platform and operating system that you are on. You may also clear the cache on the browser if you are streaming Hulu on a browser.

Sign out and sign in again

Signing out of your Hulu account and signing back in can be one of the possible fixes that can help you resolve the Hulu error code 3(984). That should ideally work in most of the cases.

Logging out of the account can help you remove the temporary files from your account and device. The steps in how to sign out and sign back in can be quite simple and easy.

Any other good option to get rid of Hulu error code 3(-984)?

Wondering why I keep getting an error code on Hulu? One of the excellent options that you would find quite handy and simple in how to get rid of Hulu error code can be to download the Hulu titles. This will let you watch your favorite titles for offline watching.

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Batch download capability

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Fastest download options

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Extra metadata details

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The Concluding thoughts

Hulu is definitely a full-fledged streaming service, and it has been considered to be one of the unique options for a huge content library. However, even with an excellent service quality and content options, it is still not without any errors. Therefore, the tips and solutions outlined above should be helpful in resolving the Hulu error code 3(-984) in an easy-to-follow way.