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how to overlay videos with the best video overlay effects?

Question: How to overlay videos?

This might be a question coming into your head when you try to editing and producing a good journey video. There are several video tools that can prove to be quite effective and efficient in providing you access to an enhanced experience. One of the major features that can prove effective in efficient video editing is adding overlays to your videos.

If you are looking to add overlays to your videos, VideoCruise can be an excellent option that can prove to be handy enough.

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How To Overlay Videos?

The act of adding overlays to your videos can prove to be quite impressive in enhancing the quality of your videos. The video overlay is also referred to as Picture in Picture effect. It is, in fact, a smaller video that is superimposed on a larger video. In the case of a video overlay, you can use this feature to add video in a part of your video, such as webcam video to your larger videos.

VideoCruise is an excellent video overlay app that can be useful in adding overlays to your existing videos. An excellent video editing tool for creative minds like you and focus more on innovation. VideoCruise is, in fact, one of the high-end video editors that have become one of the prime options. Developed with a focus on creativity, VideoCruise can be your best bet to bring your imagination to life by adding free overlays for video editing.

overlay videos

Features we find interesting in making it the best video overlay app can include:

Feature 1: Add your own filters, overlays, and other elements

VideoCruise lets you add filters such as grayscale, vignette, and a host of other filters as per your preference. There are more than 50 different transitions to choose from. You can choose between the classic and fancy overlay options as per your whims.

Feature 2: Add your own soundtracks

Personalise your video with the addition of your own audio tracks. You can either pick a track or choose instrumental music. You can easily add the audio tracks just by dragging and dropping your files.

Feature 3: Create a video for every genre

VideoCruise can create videos for practically any purpose. Whether you are creating a video for educational presentations, software How-To guides, marketing advertisements, or just about anything. You can create your videos for any occasion.

Feature 4: Share your videos from within your tool

The options to export your videos to practically any format is yet another thoughtful inclusion that makes sharing your videos a simple task. The software lets you pick the right output device such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, or social media services such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

A simple yet an efficient software – VideoCruise provides you a host of options for an enhanced service quality ever as a video overlay app.

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Step-by-step tutorial on how to overlay videos using VideoCruise:

Step 1 – Install and launch your software

Download and install VideoCruise from the official website. You can pick between the three options for the aspect ratio. Pick the one between 9:16 (Portrait), 16:9 (Widescreen), and 4:3 (Traditional). The choice would be dependent on your output device.


Step 2- Add files

Use the Import option to add your files. You can even consider adding files by dragging and dropping your files. You can pick images, audios, and videos as per your convenience. You can even record your onscreen videos or any content on your screen. Drag the files to the timeline. All your added files will be visible at the right pane.

videocruise file

Step 3 – Add an overlay

Use the Overlay option to add the overlays as per your preference. This will make your videos all the more colorful. Use your own creativity to add your overlays. VideoCruise has plenty of free overlays for video editing. Choose from among different Lens Flare and Frames or even a host of other background effects as overlays. Drag them to the timeline and add it to the section of the video you want to edit.

videocruise  add an overlay

Step 4 – Export your video

Once you have completed your video editing, you can simply export the video by clicking on Export tab. You can now choose the resolution, output folder, video format, and other parameters and then click on Export.

export your video

You can even add the other video editing options such as text, audio, filters, and other transitions. Since we are discussing free video overlays in this post, we have not dealt with them in finer detail. You may perform those actions along with the addition of overlays before exporting your videos.

Best Free Video Overlays And Effects

VideoCruise, as a good video editing software that offers free video overlays effect, provides you access to several video overlay effects. There are multiple Lens Flare options and other Frame options as per your preferences. The Lens Flare options include the options such as particle effects as well.

Best Particle effects

The free particle effects software can be one of the prime options for providing you access to a great option in adding special particle effect. If you are wondering how to use lens flare, the tool provides you an enhanced option for the purpose.

best particle effects

What is Lens Flare? Lens flare refers to the option to reflect the light by passing it through different sources of light. Some of the best particle filters can include flower fire, stars, and lights.

Lens Flare Effects

The Lens Flare effects have also been an excellent option for video editing overlays. The lens flare effects can prove to be a great option to add special effects to your videos. Some of these effects can include streaks, halos, starbursts, and polygons.

The lens flare options can be an excellent option for showing haze or similar effect that washes over your image. It can add up more value to the animated films. It has turned out to be one of the excellent options for your needs for the visual effects. It can be a perfect option for improving your video's quality and spice up your videos further.

Other fantastic video features

VideoCruise also helps you add other video effects such as filters, transitions, and text and video editing overlays.


Filters will be a great option to help you make your videos more powerful and enchanting. VideoCruise as access to over 47 different filters. You can pick them from among Basic, Distortion, Jilter, and Film. You can choose between filters such as Greyscale, Sepia, and Vignette as per your preference.


The transition from one frame to another can be yet another plus point that this video overlay software can offer you. Changing between different images by including transitions makes it look unique and vivid. You have more than 50 different transitions you choose.

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Text can be yet another added option to add your desired text to your videos and thus help you add video text overlay. These can be an excellent option for adding opener, title, and even subtitles to your videos. You can even pick a desired style of the text. VideoCruise provides you with options to add fonts, size, type, align, opacity, and color.


Audio can be yet another option that can improve your video and turn it all the more personal and customised. There are several audio effects, and a few options would include game sound, vocals, scuffle, computer, animal, environment, horror, food, magic, cellphone, object, and laughter. You just drag the audio to the respective position on the timeline, and you are done.

The Closing Thoughts

VideoCruise is your excellent solution as a video overlay app to add several effects to your videos. Adding overlays is just one of the options and should prove to be an enhanced option in almost every respect. Using the right video editor can be your best bet for providing a perfect option for your needs in a powerful video overlay software.

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