You are looking to play a video on your Mac and find that you find that it is not supported on your Mac device. That is where you are looking to convert your video to a format playable on your Mac device. A handy video converter for Mac should help you resolve the issue rather effectively and efficiently and help you enjoy your videos on the Mac device with ease.

We will check out the top free video converter for Mac or online video converter for Mac to help you get the things done.

Are You Finding Your Free Video Converter For Mac?

So are you looking for the best free video converter for Mac and practically lost for choice? No matter whether you are looking for the top free video converter for Mac or checking out a few good options for the online video converter for Mac, you would get a good number of options that can help you get the task done. We will check out both online and software solutions for getting the things done.

One of the best software options for the best free video converter for Mac is DVDFab Video Converter for Mac. One of the most powerful and feature-packed video converters, DVDFab Video Converter, can read almost each video format and convert it into the mainstream video and audio formats of your choice.

Features For This Free Video Converter For Mac:

  • It can handle almost all the video formats you can think of. This includes those downloaded from the internet, camcorders and capture cards. It would help you in how to convert video to MP4 on Mac

  • Faster conversion speed and quality

  • Edit and customise your videos as per your preferences.

  • A 2X faster video conversion with VideoToolbox Hardware Acceleration

  • A truly perfect lossless conversion capability

How To Convert Videos On Mac Using Free Video Converter For Mac?

The steps involved in converting videos on Mac with DVDFab Video Converter is quite simple and easy to go with.

How you can use the free video converter for Mac-

Step 1 – Install and launch DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is a part of the DVDFab Suite. Assuming you already have installed DVDFab Suite on your device, launch the Converter tab.

DVDFab Video Converter

Step 2 – Add your files

Adding files to the software is both simple and easy. You can add your files through the Add from local or Add from mobile option. You can even drag and drop your files. If you have the file on a disc, insert the disc in your optical drive and let the software detect it and add the files.

software detect

Step 3 – Choose the output profile

Click on Profile Switcher and pick the output video format you want to convert the video into. Click on Profile switcher and pick the option Choose other profile. From the next screen, pick the output format you want to convert your video into.

output video format

Step 4 – Customise the video

This is an optional step. You can edit the video parameters and even edit your video by following the Advanced Settings option or Video Edit options.

customise the video

Step 5 – Convert video

Pick your output folder and click on START to begin converting your video. You can track the conversion process through the progress indicator. Once converted, you can access the video from the output folder you chose.

convert video

Top 3 Online Video Converter For Mac

Having checked the best software in the form of the best and top free video converter for Mac, here are a few great options for the perfect online video converter for Mac that can help you arrive at the best possible experience.

1.Zamzar | No.1 Online Video Converter For Mac

Zamzar has been one of the most excellent options for an enhanced experience in a perfect video converter for Mac. In addition to videos, it can also be useful in helping you convert video into audio. It can also help you convert a wide range of other file formats that include images, documents and other essential formats.

video converter for mac

Here is how to opt for the best experience in how to convert your videos –

  • Add your files to the online video converter for Mac.

  • On the Convert to section, pick the video format or audio format you want to convert it into.

  • Click on Convert Now and wait till the conversion is done.

Download your file, and you are done. You can also use it as the prime video to mp3 converter for Mac or use it if you are looking to find how to convert YouTube video to audio on Mac.

You can visit the site at and get access to the best free video converter for Mac.

2. OnlineConvert

One of the advanced options offered by OnlineConvert as the best free video converter for Mac is it can help you upload your videos from practically any source. You can easily add files from online sources such as Google Drive or even video streaming services. It can also be a good option for the free YouTube video converter for Mac. Support for a huge number of video formats that include 3G2, 3GP, FLV, AVI, MKV, MOV, and OCG.


The steps involved in the best online video converter for Mac include –

  • Pick the converter from the left-hand side. You can pick several options apart from video conversion options.

  • Add files to your video converter. You can upload the files in the usual way or through drag and drop feature

  • You can even enter URL for the video you want to convert and download.

  • Apply the parameters you want to make use of

  • Click on Start Conversion option to begin downloading the video

You can get access the converter from this link

3. Converter.Files

Converter,Files is yet another powerful solution that can prove to be extremely practical in helping you convert your videos on Mac. One of the strongest factors in its favour would include the ability to handle the batch conversion. It can also handle a huge range of video and audio formats. Just like OnlineConvert tool that we just discussed, this tool too helps you download video files from YouTube and other sources.

download video

Here are the steps involved in how to convert videos on Mac –

  • Choose the local file you want to add

  • Choose the input and output formats.

  • Click on Convert

Optionally, you can also ask the software to send you the download link.

You can check out the tool at this link.

FAQs Regarding Video Conversion on Mac

How do I convert a video to mp3 on Mac?

Almost all the video converter tools available for Mac and Windows systems offer the compatibility to convert video files into audio format. Even the online tools outlined in this compilation help you achieve the best standards in helping you convert video to MP3 with ease.

How to convert YouTube video to audio on Mac?

The online converters such as OnlineConvert and Converter.Files can be a great option for an enhanced experience in letting you convert YouTube video to audio on Mac. If you want to a standalone software, you can use DVDFab Video Downloader to download your YouTube video and then convert it using DVDFab Video Converter for Mac.

The Closing Thoughts

Converting your videos on Mac is simple and easy with DVDFab Video Converter for Mac which is undoubtedly the best video converter for Mac. If you are unable to use the standalone video converter for any reason, you can opt for the best online video converter that can help you achieve the best efficiency to convert videos on Mac.