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A good movie experience isn’t complete if it is not viewed in HD or 4k quality. But, what to do if you have already bought your favorite movie on DVD? Such a movie might give you satisfaction when watching on your laptop. But if it has to be a family experience? Would you really consider sitting with your full family in front of your HD or 4k television and watching low-quality DVD video?

No, not at all!! Gone are the days when you could just downsize your Blu-ray to DVD to store it in limited size or share it online. With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, you can use video enhancer applications to upscale your DVDs.

Part 1. What Exactly Do Video Enhancers Do?

1. Video Enhancers like DVDFab Enlarger AI use the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Neural networks to identify individual pixels and then generate more such pixels to improve the resolution.

2. On an algorithmic scale, Linear Filtering is utilized to improve the contrast, denoise, de-shake, de-interlace and sharpen the video frame by frame.

3. Video enhancers identify and remove the noise and blotches and restore the original spatial correlation structure of each frame. Such methods are used to restore historical artefacts too.

4. DVDFab'sVideo Enhancer uses the Tensor framework. It has been trained with millions of videos from movies and TV series to be able to spot noise and restore the original work. This training is still being improved by its developers and meanwhile, it stays as the best video enhancer in the industry.

Part 2. Can You Use iMovie as a Video Enhancer?

People using Mac laptops might have used iMovie to do video editing. It is a great free tool for doing semi-professional editing due to the host of features it offers. Those who have used it would know that it asks you the file resolution in which you would like to store the video. You can select HD video quality for the output file. But, rather than acting as a video enhancer, it can actually degrade the video quality.

iMovie uses Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) codec for compressing and generating .mov files. Due to the editing done by you, the frames might be re-encoded at a lower resolution or bit-rate than the original. This can happen in any other video editor too. This can even happen if you set the output format to be uploaded to YouTube or in iMovie you select "Upload to iTunes".

Part 3. Is It Possible to Enhance Video Quality with AI?

Artificial Intelligence has made great strides in the field of Deep Learning. Using the potential of Deep Learning, video enhancer tools can now convert DVD videos to HD or 4K videos. There are both traditional and modern tools that work as video quality enhancers. While the traditional video enhancers work on a pixel level, the modern video enhancers use AI and ML.

The best example of a traditional video enhancer is Adobe Photoshop. What it does is enlarge each frame by analysing the individual pixels and enhancing them. That is why it takes a lot of time to render the final video if all frames are HD. Yet, if you are working with videos of different resolutions, the averaging effect creates a low-quality video. Take for instance you have a 1080p video and another one of 520p. When you merge them, you will have to sacrifice and create a 720p video so that the 520p video doesn't blow up.

To avoid such a sacrifice, you should use an AI-powered video quality enhancer. Such a video enhancer will use algorithms to enhance the lower quality video. This way, even if you sacrifice on the video quality, it would still be much more than an average.

DVDFab Video Enhancer upscales your video quality and resolution by using its deep learning AI technology. Thisvideo enhancement software can upscale your videos up to 300% which means raising a 420p (SD) video to 1080p (HD) or even DVD to Blu-ray and 4k. Using DVDFab Video Enhancer, you can now convert those old DVDs to the modern Blu rays.

Part 4. How to Enhance DVD Video Quality?

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Enlarger AI

Step 2: Choose the Right DVD Enhancement Mode

To do video enhancement on a DVD, there is the DVD Copy mode, DVD Ripper mode, or DVD Converter mode. You can use these 3 different modes to enhance DVD to Full HD 1080p, Blu-ray to 4k and regular video to higher quality format based on your actual source file type.

Source Filetype Output Filetype
Copy mode DVD Blu-ray Disc / ISO / Folder
Ripper mode DVD Video (MP4 or MKV)

Converter mode

Videos of all formats Video (MP4 or MKV)

NOTE: currently the AI feature supports MP4 or MKV for the best enhanced video quality.

Step 3: Here we use Copy mode as Video Enhancer

Step 3.1: Use the DVD Copy mode if you want to convert DVD to high-resolution Blu-ray. Launch the DVDFab application and insert the DVD into your computer’s DVD drive. The file will automatically load on the application. Select the Copy option from the menu bar.


Step 3.2: Once the DVD appears on the screen, you should be able to see the “Enlarger AI” checkbox appearing near the DVD name. Tick that checkbox to enable the video enhancer feature of DVDFab.


Step 3.3: Open the Advanced Settings window by clicking on the button appearing below the DVD name. In the window that opens, you can select the Premium Quality or Ultra Quality option. The difference between these two video enhancer options is that the latter produces a higher quality video but takes more time in processing.

Step 4: Ripper mode as Video Enhancer

Step 4.1: Rip a DVD and save the Full HD 1080p or rip a Blu-ray and save 4K resolution enhanced video on your computer using DVD Ripper as your video enhancer. Launch the DVDFab application and load the DVD. Once the DVD appears in the application window, select the Ripper option from the top menu.


Step 4.2: Near the DVD name, you will see 2 dropdowns. Use the upper dropdown to select High Quality and from the lower one, select format as MP4 or MKV. These two formats are the preferred formats for high-quality videos.


Step 4.3: Open the Advanced Settings window and change the resolution to HD (1024p) or 4K (4096p). Also, change the encoding method to High quality encoding (2-pass). If you prefer, you can increase the frame rate too. Click OK after the changes are done. These settings are all you need for using DVDFab as a Video Enhancer.

Step 5: Converter mode as Video Enhancer

Step 5.1: You can also use DVDFab Video Converter to use DVDFab video enhancer functionality. Use the same Advanced Settings as in Ripper to create Blu-ray quality video from DVD.

Step 6: Select output directory and Start video enhancement

At the bottom section of DVDFab, use Save to box to select the output directory where the Blu-ray or HD version of the DVD video will be stored. Click on the Start button to start output file generation. Depending on the input DVD size and the quality of output video selected, it might take from a few minutes to hours for the process to complete.

Note: You can check out more athow to enhance video quality with AI with this best AI-powered video enhancement software.

Part 5. Extension: Top 5 Alternative Video Quality Enhancers

1. Avidemux - Avidemux is a free open source video enhancer that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports many formats which is a great pro for this tool. It uses multithreading to expedite the output generation. With its image stabilization and video resolution converter, it converts low resolution videos to HD resolution.


The downsides include lack of creative tools and absence of video timeline. Also, it is a non-AI based video enhancer which means it is limited in terms of video enhancing capabilities.

2. Fonepaw - This is another non-AI video enhancer tool. But, it does pack the capabilities for doing good video enhancing.. So, if you are a professional in video editing and know what to do to improve the video quality, Fonepaw just might be the right choice for you as a good video enhancement software. It offers noise removal, brightness, contrast and saturation correction, video shake reduction, hue adjustment and even volume adjustment.

3. Videoshop - Let us not miss out on video enhancers on our smartphones. Videoshop is a powerful video quality enhancer for Android and iOS smartphones. It is a fun video editor which lets you add voice overs, animated titles, stop motion recordings, slow motion and a lot more.
It is a social media friendly video enhancer that offers a lot of tools to make cool videos while guaranteeing high resolution output.

4. HD Convert - We will end this list with an online video quality enhancer. A video format converter, the premium version of HD Convert offers the capability to convert SD versions of videos to HD and from HD to 4K. Since it is an video quality enhancer onlinetool, you will have to deal with the limitations of upload and download speed. The benefit you get is that you don’t have to install any application and it is always available on the cloud.

The demand for 4K displays is increasing across the globe. Even personal devices are coming with ever-improving displays. In such times, no one should stand back and stay stuck with DVDs with SD quality videos. Without spending any further on the movies and shows you have already bought, use tools like DVDFab to do Video Enhancing. With their advanced technologies like Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you can get HD and 4K videos right at your home.

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