TikTok is increasingly becoming a social media platform that millions of people cannot do without daily. It has been downloaded over a billion times across app stores and boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users. Unlike other social media apps, TikTok provides a lot of flexibility in managing your clips uploaded to the platform.

Today, let’s focus on how to edit videos on TikTok. Not everyone knows that they could perfectly edit their TikTok videos without needing a third-party application. However, as expected, the built-in Tik Tok video editor isn't as advanced and sophisticated as some best Tik Tok editing apps.

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1. How to Edit Videos on Tik Tok?

There is a Tik Tok video editor that is packed with rudimentary video editing tools. This built-in editor allows you to add soundtracks to TikTok videos, blurring effects, filters, and other actions. For you to edit your TikTok video with its built-in editor, you need to shoot (record) the video with TikTok. The app allows you to create a quick 15 seconds clip on the fly. You need to know some tips to make your TikTok video stand out and appear attractive.

First of all, when you launch the app, it starts playing other TikTokers videos, you have to click the “+” button at the center to start recording your own video. You could select different filters and effects before recording a TikTok video. When you’re done creating the video, click the red “Stop” button, and further click this icon () to start editing.

The built-in Tik Tok video editor supports the following tools: text, stickers, sound, voice effects, filters, trim, voiceover, and volume filters.

Adding effects, stickers, and texts to your TikTok video

how to edit tiktok video on mobile phone

Click on the “effects,” “stickers,” or “text” icon at the bottom of the video preview interface respectively to apply the selected edit. The "add effects" interface presents a lot of video effects template; to apply an effect, simply click on any of your choice, and drag it to your video.

The “add text” text interface is quite comprehensive – you can choose a writing style, adjust the texts to the right, left, or center, add thick lines to texts, as well as choose any color for the text.

On the “add sticker” interface, you will have to select from a wide variety of stickers or emojis. There are filters (icons at the bottom) that allow you to quickly find the sticker you want to use in your video.

Adjusting video clips

how to edit tiktok video

If you combined different clips to make up your TikTok video, you could adjust the lengths by clicking the "Adjust clip" option on the video preview interface. Here, you can trim the clips individually as you wish.

Add filters to TikTok videos.

add filters to tiktok videos.

The “add filter” option is the first on the toolbox available at the top-right pane. Here, you can view a lot of cute filters to add more beauty to your TikTok video.

Using other Tik Tok video editor tools

edit tiktok video with other video editor

Use the "Voiceover" tool to add custom voiceovers, and the "voice effects" tool allows you to customize the audio in your video.

These steps explain how to edit Tik Tok videos. When you’re done editing your TikTok video, click the forward arrow icon to publish your video to the public.

2. How to Compress and Trim Large Size Videos to Edit on Tik Tok?

You cannot upload large videos on TikTok. Hence, if you have a pre-recorded big-size video to edit, compress, and trim to share with your TikTok following – obviously, you'll need a reliable software application for this purpose.

The DVDFab Video Converter software can help to compress large videos shot with standard cameras. Interestingly, DVDFab Video Converter compresses your video losslessly and makes it fit to load into the built-in Tik Tok video editor. Follow the steps below to compress your large video for TikTok editing.

dvdfab video converter editor

  • Download and install DVDFab Video Converter on your computer.

  • Launch the app, click the “Converter” module, load the large-sized video by dragging it into the interface, or use the various upload options.

  • Click on the “Advanced Settings” icon to set a custom file size for your large video. This option allows you to choose a convenient size for your large video.

  • If you want to trim the large and crop out a particular part, click the “Video Edit” icon and edit the video.

N/B: the “Advanced settings” icon is the second last icon on the “video details” row, while the “video edit” icon is the last one. You can equally edit the video using DVDFab Video Converter’s built-in video editor; it is quite more advanced and intuitive than the Tik Tok video editor.

  • After you have finished editing and trimming your large video with DVDFab Video Converter, click “Start” to save the edited video on computer.

Transfer the video to your mobile phone and upload it to TikTok for further editing or simply share it with your followers right away.

This method is recommended when faced with a large video that needs to be trimmed before uploading to TikTok.

3. Best Tik Tok Editing Apps

If you’re still looking for how to edit Tik Tok videos, here are some handy tips. Undoubtedly, the built-in Tik Tok video editor does not feature all the video editing tools; thus, one may need to create perfect clips that would stun an audience. Hence, you may want to check out these best Tik Tok editing apps; they are powerful video editing apps with sophisticated features to create jaw-dropping videos.

1. Funimate (Android and iOS)


Funimate is a distinctive video editor app that helps you to edit various clips and videos. It supports a wide variety of intuitive features and a nice editing interface. With the Funimate video editing app, you can create beautiful clips to share on TikTok and other social media platforms. However, the video your edit with this app will have watermarks unless you upgrade to the paid “premium” version. This app is widely seen as the best Tik Tok video editor app.

2. iMovie (iOS)

imovie iphone

Many people (mostly iPhone and iPad users) already know that iMovie is a full-fledge free video editing app available on iOS devices. It is an impressive application with lots of built-in tools for video editing. iMovie remains one of the best Tik Tok editing apps for iPhone users. The various video editing tools on iMovie are flexible and easy to use.

3. InShot - Video Editor (Android and iOS)


InShot is a popular video editing app and also one of the most reliable Tik Tok editing apps. The features of this app are quite numerous and will help you create stunning videos that will entice your TikTok followers. Interestingly, InShot is free to install and use; however, it offers in-app purchases for some premium features, effects, and tools.

4. Splice Video Editor (Android and iOS)


The Splice Video Editor app is an ideal option for Android device users and iOS device users. It is apparently one of the best Tik Tok editing apps. Splice comes with a lot of features, built-in tools, effects, filters, and more. You can easily add lots of elements to your TikTok video using this video editor; plus, Splice is available for free and has been downloaded for over 70 million times.

Best Tips on How To Edit Tik Tok Videos

Still looking for the best tips on how to edit videos on TikTok? Okay, here are the important tips you seek.

Tip #1 Download and edit an already published TikTok video

Firstly, before you can further edit a video you recorded or share on TikTok, you have to download the video from TikTok and save it on your local storage. When the video is saved on your local storage, you can install any of these selected best Tik Tok editing apps shared above to use and edit the video.

How to download a video from TikTok?

  • View the video and click on the “Share” icon

  • Click on "Save video," and the video will be automatically saved to your device local storage.

  • Load to clip to a 3rd-party TikTok video editor, edit and re-share on the platform

Alternatively, you can press and hold the TikTok video, and when the options pop up, select “Save video.” Some people also make use of online video downloader tools to download TikTok videos on their computers.

Tip #2 Download and edit your TikTok video before sharing to public

After recording a video with TikTok and you think there’s need to further edit the video before sharing it with the public, here’s what to do.

  • Set the “Who can see this” filter to private and post the video. Yes, you need to post the video before you can be able to download and further edit it with another video editor app or software.

  • Now install a TikTok video editor app and edit the video as you wish

  • Afterward, upload the video back on TikTok, set the “Who can see this” to public and share.

Tip #3 Compress and trim large videos

If you have a large size high-res video to upload on TikTok, use DVDFab Video Converter to compress and edit the video. Afterward, upload to TikTok and share with your followers.

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