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Hulu has become one of the most powerful and excellent video streaming services ever and a great option for enjoying your shows across multiple genres. However, if you are looking to download your favorite shows from these sites for offline viewing, there are a few great options that should make it extremely easy and simple to go with. Let us explore a few best video downloaders that can prove to be quite handy.

Can You Download Hulu Shows?

Like most other streaming services, Hulu lets you download the titles on its platform for offline viewing. However, the download functionality is available only on a few specific plans and packages. This is in tune with the other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

The Hulu offline download option is available on its No Ads plans. The subscribers on Hulu (No Ads) and Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV plans can make use of the downloader options. You will be able to download a wide range of content across the entire Hulu library. It may also be noticed that the offline download functionality is available only on smartphones.

That apart, you also have a download limit which means you can only download a select number of videos. You will be able to go with over 25 downloads on five supported mobile devices. Moreover, your downloads also come with an expiry date, after which the titles you downloaded will get deleted. The titles will also be deleted if the show ceases to exist on the platform.

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Top 10 Hulu Downloaders to Download Hulu Shows

Without much ado and beating around the bush, we will move straight away to check out a few great options to help you download Hulu shows.

1. Y2Mate Hulu Downloader

The Y2mate Hulu Downloader should be one of the unique options for providing you access to a very streamlined and powerful option to download Hulu shows. You can use it for downloading a variety of movies, TV shows and other content from Hulu.

Y2Mate Hulu Downloader

The ability for the auto-download of the videos and the episodes of the series rather easily and automatically. The automatic download option works in the background.

Some of the features offered by the Y2mate Video Downloader would include

  • Ability to download a wide range of metadata information options

  • Customizable subtitle downloads wherein you can either embed the subtitles in the video or download them as a separate SRT file

  • High-quality video downloads

  • Fast and batch download options

2. KeepStream Hulu Downloader

The KeepStream Hulu Downloader comes from the developers of FLVTO. That in itself should make it one of the prime options to go with for an improved download capability. The downloader does have the ability to download Hulu shows in a high quality as high as 1080p.

KeepStream Hulu Downloader

You do not need to worry about losing the video quality ever. Apart from Hulu, the KeepStream Video Downloader supports a wide range of other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney +, and Netflix, to name a few.

Some prime features offered by the downloader would include

  • Support for any platform or device

  • One-click download compatibility

  • An ability to download videos even in 8K.

  • A faster download option

3. MyStream Video Downloader

The MyStream Video Downloader should be your one-stop solution for downloading any video from Hulu right away on your device. If you are trying to find the best third party video downloader to download Hulu shows, this one should ideally meet all your needs and expectations.

The video downloader is developed by FLVTO, which is known for a variety of outstanding video aids. Support for multiple Hulu regions and the ability to download the titles in MP4 can make it something unique in every respect.

A few salient features available on MyStream downloader can include

  • Preselection of audio and subtitle language even before you can begin downloading your titles

  • The customised subtitle download compatibility

  • Batch mode downloads at a faster speed

  • High-quality video downloads

4. IceStream Video Downloader

IceStream Hulu Downloader is one of the excellent options for downloading your Hulu shows. Conceptualised and developed by 2Conv, it has been regarded as a promising third-party video downloader for downloading the complete videos without hassles.


The high-speed downloader does provide you access to a very faster download feature. The outstanding audio and video quality should further make it one of the promising options. It has been designed specifically for the OTT live streaming services. Support for more than 1000 different online streaming sites should ideally make it a great service ever.

Some salient features offered by the downloader would include

  • High resolution download options at 1080p

  • Batch download functionality for an enhanced simultaneous download options

  • A very faster download feature

  • The download compatibility in MP4 and 5.1 audio AAC

  • Subtitles and metadata information

5. Tunepat Video Downloader

Tunepat Video Downloader has been considered to be one of the excellent choices for most of the needs that you may have in terms of an enjoyable Hulu download option ever. In addition to Hulu, it can be a great option for downloading practically any content from any website. The downloader is available across several other streaming services.


The service does keep all the audio tracks and subtitles when downloading the videos from Hulu or any other streaming service. The downloader offers you access to both video and music download options. The MP4 compatibility should provide you with one of the most rewarding experiences in terms of high-end compatibility.

A few good features can be summarised as

  • Can download the movies and other content from Hulu and other streaming services

  • High-end video download options

  • Faster video download functionality

  • Ability to keep the subtitles intact

6. StreamFab Video Downloader

The StreamFab Video Downloader is yet another great option to download Hulu shows. One of the all-inclusive and comprehensive video download options the service provider offers makes it a great service ever.


The StreamFab Video Downloader does provide you with a host of outstanding and high-end download options. In addition, support for over 1000 DRM and non DRM streaming services should provide it with a high-performance characteristic.

A few of the features offered by StreamFab Downloader are

  • Built-in browser for downloading, watching and browsing your favourite videos

  • MP4 downloads that improve your compatibility with a wide range of devices

  • Customised subtitle options

  • An enhanced high-quality download with resolution up to 1080p

7. Audials Streaming downloader

The Audio Streaming downloader should be one of the excellent options for your Hulu shows download options ever. The well-designed multimedia application has been one of the hot favorites with the audio and video freaks out there.

The software has been rated to be a perfect choice for legally recording, managing and handling everything related to digital media. The software is specifically designed to work with the Windows devices and offers you access to one of the robust services in the genre.

Some prime features that you need to look out for can be

  • Support for a variety of streaming services

  • An improved integration with certain specific services.

  • Ability to watch and download Hulu shows

  • Batch conversion feature

  • Automatic shut down

8. Anystream Video Downloader

Anystream is one of the perfect ad easy to use video downloaders that can work wonders with Hulu shows and let you download them in one of the best possible ways. You will be able to download an entire series, movies and even other video content without the need for any sort of hassles.

The downloader can work with any streaming service that you can think of and offers you support in downloading the content as an MP4 file. The video downloader can even download the protected videos and then unprotect them making them easy to play on any device.

Some prime features worthy of mentioning can include

  • Extremely well optimized for navigation

  • An intuitive interface

  • Easy to use and implement

  • Lack of batch downloading can be an issue

9. PlayON

PlayON is a screen recorder software and can record anything on your screen in very high quality. The software can be used on a wide range of platforms that include smartphones, PCs and tablets. The screen recorder lets you get access to your content in high quality.

The software is available on Windows, Android and iOS. It can be one of the most consolidated options for those of you who are simply overwhelmed by the plethora of streaming services. As long as you can play content on your device, you can simply download it by recording the screen contents.

A few of the prime features that you would find interesting can include

  • Two separate options in the form of PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Desktop

  • The download quality is one of the most impressive ones to write home about

  • Designed to work with almost all streaming services.

  • Recordings can also be saved on the cloud.

10. Movavi Screen Capture Studio

This is yet another screen capture software that can assist you in downloading the content on your screen and saving it for eternity. As long as you have an active Hulu subscription or have borrowed it from some of your friends. You can record anything on your screen.

The online video grabber should be one of the excellent options for downloading your Hulu content. The HD quality downloads should be yet another great option that can prove to be much effective. You can opt for your preferred format in saving your video.

Some salient features worthy of being tabulated can be

  • It can even record audio alone.

  • You can grab separate streams of audio and video

  • The tool lets you schedule your recording

  • A super-speed conversion process. Support for multiple videos

The Concluding Thoughts

Finding the best options for downloading your favorite Hulu shows can prove to be one of the easiest options if you use the right tools for the purpose. If you want to have your Hulu downloads last forever on your device, it should be extremely important to use the right downloading service. You would find the third-party downloaders outlined here quite good enough, and you can choose any of them for optimum functionality as per your preferences and liking.