WebM is one of the least supported formats on your portable devices if you have a portable media device. With MP4 being a primarily used format for most of your requirements, it is essential to consider converting your files from WebM to MP4. We will check out a few great tools that can be used to convert WebM to MP4 with ease and a few simple steps.

How To Convert WEBM To MP4?

If you have plenty of WebM files and want to convert them into MP4, you can either choose an online converter for the purpose or go with a standalone software that can help the conversion process.

WEBM to MP4 Converter Online Options

The online WebM to MP4 converters has been the easier options to help you convert WebM to MP4 as they do not need you to install any specific software on your device. Working as browser-based solutions, they offer you an on the go functionality.

1. CloudConvert – Capable WebM to MP4 converter online

If you are looking for an excellent quality conversion on an online WebM to MP4 converter, CloudConvert is set to be the best option for the purpose. It offers you a smoother and easy to use conversion technique. With support for over 200 different formats, it can convert files that are even 1 GB in size.



  • Size limit up to 1 GB

  • Several advanced configuration options for changing codec, resolution, and subtitles.

  • Multiple file conversions in one batch

  • Can pick files from cloud storages

  • Video editing options available, along with options to convert WebM file to MP4.

2. Convertio

Convertio is a free WebM to MP4 converter and offers you several configurations options to apply to your final video. It also supports a wide range of other formats apart from WebM. The software also supports a wide range of conversions such as image, document, and archives in more than 2000 different formats.



  • Safer option as none of your files is saved once they are downloaded.

  • Minimal ads which make it less annoying.

  • Has a daily upload limit. May be useful only if you are an occasional user

  • Lets you pick the codec, profile, and conversion level.

3. Online-convert.com

This is yet another free WebM to MP4 online converter and is useful in a wide range of conversions. Besides video conversion, it also provides you access to other conversions such as audio, documents, and images. It can work with a video link as well .



  • The interface may be a little untidy

  • It offers multiple pre-sets to choose from.

  • It can even pick the UHD 4K and 8K resolution

  • You can even edit your videos before you can convert it

WEBM To MP4 Converter Software – The Standalone Software Options

Compared to the online WebM to MP4 converters, a standalone software can prove an excellent option. Let us explore a few of the great options for an enhanced experience in a standalone tool for converting WebM to MP4.

1. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter has been one of the most feature-rich video converters with a powerful video conversion capability. You can either convert your videos from one format to another or even extract audio from your video files.

The software is equipped with a non-linear video editor, which is yet another added advantage. You would be able to perform a few important video editing tasks such as

  • Add premium inro and opener credits

  • Provide a conclusion to your videos

  • Add subtitles and other details with special effects

  • Cut, crop, and trim your videos

  • Add background music.

How to convert WebM to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter?

Step 1 – Install and launch Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is a part of the DVDFab Suite. Assuming you have downloaded and installed DVDFab on your computer already, pick the Converter tab from the top end.

video converter

Step 2 – Add your files

You can add files in multiple ways. You can add the files through Add from local or Add from Mobile options. You can even use the drag and drop functionality for adding your files.

multiple ways

Step 3 – Perform configurations

Choose your target profiles as MP4. You can specifically choose your preferred codec as well for your output files. You can even perform other requisite personalisation as per your needs.

perform configurations

Step 4 – Begin Conversion

Choose the output folder and begin the conversion of your files from WebM to MP4. You need to click on Start to begin the conversion option.

begin conversion

2. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a great option for almost all your needs for converting your MP4 files into WebM or any other format. The ease of use and simplicity is what makes it a one-stop solution for your needs.

video converter


  • Wide range of video and audio formats to choose from

  • Conversion time can be a little longer

  • It also provides you YouTube Downloader and video editor compatibility along with WebM file into MP conversion.

How To Convert MP4 To WEMB?

Like we want to convert the WebM to MP4, you would also want to convert MP4 to WebM in some situations. Once again, you will use either an online solution or a software option for your needs in a perfect MP4 to WebM Converter.

Online MP4 to WebM Converters

We will check out a few good online converters to convert WebM to MP4.

1. Zamzar – A simple option to convert MP4 to WebM

Zamzar has always been a great solution for your needs in an MP4 to WebM converter. It can be a great option that can be helpful in a variety of ways. The program has been around since 2006 and has proved its efficiency in converting thousands of files .



  • Safe website and offers a nice privacy policy

  • The tool supports more than 1200 different formats apart from MP4 and WebM.

  • It does support a batch conversion option

  • You also have an email file conversion functionality.

2. FreeConvert.com

If you are checking out the best options for the straightforward ways for the best MP4 to WebM converter. You can even use the drag and drop functionality ever. You would also get access to an enhanced experience.



  • It can even convert the files from online sources.

  • A host configuration options to convert MP4 to WebM

  • Batch conversion options make it a great MP4 to WebM Converter

3. Online Converter

Online Converter is one of the excellent options for letting you convert MP4 to WebM. You would find the tool quite intuitive and unique in its own right. The ability to convert files from URLs is one of the added advantages.

online converter


  • Simple and easy to use features

  • Completely free, yet an exciting functionality

  • A user-friendly tool for the beginners to convert MP4 to WebM

  • Video compression and editing options.

MP4 To WEMB Converter Software Solutions

Having checked out the online options, here are a few good software solutions.

1. DVDFab Video Converter

A complete video converter solution, it provides you access to wonderful features in converting your files with ease. A built-in video editor further improves your experience.'


  • Convert your files between formats – The tool can read almost all mainstream and other formats. You can handle the formats downloaded from the Internet, camcorders, and capture cards.

Here you can learn other conversions as well:

  1. Convert MKV to MP4

  2. Convert 3D to 2D videos

  3. Convert Video to iOS Devices

  4. VOB File to MP4

  5. Ultimate Guide to Convert Videos Between Different Formats

  • Audio extraction – The software can be an excellent option for all your needs in extracting audio from your videos. The conversion will enable you to make it usable on almost all the mainstream players.

  • Metadata extraction – The software can extract the metadata from the target video and audio files and reapply them onto the output video. This can help the media players and movie servers such as DVDFab Player 6 or DVDFab Movie Server displaying and organizing your content.

  • Extreme customisation functionality – DVDFab Video converter lets you customise your video to the highest possible degree. You can choose to convert an entire video or a part of it. You can even control the output audio and subtitles as per your preference.

  • Multiple technologies – The tool supports multiple technologies that can include the latest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync, improving the conversion speed. There are other advanced features such as batch conversion, multi-core, and multithreading technologies.

2. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is one of the exciting solutions that has helped out the users to an acute degree. With over 180 million users worldwide, it has been one of the best tools for safe and reliable service quality.



  • Can convert over 500 formats

  • You can even download the videos from YouTube and other online sites

  • Multiple device-specific pre-sets

A Few FAQs

How to Convert WebM file To Mp4 On Android?

You can use the best online tools to convert WebM to MP4 on Android, which does not need any installation. You also find a few good Android apps that are specifically designed for the purpose.

Can VLC Convert WebM to MP4?

Yes. VLC can undertake a wide range of services that include converting your files from WebM to MP4 or WebM to MP4. It provides you a wide range of format support.

What is the Best Tool To Convert WebM To MP4 Free Online?

You have plenty of options available for converting files from WebM to MP4. We would consider CloudConvert and FreeConvert.com a couple of good options because of the additional settings options that it provides to convert WebM file to MP4.

The Closing Thoughts

WebM is one of the video formats which is widely used by online streaming services, but if you want to play them on any portable or mainstream video player, you will find them unplayable. That is why you need a WebM to MP4 converter. The list of the best options here should help you get the best experience.

The additional information to convert MP4 files into WebM can further act as a good knowledge source.