1. What is the Video TS format?

Files with .ts extension store MPEG-2 (.MPEG) files. You will find these files on DVDs or in internet broadcasting systems. TS (Transport Stream) format is a containerized streaming format which encapsulates data packets of both audio and video along with Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) data. It has a built-in error detection and correction system along with stream synchronization to maintain the integrity of the data during signal deterioration.

Inside the transport stream, there are encapsulated multiple substreams, mostly packetized elementary streams (PESs) which themselves contain the main video/audio stream with a MPEG or any other video codec, audio codec, text, images, subtitles, sometimes electronic program guide for the broadcaster and table with the identity information about the streams. TS format when used in broadcast is sliced into 188-byte packet sized and interleaved together. Due to the smaller packet size and a great error correction capability, multiple streams are usually merged together for broadcasting.

If the above explanation was too technical for you and you are still not sure what is video_ts format, the below table will help you. It will also help you understand why this format was designed for HDTV. Let us see video format TS vs MP4 comparison.

2. TS. Vs MP4




File read

The file must be complete for reading

Small chunks can be read

Use case

Highly suited for broadcasting. Also found on DVDs

Widely used for streaming recorded videos

Video editing

Difficult to video editors to handle since editing has to be done across chunks of data

Easier to handle by video editors since it is one complete file with a fixed position for video, audio and other metadata

Metadata quantity

Each keyframe contains metadata about the position of various data types

Less metadata since the info for the whole multimedia is at the end of the file

Error correction

Since each chunk contains its own metadata, corruption of a data in single keyframe doesn’t affect the playback much

Corruption of metadata file will render the whole file unusable

3. How to Convert TS To MP4? [Top 7 Converters]

While TS formats are great when you are watching a movie on your computer or through an HDMI cable on your television, they are not readable by smartphones. However, you can convert TS to MP4 so that it is compatible with a whole range of devices and players. You can do so online or using software on your computer. Let's first take a look at the online tools that provide the most straightforward yet good quality utility to convert TS to MP4.

Convert TS to MP4 Online with[4 Online TS to MP4 Converters]



This is a free online tool to convert TS to MP4. To use it, all you need to do is:

  1. Open in your browser.

  2. Upload TS file from your local computer directory.

  3. Optional: Cut the video by specifying a time duration or adjust the frame size by giving width x height details.

  4. Click on Convert button to start conversion.

  5. Click on the Download Now link to start the MP4 file download.


This is a powerful online video converter that you can use to convert TS file to MP4.


  1. Open the website page

  2. You will see a lot of options to customize your output video. You can select the encoding codec, quality factor (lossless or default or low quality), preset, profile, tune, FPS, aspect ratio, etc.

  3. Click on Select File to upload a file or you can add it from a URL, Google Drive or Dropbox.

  4. You can do Step 2 after the file upload step too. After adding one file, you can add more files for conversion. All such files will be converted from TS to MP4 in batch and you will get download links for all.

  5. Click on the Convert button to convert TS file to MP4.

3. Convertio

It is another online tool to convert TS to MP4 that offers you a lot of customizations.


You can upload multiple files and do settings on the individual files.

  1. Open the page

  2. Upload one or more file on the interface.

  3. Click on the Settings button to do customizations. You can reduce the length of the video, selecting the codec for encoding, selecting frame rate, resizing, etc.


  1. Click on the Ok button after doing the customizations.

  2. You can save the output file on Google Drive or Dropbox from the interface or click on the Convert button to download it on your device.


AnyConv doesn't have any option to customize your output MP4 file. So, if you want to convert TS to MP4 without worrying about any settings, you can use this website.

  1. Open the page at

  2. Upload your TS file. You can do only 1 at a time.

  3. Click on the Convert button and wait for the download link to appear.

  4. Click on the Download button to store the file on your computer.

Convert TS to MP4 With Software [3Software]

1. VLC media player

VLC is a free open source media player with many other capabilities. It has an integrated video converter that can convert TS to MP4 in a few clicks.


  1. Install VLC if you already don't have it. Start the application from the Start menu.

  2. In the Menu bar, click on Media and look for “Convert/Save…” option. Click on it.

  3. Use the +Add button to add your TS files to the list.

  4. At the bottom, use the dropdown icon present alongside the “Convert/Save” and select Convert.

  5. Choose a Profile (MP4) from the dropdown.

  6. Select a Destination File path using the Browse button.

  7. Click on Start.

2. DVDFab Video Converter

It is a feature-filled multimedia tool that offers ripping, cloning, conversion, video editing and many more capabilities. It supports all major codecs currently in the market, both old and new. You can use it as a video_ts to MP4 converter too.

  1. Install the DVDFab Video Converter and launch the application.

  2. On the main screen, drag and drop the media file or click on the + icon to browse your directory and select the file/s.

  3. From the top section, click on Converter.

  4. Use the profile switcher (highlighted in the image below) to select an MP4 profile


5. Select the output directory from the “Save to” section and click on Start. In a few seconds or minutes (depending on the size) the MP4 file will be saved in the specified directory.

3. Handbrake

It is a famous application for Mac users but that doesn’t mean that its Windows version is any less useful. The only limitation is that it is available only for 64bit operating systems. It has a basic video converter which can convert TS to MP4 in a few steps.

  1. Install Handbrake and launch the application.

  2. Click on Open Source to import your TS file.

  3. From the Format dropdown, select MP4 format.

  4. Change the directory path mentioned in the “Save As” section and click on Start Encode in the top menu to start conversion.

4. How to Convert TS to AVI? [Top 6 Converters]

All the tools described above, except for Handbrake, support conversion from TS to AVI.


To convert TS to AVI, use this page -


Use the dropdown to change the output format to AVI instead of MP4


3. Convertio

Use this page - to convert TS file to AVI with Convertio.


Use the dropdown to change the output file format to AVI.


5. VLC Media Player

Follow the same steps as above and from the profile section dropdown, choose AVI.


6. DVDFab Video Converter

In the Profile switcher, look for AVI format. If it is not present, click on “Choose Other Profile” option. In the window that opens, select the General radio button and click on AVI. Follow the same steps after this as mentioned for MP4.


5. Are there any good TS Video Player?

While using a video converter to convert TS to MP4 is a good idea, but what if your media player can handle TS files just as well? Many media players face difficultly in handling the small bits of information contained in each TS packet. So, how to play video_ts without compromising on quality? You need a media player this is optimized to handle the TS file architecture. One such media player to play TS media files is DVDFab Player 6.

DVDFab Player 6 is capable of playing movies from your DVD or Blu-rays, the commonplace where you will find .ts files. It is not only a media player but a complete media centre that handles your multimedia collection with Poster Walls. It has a PC mode for small screens like when you want to watch the video on your computer screen. And it has a TV mode when you want to connect your computer to a large screen TV and have a grand experience.

It has complete support for navigation menus on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray. Along with all the bells and whistles commonly found in premium media players, DVDFab Player 6 provides you with a true HDR10 and Hi-Res audio output.

Step 1. Download DVDFab Player 6 and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Locate the file if it is not appearing in the collections and click on it to play.


Lastly, we've picked out the most relevant topics for you to convert video or audio formats to MP4 or MP3, as these 2 formats are most used:

  1. Convert M2TS to MP4

  2. Convert 3GP to MP4

  3. Convert MKV to MP4

  4. Convert AVI to MP4

  5. Convert FLAC to MP3

Check them out if you need such tool to do the conversion of your video or audio files.