convert gif to mp4 and vice versa

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is a form of bitmap image format. Support for animation is one of the factors that would essentially make it one of the excellent options. GIFs have gained huge traction over the years and have grown to be a popular option with the best performance with respect to the small footprint.

Converting MP4 into GIF or GIF into MP4 can be one of the excellent options for getting access to enhanced efficiency. Let us check out how to convert GIF to MP4 or MP4 to GIF easily.

Convert GIF to MP4 with the best GIF to MP4 converter

Converting GIF to MP4 in high quality can be something that can be a little tricky to handle. In fact, while they can play seamlessly on a smartphone, it may be a little difficult to play them on feature phones or certain devices. With MP4 being one of the widely supported media formats, it would be worthwhile to notice that converting GIF to MP4 would help you get access to the best results.

Converting GIF to MP4 can not be achieved with the help of a regular video converter utility. DVDFab Toolkit can be your great option for converting GIF to MP4.

The DVDFab Toolkit comes with more than 20 different tools in one single package. What makes it one of the unique options is the fact that each of the tools offered by the Toolkit resides in its own module and double up as a great choice for GIF to MP4 converter.

Some of the tools that are included in the package include

  • Convert video and audio files from one format to another.

  • Trimming and adjusting video speed.

  • Rotating and cropping videos

  • Video to GIF or GIF to video

  • Merging videos and audios

  • Adding watermarks and

  • Adding subtitles

They are just a few of the options that can be helpful in using it as the best GIF to MP4 convert

Features like video metadata, MP3 tags, 3D /2D converters and a host of other formats are likely to be introduced quite soon.

A few features offered by the platform include

  • Convert the videos as per your liking – Edit and convert your videos in the video module to your heart’s content. It supports practically all formats that include H.264/H.265/MPEG 4 encoded MP4/MKV videos. You can perform a huge number of editing options.

  • Convert audio files as per your preference – It supports almost all audio formats that include AAC/AC3/FLAC/M4A/MP3. You can configure parameters such as codec, sample rate, bit rate, channels and volume

  • Screenshots and GIF creation – You can convert the images and from your movies and TV shows into a GIF. You can even use the tool for taking the screenshots of your screens.

How to convert GIF to MP4 on DVDFab Toolkit?

Having understood that the DVDFab Toolkit is a great choice to convert your GIF to MP4, here are the steps involved in how to convert GIF to MP4 using the Toolkit –

Step 1 – Install and launch DVDFab Toolkit

A versatile Windows-based media toolkit, it can be your best bet for converting GIF into MP4. You can use the individual modules which work in their own interface. Scroll down to Image tools and pick GIF to Video option

dvdfab toolkit

Step 2- Add your file

Once the GIF to video module launches in its own window, add your file clicking on the + (plus) icon and browsing for your file.

dvdfab toolkit2

Step 3 – Make changes as per your needs

Configure your settings as per your preferences. You can configure the codec, resolution, and output video format. Choose MP4 as output. You can even add your own background audio by browsing your file.

dvdfab toolkit2

Step 4 – Begin conversion from GIF to MP4

Choose your output folder and click on START to begin conversion.

dvdfab toolkit 3

Convert MP4 to GIF on Mac or Windows

GIFs can prove to be a great option for embedding your videos into presentations and documents without increasing the size of the document. Compared to the MP4 or other videos, GIFs consume far less space and thus can be one of the prime options for your needs. Since MP4 is one of the widely used video formats, it may be worthwhile to convert your MP4 videos into GIFs and embed them in your files.

Just like you can opt to convert GIF to MP4, you can also choose to convert MP4 to GIF with the DVDFab Toolkit. The steps would remain almost similar to the steps involved in converting MP4 to GIF with the best MP4 to GIF converter options.

Steps for converting MP4 to GIF using DVDFab Toolkit –

Step 1 – Launch DVDFab Toolkit.

Launch the Toolkit and scroll down to image tools. Then click on Video to GIF.


Step 2 – Add your files and configure your output file

Pick the start and end time for the GIF that you will create. You can even pick the looping and also choose the speed for the video.

configure your output file

Step 3 – Begin Conversion

Pick your output folder and click on START. Your video to GIF conversion will instantly begin. Wait till it is completed.

begin conversion

Best Feature: Batch Convert GIF or MP4 Files!

While we have focussed on DVDFab Toolkit to convert GIF to MP4 or to convert MP4 to GIF on Mac or Windows, several tools can be helpful in this task. However, several online and other software tools can get the work done. But, the features offered by DVDFab Toolkit make it one of the prime options in the long run.

DVDFab Toolkit can also be a great option to convert MP4 to animated GIF with a few simple and easy to follow steps. The decent video quality and an option to configure major parameters should be yet another worthy option.

One of the prime features you would find rather impressive is the fact that DVDFab Toolkit provides you with an easy to use batch conversion option for converting your GIF or MP4 files. You can add up as many files as you would want to the process queue and get them converted. In fact, the ease of use and an efficient batch conversion definitely makes it one of the great choices for almost all your needs. In addition, you also have access to GIF to MP4 or MP4 to GIF high-quality conversion.

DVDFab Toolkit can double up as your best bet for the best and convenient MP4 to GIF converter.

How to Convert GIF to Other Video Formats?

DVDFab Toolkit offers you the option to convert GIF into MP4 or MKV file formats. It can be your best option for a perfect experience in converting almost all your GIF files into MP4 or MKV. You can use the simple and easy steps outlined in the above tutorial to convert your GIF files into MP4 and MKV in batches.

What if you are looking to convert your files into other digital formats such as MOV? It would be an ideal option to use tools like DVDFab Video Converter for the purpose. However, DVDFab Video Converter does not convert GIF files, and that can be an issue.

You can use DVDFab Toolkit to convert GIF files into MP4 and then use the converted MP4 file with DVDFab Video Converter for converting it into other formats such as MOV, AVI or any other video format of your preference. You can even opt for DVDFab Enlarger AI to improve the video quality of the converted videos.

The Closing Thoughts

GIF to MP4 or MP4 to GIF high-quality conversion is no longer a difficult task, thanks to the specialised tools such as DVDFab Toolkit. Check out the tutorial above and opt for the free or trial version of the tool to get used with the best Toolkit with advanced features. If you are convinced, you can opt for the paid option for the sake of the best GIF to MP4 or MP4 to GIF high-quality conversion. We assume you will indeed find DVDFab to be a great option for MP4 to GIF converter or vice versa.