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GIF videos have been something we have found to be an excellent option in every respect. The GIF software has gained enhanced popularity over the past few years due to their portability. What we mean by that is that the GIF videos tend to be relatively easy to use and occupy considerably lesser space. If you are into social media, the use of the GIF can be easy to include without affecting the overall size of your post.

How to convert GIF to MOV Online?

Wondering whether you can convert GIF to MOV online? Of course, you have a considerably good list of options to convert GIF to MOV online.

1. CloudConvert

If you have not much experience in how to convert GIF to MPV, CloudConvert should be your best bet for an enhanced experience in converting any of your GIF file onto MOV. Drag your files onto the interface and rest of the task is taken care of by the tool.



  • Support for multiple video formats that include AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, and WEBM to name a few
  • High-quality conversion options in how to convert a GIF to MOV
  • It offers you a complete data security
  • An efficient custom integration API.
  • It can also be a good option in how to convert MOV to GIF

2. Convertio

Convrtio is yet another excellent tool to convert GIF to MOV. In sharp contrast to Convertio, it offers you far better options to convert your GIF files into MOV. One of the faster options for converting your files online, it supports every device and browser.



  • More than 300 formats supported
  • Secure conversion options in how to convert a GIF to MOV
  • In-the-cloud conversions
  • Faster and easier conversion

3. FilesConversion

This is yet another powerful video editor to convert GIF to MOV. It is a great video editor that enhances your experience. The option to choose your video quality should be yet another powerful option. It can be your best option if you are looking to know how to convert MOV to GIF.



  • Completely free service to convert your files
  • Ability to choose your video quality
  • Options to your size requirements for the video

Best Options to Convert MOV to GIF

Like you can convert GIF to MOV, you can even check out the options to convert MOV to GIF. Turn MOV into GIF should be an excellent option where you want to embed your video onto a social media post or in any other document. Check out the best online MOV to GIF converter options you can use. ​​​​​​

1. MakeAGIF

The MOV to GIF converter tool not only helps you convert MOV to GIF, but it does convert almost anything into a GIF. The website lets you upload a video or even record a video. It is a powerful option to convert MOV file to GIF.



  • Multiple anything to GIF options
  • You can add stickers and captions or even multiple images to create your GIF
  • Change the GIF speed as per your preference.
  • Convert MOV to GIF on Mac or any OS

2. Imgflip

Imgflip is one of the straightforward options to turn MOV into GIF. Just add your file, apply the customisations as per your preferences, and you are good to go. A simplest MOV to GIF converter, it should be what makes it the perfect tool among online MOV to GIF converters.



  • Share option to major social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  • You would get watermarks on the final video
  • Create GIFs from other GIFs
  • Several video editing options such as adding text and images, cropping, rotating, and resizing
  • An easy option to convert a MOV to GIF

Batch Convert GIF to MP4 Files!

While the above video conversion tools have been observed to be a great choice for a wide range of GIF to MOV or MOV to GIF converter options, and offer a simplicity – you would be looking for the advanced features available on the GIF to MOV converter.

DVDFab Toolkit provides you with an enhanced experience in this context. It is a one-stop solution for most of your video conversion requirements. It can handle a wide range of video conversion and video editing requirements. It can be your best bet for almost every video editing needs such as options to convert, trim, merge videos and audios.

DVDFab Toolkit can be one of the powerful tools for activities like adjusting video speed, angle, resolution, and aspect ratio. The tool comes with separate tools specifically designed in its module. What makes it a powerful tool is that it has the modules that perform independently of each other.

As for our needs to turn MOV into GIF, or converting GIF to MOV, the tool can be your best bet for all those individual video conversion and editing requirements.

Some of the features that make it a one-stop solution to convert GIF to MP4 files include

  • Convert any video and edit it to meet your individual preferences – Convert your videos like a Pro. You can convert your videos onto H.264/H.265/MPEG 4 encoded MP4/MKV videos.
  • A wide range of conversion options– You can get access to a host of video editing options such as rotating videos clockwise or anti-clockwise, speeding up your videos or slowing them down, cropping footages and many more options besides a great MOV to GIF converter.
  • Audio conversion options– You can use DVDFab Toolkit to convert audio to different formats and edit them by changing the audio parameters.

How to Convert GIF to MP4 with DVDFab Toolkit

The steps involved in converting GIF to MOV or MP4 are easy and simple to follow. You can choose an appropriate module and land into your conversion and editing options with ease.

Step 1 – Install and launch DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit is a separate standalone download available on the official website. Launch it and choose your desired module. In our case, we will pick GIF to video option.


Step 2 – Add your files

Adding your files to the interface should be easy. Just click on the + (plus) icon and browse through your computer to add your files.


Step 3 – Make changes as per your preferences

Once the file is added, make the changes as per your preferences. You can change the codec, resolution and frame rate.


Step 4 – Begin conversion

Choose your output folder and then click on START to begin converting your files.


Extension: How to Convert GIF to Other Video Formats?

If you are checking out the options to convert the GIF video format into any other formats such as MP4 or MKV, the DVDFab Toolkit can be your best bet for the purpose. The steps involved in the conversion of the videos should be quite simple to go with.

The steps remain almost similar to the ones explained here above. DVDFab Toolkit can be your excellent option to convert your GIF to MKV and MP4 files alone. If you are checking out the options on how to convert GIF to MOV using the DVDFab Toolkit, you would need to convert it to MP4, or MKV first using the DVDFab Toolkit and then use any other compatible video converter such as DVDFab Video Converter to convert the MKV or MP4 file thus created into MOV.

The Concluding Thoughts

No matter whether you are on Windows or any other operating system, DVDFab Toolkit can be your excellent option to convert GIF to MP4 or any other format. However, since you are interested in converting GIF to MOV, it may be worthwhile to convert GIF to MP4 and then opt for any other video converter to convert your MP4 file into MOV.

DVDFab Toolkit is a wonderful and versatile video toolkit that can perform a wide range of video editing and conversion activities with ease. It can work with all your needs in customising videos, audios and images. Check it out today and share your experiences.

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