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Want to have a scary movie night? With HBO Max, you can enjoy the best experience! This streaming platform has a great collection of extremely horror movies that will leave you trembling with fear. Here are the top 25 scary movies on HBO Max that you must give a try!

The Shining

Released in 1980, this movie is indeed a forever teasing nightmare! The phenomenal performance by Jack Torrance and Wendy is worth watching!

This is one of the top scary movies on HBO Max. Jack and Wendy, with their son Danny, shifted to the Overlook Hotel. The head chef informs Danny about horror room no 237. Danny’s curiosity made him experience horror visuals. In a bid to discover the hotel's secrets, Jack gets mentally disturbed and even attempts to kill his family.

28 Days Later

This film is all about the destruction caused by a chimpanzee with the "Rage" virus, freed by a team of animal activists.

After being in a coma for 28 days, when Jim revived, he found London abandoned. A group of zombies, infected by the Rage virus, terrorized him. He was rescued by Selena and Mark. Together they three moved to Manchester in search of protection. This storyline is one of the best scary movies on HBO Max.


This film was released in 1982 and is still one of the most-watched scary movies on HBO Max.

Steve Freeling, his wife Diane, and their kids discover ghosts in their home. Spirits, who were initially playful, soon turned to be threatening. The couple’s fear and anxiety crossed bounds when one of their daughters got missing. Tangina proved the savior for them from the horrible nightmare.

King Kong

With a distinctive horror storyline, this is one of the fantastic scary movies on HBO Max and stars Ann Darrow who travels for Denham's new jungle picture's location shoot with the director Carl Denham.

Ann, the blonde actress, was prisoned by people of a mysterious island who tried to sacrifice her for their king, a terrifying ape named Kong. Ann was rescued, and the Kong was brought to New York City for exhibition.

Lady in White

The movie is among the good scary movies on HBO Max and features a young boy Frankie who got himself locked in the school closet during Halloween. He there saw horror visions of a young girl’s murder.

Later, Frankie feels to be stalked by the killer of that young girl. He arrived at a mysterious lady's white home. On investigating the lady's story, he got to find that the killer might be someone close to him. It is one of the amazing scary movies to watch on HBO Max.

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This film from the top scary movies on HBO Max showcases the strange atomic bomb blast accident in which Joe Brody lost his wife and his team.

Joe decided to investigate the case himself. He and his son Ford Brody found a mysterious culprit behind the accident; "MUTO.” This scary organism freed itself, causing destruction and killing Joe. Godzilla was the only hope to save the world from MUTO and his growing family.

Night of the Living Dead

It is one of the scary movies on HBO Max that depicts an exciting storyline. Barbra and Johnny, the two siblings, went to their father's grave, where a group of zombies attacked them.

Barbra manages to hide in an abandoned house. There she was joined by Ben, and later, they found more people hidden in the basement to save their lives from human flesh-eating zombies.


This movie is ranked among good scary movies on HBO Max. It depicts Henry, who marries his ex-girlfriend, Mary X, after discovering her pregnancy. They both move to their house. They were astonished when his wife gave birth to an inhuman lizard-like creature.

Mary abandoned her child and Henry. Henry experienced a strange visual that his head fell off and was replaced by his baby's inhuman head. In the most intense scene, Henry, in all fear, kills his baby.

Les Diaboliques

This horror movie is one of the scary movies on HBO Max with French suspense. Its storyline features an abusive headmaster of a boarding school, Michel Delassalle.

With all their hatred for the man, his wife and the mistress planned to kill him. Both of them got mentally disturbed due to strange things happening after the disappearance of Michel’s dead body.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Nancy Thompson and a group of her friends witnessed the spirit of serial killer Fred Krueger, who hunted the teenagers in their dreams and then killed them in reality.

With her boyfriend, Glen, Nancy is all set to uncover the truth her parents are hiding, which she suspects can be something to save her and her friends from the serial killer. This film is one of the amazing scary movies on HBO Max.

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This film is one of the best scary movies on HBO Max and is about a pregnant woman, Madison, who, when beaten by her husband, started having realistic shocking visions.

Madison and her step-sister Serena discover that Madison has a twin brother, Gabriel, living inside her body like a tumor, who can control her mind. It was him causing the entire disturbance around!

Eyes Without a Face

This storyline is among those scary movies on HBO Max that will leave you shaking with fear. Dr. Genessier, accidentally disfigures her beautiful daughter's face (Christiane), which now stays in the home and is dead for the world outside.

In all his guilt, Dr. Genessier kidnapped women with his assistant, Louise. Leaving their victims unconscious, DR. tries to graft Christian's face with the face of the kidnapped women.

The Empty Man

This movie is ranked 13 among the top scary movies on HBO Max and revolves around the detective James. He was grieving the loss of his wife and son when his neighbor Nova's daughter mysteriously disappeared with a note; "The Empty Man made me do it."

James investigating the case found that it was Paul, the only person alive from the group of friends who died while hiking on a mountain. He was the murderer! He also found the cult leader involved in the case. James, in all the depression of happening uncertainties, killed Paul.

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Kristen Parker's fantastic performance ranks this movie among the best scary movies on HBO Max. Fighting with the dream monster Freddy, she got his wrist slashed. Her mother thought it to be a suicide attempt and sent her to a psychiatrist.

There she finds Dr. Nancy Thompson, who fought the spirit of the dream serial-killer some years back. Dr. Nancy senses the potential in the Kristen that can free the world from the Freddy.

The Conjuring

It is one of the best scary movies on HBO Max and features time back in 1971. Roger Perron, his wife Carolyn, and their five daughters moved to an old abandoned farmhouse.

They came to feel the supernatural presence due to certain terrifying incidents happening. They contacted Lorraine and Ed Warren for the paranormal investigations and were not surprised when they confirmed their suspicion. From then, more terrifying things began to happen.

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This movie is among the extremely scary movies on HBO Max. It features a town; in Maine, where the strange disappearance of kids is prevailing fear.

The story revolves around a group of seven kids who teamed up to kill the evil spirit after their horrifying encounters with it.

The Lure

This 92 minutes movie was released in 2015 and is among the fewer scary movies on HBO Max that gained that much love from the audience.

This movie is about the love triangle of two mermaid sisters; Golden and Silver, who fall in love with the same man; Triton.


Allan Gray's acting ranked this movie among the good scary movies on HBO Max. He witnesses the murder of the same man who left a packet on her table after shifting near Courtempierre.

He follows shadows leading him toward the castle. There he fights to save the lives of murdered man's daughters, one of which has fallen ill after an attack by a vampyr.

Here Comes the Devil

This movie is one of the top scary movies on HBO Max. Felix and Sol went to the mountains with their kids, Adolfo and Sara. Both the kids were strangely missing once they entered a cave.

Police found them the following day, but the kids were behaving strangely. Sol and Felix left the children home and went to the same cave. They saw their children's bodies there in the same dresses in which they were lost. Felix shoots Sol and then himself. There was an earthquake afterward.

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This movie is ranked among the good scary movies on HBO Max. Scanners are the people born with unique telepathic and telekinetic powers.

Some use these powers wisely, while a group of people with opposite intentions does exist. They plan to create a population of them that will rule the world.

American Psycho

In this 21st ranked movie among the top scary movies on HBO Max features a twenty-seven years old wealthy businessman, Patrick, living his dream life. However, there is something unique that no one knows!

Patrick lives double lives. During the day, he is a businessman, while he transforms into a killer at night. He hides his psychopathic problems from his friend circle, but how long can it stay hidden?

The Faculty

In a school of Ohio, Herrington High, several teachers and students began to behave strangely.

A group of 6 students, including; Casey and Delilah, with their chemistry teacher, found an alien infection prevailing in their school that was strange enough to be terrifying.

The Blair Witch Project

Three students, Heather, Joshua, and Michael, planned to go to the woods in a bid to find the famous killer, The Blair Witch.

Three of them interviewed various town members and went deep into the woods. They never came back, but their composed movie with the name "The Blair Witch Project" was found a year later in the woods.

Urban Legend

This is one of the fantastic scary movies on HBO Max and features strange murders in the university relating to the Urban Legend.

Natalie, a university student, also found her friend and roommate dead. Being afraid of becoming the next to be murdered, she tries to investigate the matter and find the killer.


This movie is among the fantastic scary movies on HBO Max to be watched. Jesus-Gris, an antique seller, found a 400year old scarab that keeps him immortal and young, but it also raised his thirst for blood in him.

Jesus was all happy to come across that scarab. Meanwhile, Dieter de la Guardia sent his nephew (Angel) to bring back the vital scarab. Jesus was not ready to give it that much easier.

How to Watch HBO Movies Offline?

If you want to watch these movies offline, here you go! The StreamGaGa HBO Downloader makes it easy to watch scary movies on HBO Max offline. Let's have a look at the complete guide on how to download HBO Movies offline with StreamGaGa HBO Downloader.

Guide to Download HBO Max Movies

You can watch scary movies on HBO Max offline after downloading them. Follow these steps to download HBO Max movies.

Step 1

Download StreamGaGa software on your device. Select HBO Max from the listed streaming services.

Step 2

Next, a window will pop up asking you to sign in to your HBO Max account. Sign in and browse for the video you want to download.

Step 3

Play the movie from the scary movies on HBO Max you want to download. Once the video starts playing, a window with downloading option will pop up.

Step 4

Click "Download ."The video will start downloading.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If yes, you must be pleased to know that Harry Potter is also available with scary movies to watch on HBO Max.


Are you a horror movie fan? The fantastic available scary movies on HBO Max have been listed above with short recaps to help you choose the one you like.

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