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The videos that you shoot are just akin to your own babies. But, of course, we are not professionals, and that is precisely why the videos that are bad in quality can prove to be a pain in the neck and end up disturbing your peace. That is precisely when you begin looking out for how to enhance video quality.

There are several reasons you would find affecting your video. Some of the issues can include lower resolutions, darker background, noisy images and videos that have been shot upside down. That is precisely where video quality enhancers can be one of the best options to address these bad videos.

1. How can a video enhancer improve video quality?

Well, there are several ways a video enhancer tool can be helpful in letting you improve the quality of a video. There is a wide range of enhancer options that tend to offer you an excellent functionality in enhancing the video quality by different methods of video enhancement.

Some of the techniques used in improving the video quality would include:

  • Upscaling the resolution.

  • Adjusting the parameters such as aspect ratio, frame rates, bit rate and sampling rate.

  • Optimising the brightness, contrast, and saturation

  • Adding other data such as music, subtitles which make the best possible cosmetic changes

  • Cropping, rotating and flipping the images within the video.

2. The best tool for enhancing Videos with Artificial Intelligence

There are several tools that claim to provide a high-end Video enhancer option for the low quality videos. With AI or artificial intelligence, the concept of video enhancement has become something rather easy and simple to opt for. In fact, artificial intelligence has become a part of our lives, and this has made it extremely practical to check out the AI powered video quality enhancer a prime option for most of your needs as either a professional videographer or even a hobbyist.

GigaPixel AI has so far been rated as one of the greatest tools from this perspective. We will get to know more about the video enhancer tool and then find how does it compete with yet another equally powerful AI enabled video quality enhancer.

Today, we are going to introduce one pioneer in AI field: Gigapixel AI. Also as a matter of fact, we selected top 20 video enchancers that's popular in 2021 years, either with AI technology or other means, you could check out more about this topic after you get a comprehensive picture of Gigapixel Ai's capability:

3. Gigapixel AI for Video – A leading Softwarein Video enhancement

Available for Windows and Mac, Topaz Gigapixel AI for Video has been one of the prominent options for the best AI video enhancement options. It has been touted to be the right pick for the image upscaling solutions. Of course, the video upscaling options offered by the tool are not something that the video fans out there would not find much interesting.

The software uses the same psychology in enhancing the videos and images that we humans are known to. The developer Topaz claims that the software has been developed after testing and learning through thousands of videos. The video quality enhancer software makes use of the multiple input video frames to enhance the quality of images and videos. The ability to improve your videos to up to 8K is what would make it one of the clear leaders in video enhancer tools.

What would make it one of the prominent options when it comes to video enhancement is the results which look much better than the ones available from artificial upscaling software solutions. You can either use the online upload service for enhancing your images or pick the standalone desktop tool for getting the things done.

What did we like with the software?

  • You can enhance the videos to up to 8K resolution. That should perhaps the maximum nay video enhancer tool can achieve.

  • The tool can refine the face, preferably automatically.

  • You have access to a free beta version for Windows.

What didn't we like?

  • The system requirements of the tool are rather high. May not suit the devices with lower specifications.

  • The batch conversion option is not available

  • The tool comes with a file size limitation

The Topaz Gigapixel AI for Video is available both on Mac and Windows. It uses the techniques such as Artificial machine learning and face recognition. That should ideally provide you with a decent AI video enhancement as per a few Gigapixel AI reviews.

4. Best Alternative to Gigapixel: DVDFab Enlarger AI

While Gigapixel AI for Video has been the hot favourite for those interested in video enhancers powered by AI, DVDFab Enlarger AI is one of the best video enhancer alternatives to Gigapixel AI for video in more ways than one. The tool raises ahead with the super resolution technology as its driving force to provide a huge support for enhancing or enlarging the videos, and even your images thoroughly.

Increasing the resolution alone will not guarantee a better video quality. DVDFab Enlarger AI improves the video quality along with the increase in the video resolution. This is perhaps what would make it stand apart from other tools like Gigapixel AI for video or any other similar tools. DVDFab Enlarger AI is capable of offering you a host of options and under the hood enhancements that would make your video three times clearer than the original. It achieves the task by adding more detail to your video and upscale it to 1080p from 480p.

This best alternative to Gigapixel AI for Video can turn your old images and videos on the aged DVDs and other sources into a revolutionary clearer images and videos. One of the best free alternatives to Gigapixel AI for Video, the DVDFab Enlarger AI enlarges your videos and images by as much as 300 per cent! This will make your images look extremely crystal clear.

The development of the video enhancer is not without the efforts put in the creators. The DVDFab Enlarger AI has opted for several hard learning procedures and analysis of individual pixels assisted by neural networks.


DVDFab Enlarger AI is undoubtedly the world's first complete deep learning solution for video enhancement. While Topaz Gigapixel AI for Video relies upon machine learning and face recognition, Enlarger AI comes with a host of other enhanced features a deep learning video enhancement and upscaling efficiency. The tool can enlarge your videos from 480p to 1080p (or full HD) or from 1080p to 4K.


  • In addition to enlarging your videos from 480p to 1080p or 1080p to 4K, it also increases video sharpness and quality. Besides,AI could do not just upscale video resolution, it could also upscale an image, here we recommend 6 tools to upscale video and image through AI.
  • Offers a great option to enliven your old DVD and other low resolution videos.
  • It works by examining and analysing the pixels through the use of neural networks. Once the pattern is understood, it fills it up a series of identical pixels. This would mean even when the images are enlarged, the quality remains crystal clear and will NOT look pixelated.
  • The tool makes use of a complex and intuitive computing. The Enlarger AI improves every detail in the image or video. This helps you get crystal precise reproduction.
  • The Smart Color correction algorithms help you restore original color in the images and videos despite the fact that video is enlarged.

Enlarge AI is a separate add-on that works with other products such as DVD Ripper, DVD Creator Ultimate or DVD Copy. When you use any of those programs and tools for your video needs, you just need to check the option for Enlarge AI, and the tool will instantly enhance the picture quality in an efficient manner.

You can check out the two output qualities depending on your preferences – Premium Quality and Ultra Quality. While the Ultra Quality provides you with a more clear video clarity, it would take a while to process.

DVDFab Enlarger AI makes use of a wide range of technologies for enhancing the video quality. A few techniques used would include AI (deep learning & neural networks); TensorFlow, NVIDIA CUDA, and cu DNN. The combination of these technologies provides an enhanced and refined video at their best possible quality.

5. How to enhance Video quality using DVDFab Enlarger AI?

Well, if you have been using any of the products from it, you should find it rather easy to opt for an enhanced video quality par excellence.

Here are the steps involved. We will take the example of DVD Convertermode for this tutorial:

1. Download and install DVDFab Enlarge AI. We assume you have already installed the DVDFab suite on your device. If not, install it right away.


2. Add your source files either by using the Add from Local or Add from mobile. You may also drag and drop your files on to the interface.

3. Once the file is added, you should find the option for Enlarger AI available just behind the wrench icon. Check on it.


  1. Configure other settings as per your preferences and then click on Start.

Your task should now begin. The Enlarger AI function will effectively improve your video and apply the best possible enhancement to your video.

In essence, if you are looking to find out how to enhance video quality and check out the best Gigapixel AI alternatives, DVDFab Enlarger AI definitely fits the bill. You would find it to be an excellent solution for the best in AI video enhancement option. Learn more about enhance DVD video quality with AI.