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Work Experience and Education

I started freelancing in NYC back in 2010 after my graduation. Today, more than 11 years later my articles are frequently published on many blog sites like I studied Journalism at the University of New York and love new media and trendy things a lot.

I spent a larger portion of my career writing technical related articles that cover both Mac and Windows based as well as mobile applications. Technical blogs is my passion, which is the reason why I decided to join this website's writing team in 2018 and become the an online editor. This post has given me a chance to polish my writing skills while supervising website content strategy creation.


I value versatility, so as a website editor, I devoted great time into covering a broad spectrum of topics. My interest in technical blogs dates back to the early 2000s when the blog is rising. Throughout the years I’ve developed a curiosity for all new technical software products in the field of video, DVD, Blu-ray, AI, YouTube, image, etc. on the market, which is why I never stay loyal to one app for too long.


I grew up in New York City, I love everything here and I find motivation for my work from readings, conversations, walks, travels, readings and the time I spend with my family and friends. I always love to explore new things and are eternally inspired by these words said by Steve Jobs:

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keeping looking and don't settle."

Best Video Enhancer Alternative to Gigapixel AI for Video

Looking for a good alternative to Gigapixel AI for video? Check this out you would find a great and easy-to-use video enhancement software powered by AI to enhance video exponentially.

2021-01-21 08:31:07

How to Record Video on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android?

How to record video on Mac, Windows 10, iPhone as well as Android phones are well explained in this article with the best picks for various video recording software and apps.

2020-10-12 04:03:50

5 Best Ways to Convert video to GIF in 2021

5 Best free video to GIF converter are offered for you to convert video to GIF easily with online or software methods, check out which one suits you best and start to make your own GIF meme!

2021-02-05 04:58:07

Convert Video to MP4 and Enhance Video Quality with AI

This article provides multiple solutions to convert video to MP4, and simultaneously enhance the video quality significantly backed by the trendy AI technology. Check it right now to see how to convert vide to MP4.

2021-04-20 11:01:44

How to Set Basic Video Parameters Like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation

A video brightness editor is what would provide you an enhanced option to rotate video, edit video saturation or brighten video.

2020-11-23 13:59:15

What is Super Resolution Technology and 4k AI Upscaling

The best 4k upscaling method to upscale 1080p to 4k are offered! With this best 4k upscaled, you are going to enhance video quality eaisly!

2020-10-12 04:19:29

How to Convert FLAC to MP3?

How to convert FLAC to MP3 with the best FLAC to MP3 converter? Best audio converter are picked to undertake the conversion easily and rip FLAC the lossless audio format from CD.

2020-10-12 04:04:58

How to Enhance DVD Video Quality? [Problem Solved!]

Best video enhancers and video enhancement software to easily improve the low-res video and DVDs , check the best video quality enhancer!

2020-10-12 04:19:26

Top 12 Best YouTube Video Editors for Beginners and Pro

Here we offer Top 12 YouTube editors for beginners and pro to edit YouTube video on PC and mobile phones! Both video editing software for beginners and pro!

2020-10-12 04:19:40

4K VS 1080P: Why You Should Go For 4K

4k vs 1080p? what’s the difference? That’s all the latest information that you should know about 4K VS 1080P.

2021-01-29 10:27:37

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