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  • Digital Marketer, Blogger, Tech-author and content creator since 2014
  • who is passionate for tech writings
  • Video editing, Content research, Content writing, and Digital Marketing is my passion at work.
  • A tireless seeker, learner and toiler who left no stone unturned to bring perfection to my work.
  • An eager beaver who doesn't manage for little but wants to come up like a go-getter.
  • 6+ Years of Experience in Blogging/Content Writing & marketing/Digital Marketing/Niche research/ Graphics designing/ video editing and so on.
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Experience & Education

Work Experience and Education

I love to introduce myself as a tech writer and digital marketer because tech is something that always attracted me since I started writing tech articles. Digital Marketing is my expertise and tech was the niche that I always wanted to explore to learn and stay in the league of digital technology. And no other way than writing could help me get proficient to understand the digital marketing and tech world.

I am a professional digital marketer, SEO expert, and tech author for many popular Digital solution brands including many bloggers and website owners for technology and other niches. I started my career as a tech writer in early college and came up with SEO professional, Digital Marketer, and Content Editor in various categories like video editing, content marketing and graphic designing. I found my worth being a Digital Marketer for some of the top tech brands on the internet today.

When I realised my calibre, interest, and passion I decided to make my career in this fast growing sector to define my life my way. From my early days of working on the beat with my co-learners I very soon understand that digital marketing and tech editing is something that will take me to the heights of success and grandeur.

I have my own work space and settings that I use for freelancing and work online/offline to support my family financially.


On the work front I work as tech advisor, SEO expert, website designer, Content and digital marketing expert including tech writing and editing. My major interest lies in providing digital marketing solutions to seekers who want to start and grow their business on the internet across the globe. Apart from Digital marketing and content writing I love to write “How-to-Guide” articles especially in tech solutions and mind blowing online internet hacks to brush up my skills and improve my value as a tech expert and digital marketer.

Holding my dignity being a tech author, and digital marketer for many authentic tech brands in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Russia countries. While writing reviews, tech blogs, video aids, digital hacks, I learn through exploring technologies roaring up next. I keep pace with the tending digital technologies and stay updated for upcoming digital solutions that will soon rule the world of tech apps and software.

About Myself

I belong to Punjab in India, a state rich in tradition and modern understandings. Digital Marketing is something that is my all-time passion that keeps challenging me to work hard to get my best work done. I have a family that supports me and encourages me to achieve my dreams.

I love watching Hollywood movies that are tossed up with actions and effects. Other than family I have great friends who consider me kind, helping, and affectionate. I am a highly determined person who is committed to my personal and professional life and always motivates others to grow for good

My Journey started as a tech writer and it is still moving as a digital Marketer towards new roads of Success. I want to be a combination of toil, triumph

With a clear vision to my future I stay positive and work hard to keep my productivity at best. I have written impressive tech articles that just not contain Digital solutions for generation but a guide for how to use particular apps/software in a way that works as a solution and a rescuer when stuck to any mess like malfunctioning, password and login issues, not accessible to devices, social media platforms, apps and their solutions online or offline. I believe to educate myself not for degrees but for skills that really matters to raise my standards and make my worth valued.

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