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AI or Artificial Intelligence was so far seemingly did not influence on our day to day life. But, that isn’t the case anymore. The concept of AI has now been one of the prime influencers in the image and video editing as well. The growth of AI-based image and video enhancers has been quite interesting in its own right. Let us check out how you can find an enhanced experience with AI-based enhancers and how efficient they have been in improving video and image editing capabilities.

What is AI Upscaling?

The AI Upscaling is a technology that improves the traditional upscaling by many counts. In a sharp contrast to the conventional level of upscaling, the AI upscaling introduces a far better degree of performance.

The traditional upscaling takes a low-resolution image or video and improves the video quality by changing a few parameters and enhance the video. The AI upscaling takes a unique approach to improve the quality or image. It takes the low-resolution file – whether video or image and then makes use of machine learning to predict a high-resolution image or video. This is then downscaled to look like the original image/video, but at a better quality.

AI upscaling involves the use of neural network models used for training the software for the purpose of machine learning. When compared to the traditional upscaling, the AI upscaling produces an incredible sharpness and improved details.

What Do You Need To Undertake AI Upscaling?

The choices and preferences should be quite obvious. It would depend on whether you want to upscale image or video. For an image, you would need to have access to an AI photo enhancer. A video file should need an AI video enhancer.

A powerful AI photo enhancer or an AI Video enhancer can work wonders if it gets access to a great degree of CPU processing capability. Make sure you have picked a tool that uses smart colour corrections and high-end technologies such as hardware acceleration and a better conversion efficiency.

Basically, you would need the following if you want to undertake AI upscaling –

  • An AI photo enhancer – for photos

  • An AI Video enhancer – for videos

  • Capability to upscale images through enlargement, denoising and removing blurs

  • Ability to make use of hardware acceleration

  • Capacity to an enhanced CPU processing.

One of the excellent options in enhancing a video or image can be through the use of Photoshop. However, it may be noticed that with the high degree of techniques used by these tools may introduce a loss quality. In fact, the use of the technology lets you remove blur, noise and other issues, but the loss in the quality of the image can prove to be a huge disturbance.

That is exactly an area that improves the performance of your images and videos. AI upscaling is the name of the game and an AI image and video enhancer would introduce a great degree of professionalism

Top 3 AI Upscaling Solution for video up to 4K

Coming to videos, how to enhance video quality? There are several options you can utilise for AI video upscaling to the best possible extent. However, picking the right tool can be a chore in itself, and that is an area we would attempt to assist you in finding the best AI upscaling. Let us check out a few good video enhancement software options.

Rawshots – An efficient video quality enhancer online

We could not find a dedicated AI video enhancer that can work with the videos per se. But, Rawshorts has been one of the best options that can simplify your experience in making your videos look better with a different technology.


Rawshots makes use of a fair degree of AI to enhance your videos. One of the best features offered by the tool lies in the fact that it can scan the video scripts and create an AI-enabled video. An instant video creation tool from your text, it can be something you would find rather impressive.

A good customisation and sharing option will further enhance your experience. It also provides you access to a wide range of creative commons videos, photos, icons and animations that can be embedded into your videos.

DVDFab Enlarger AI - A Complete AI solution for AI video upscaling

The DVDFab Enlarger AI makes use of the super-resolution technology and has been touted to be the world’s first complete AI video upscaler that has deep learning capabilities. The enhancer can upscale your videos from 480p to 1080p and from 1080p to 4K. That is what we would call the perfect video quality enhancer.

The video quality is increased by enlarging the video by enhancing the images by 300 per cent through the best AI video upscaling.

Some of the advantages offered by the software can include –

  • Improved details on the video image – The tool makes use of the intensive and complex computing. The smart colour correction algorithm brings the images in the video to a real-life scenario. It provides you with a better degree of saturation, brightness and contrast controls.

  • Works with a wide range of tools – The video enhancer works with a wide range of DVDFab range of tools that include DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, Video Converter and DVD to Blu-ray Converter. Seamless integration with the tools makes it a great choice.

  • Multiple output quality options – DVDFab Enlarger AI provides four different output quality options you can pick. Choose among Premium Quality, Ultra Quality, Deblock and Ultra+Deblock.

  • Advanced technologies – The tool uses a wide range of technologies such as TensorFlow framework, GPU acceleration technologies of the latest AMD Graphics Cards and CUDA/cuDNN capable NVIDIA Graphics Cards thereby improving the conversion rate and quality.

You just need to check the Enhancer AI option to improve the quality in any of the DVDFab modes.

Check the resolution without Enlarger AI in the following image –

video upscaling

After Enlarger AI is enabled, the video resolution and quality is improved –

enhanced quality

The DVDFab Enlarger AI makes a perfect use of the AI Engine to study and analyse the pixels in the images within the video through the use of the neural networks. The voids are then filled with millions of identical pixels. This would ultimately result in improving the individual image quality throughout the entire video. That is exactly how the tool enhances the video by up to 300 per cent. We would indeed rate it as a perfect video quality enhancer.

Topaz Gigapixel AI – The perfect Topaz video enhance AI solution

This is one of the good options for the better degree of enhancement of your videos with AI upscaling. Available on both Windows and Mac, it provides you access to a great video clarity, but does not need a high system configuration. The video upscaling works perfect only if you are using the tool for personal use. That should be something you would find to be an annoying factor.

topaz  gigapixel AI


  • An improved face refinement technology

  • Enhances the sharpness

  • Perfect use of machine learning and neural networks.

May not be a good option for low-resolution videos though. Comes with watermarks on the free plan.

Top 3 AI upscaling for image up to 40X

Like videos, connoisseurs of media look for an equally powerful crystal clear rendering of the images and photos as well. The AI photo enhancers can be what would help you achieve the best standards in image upscaling.

Smart Upscaler – Best online AI image upscaler

If you do not want to download any standalone software, the Smart Upscaler from Icons8 should be an excellent option ever with a true AI upscaling. It can be a perfect option to upscale and enlarge small images and improve their quality rather drastically. It has achieved the status of the best AI image enhancer online.

Smart Upscaler is one of the excellent and best AI image upscaler tools for an integrated sharpening, noise reduction and other upscaling technologies ever. The upscaling is achieved through the use of the advanced and automated process, aiming it one the prime options for the best AI image enhancement software option ever.

smart upscaler


  • Per image pricing. You need not go for a subscription model.

  • Maximum image size supported is 3000 x 3000 pixels.

  • Drag and drop functionality

  • Secure level of processing with an enhanced AI image enhancement

It can also be the right option for the free AI image enhancement with three images permitted for free.

DVD Photo Enhancer AI – A complete solution of AI Photo Enhancer

The DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is the ultimate solution to help you make your photos look better. The AI image upscaler tool uses deep convolutional deep networks and trained over professionally enhanced samples, thus making the machine learning one of the extremely capable options ever on the tool.

DVD photo enhancer AI

The DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is capable of enhancing the pixelated images without affecting or losing the quality. It can handle a wide range of AI image enhancement requirements that include reducing the noise, preventing the loss in quality, and sharpening the image by deblurring the image.

Features available on this excellent AI image upscaler:

  • Optimise your imagesThe Photo Perfect technology in the tool optimises your images by removing halos, digital artifacts, and chromatic aberrations to a greater extent. You can be assured of an amazing picture quality with the tool.

  • Photo enlargement by 40XThe AI photo enhancer can enlarge your images by up to 40X and yet retain the quality. This is an area that most of the traditional image enhancers fail to realise. The tool uses machine learning for identifying and enhance the details.

  • Noise reduction The software is trained on over a million samples of noisy and clear images to understand the difference between clear and noisy images. It can capably handle all types of noises that include background noise, chroma noise, and luminance noise.

  • Sharpen your imagesRemoving the blur is something that traditional photo enhancer cannot handle. The training with neural deep convolutional networks can prove to be an enhanced option to improve the sharpness of your images.

You can pick any of the modes based on what you would want to do with your image to get the best AI image upscale option. You can choose between the following options on the best AI image upscale option–

  • Photo Perfect option to improve the quality of the image by making them appear as if they have been shot by a Pro camera or a DSLR camera.

  • Enlarge option can be helpful in enlarging the image by up to 40X. This, additionally, retains the original quality despite the widescale enlargement.

  • Image sharpening option lets you remove the blurs in the image by means of removing the different types of blurs such as out of focus blurs and motion blurs

  • Denoising option lets you remove the noises from your image and helps you retain the quality of the original images.

AI Image Enlarger AI – Popular AI Image enhancer

The AI Image enlarger is a tool available under different formats that include Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. You can even get access to the free AI image Enhancer in an online mode. The software can upscale the images to up to 8X without affecting the quality of the image in any manner. A simple and fast photo enlargement within just 30 seconds is yet another plus point that makes it one of the prime choices ever.

image enlarger AI


  • Batch processing capability

  • Superfast enlargement options.

  • AI tech performance par excellence.

  • The new generation GPU and SRCNN structure

One of the excellent options for your needs in a lightweight software among the best AI image enhancer, it can be one a great AI photo enhancer for the desktop users.

The Closing Thoughts

Image and video enhancers have long been used for a wide range of application areas. If you are someone who deals in the world of image and video editing, you will find those tools, something truly an enhanced experience ever. However, opting for AI upscaling can be something that takes your experience further ahead.

DVDFab does provide you with a pleasurable experience in achieving the high-end standard in terms of both video and image enhancement with AI upscaling. The DVDFab Enlarger AI and DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI from the brand prove to be what you would provide you access to a great video and image quality. Handle all your low-resolution images and videos with ease and simplicity without the need for worrying about the steeper learning curve.