best video editing software to add video transition effects

People edit videos for quite numerous reasons; however, a good video editing software will definitely help out irrespective of the reason. But the challenge is, you will find many video editing apps out there; thus, it can be challenging to pick out the very best app to help for your need. If your video edit need is to add transition effects to clips, movies, and videos, then the VideoCruise software is the best to use.

VideoCruise is an outstanding software packaged with stacks of transition effects, suitable for all kinds of video editing tasks.

Where Could You Find The Best Video Transition Effects?

Practically, all video editing software and apps come with a bunch of video transition effects. But not all of them support the best transition effects you need to complete a video editing gig. Hence, to get the best video transitions effects, you need to download the best video editing software. Interestingly, VideoCruise comes with a plethora of intriguing transition effects, which you would find handy for your need.

Video Transition Software To Add Transition Effects Easily

A video transition software is a computer program that allows you to add transition effects to a video file, whether it's a movie or a raw/recorded clip. VideoCruise allows you to explore and use quite many free video transitions effects in video editing.

VideoCruise Video Editor

VideoCruise is a comprehensive and extensive video editing solution packed with tons of features, tools, and support for all kinds of video files. It is a totally unique video editor – different from the ones you've seen or used before now.

The software focuses on creativity and helps you bring all your imaginations to life; by providing you with a distinctive workspace to try different things and experiment your unique ideas. It packs the right tools you need to deliver professional video editing gigs. Simply put, VideoCruise is a video editor for creative minds, and it is easy to use (both for the beginner and professional editors).

How to Add Video Transition Effects in VideoCruise

Firstly, you need to download VideoCruise and install it on your computer. You will need an active internet connection to run the executable (installer) package successfully. Once VideoCruise is installed on your computer, it is quite easy to add free video transitions effects to your videos.

Step One:


Launch VideoCruise on your PC and choose an aspect ratio: 16:9 (widescreen), 9:16 (portrait), and 4:3 (traditional). Preferably, you should use the “Portrait” view if you're editing for mobile screens, "Widescreen," you're editing for PCs, and "Traditional if you're handling a special task.


You can always change the aspect ratio from the settings page; click the (:) more button at the top-right edge and select “Settings.”

Step Two:

vVideocruise setting

To add free video transitions effects to your clips, toggle to the “Transitions” tab and download the effects for free! There are a lot of video transition effects available here, so you can download all of them or the specific ones you need. Click the download icon to download an effect.

video effects

After downloading the effect, you can apply it to your video by dragging it to the timeline, in-between the clips you want to apply the transition. You can also click the "+" button, and VideoCruise will automatically apply the transition between any two clips on your timeline. You can “Split” your video to apply any video transition effect in-between.

Step Three:

videoCruise provides

Alternatively, you can edit other aspects of your video. VideoCruise provides a full suite of video editing tools that allow you to correct video image color, change the video orientation (flip), adjust saturation/hue/etc.

Also, you can crop the video, remove green color, add texts and subtitles, as well as do a variety of other stuff.

Step Four:

videocruise set 4

When you are done applying the video editor transition effects, click on “Export” to save the edited video (with the video transition effects) on your local storage. VideoCruise allows you to save the video as MP4, MOV, GIF, AVI, MKV , and WMV. More so, you have to choose between different resolution qualities.

When you're done setting the data for your video, click on “Export” to save the file on your chosen storage drive.

What More?

VideoCruise is a reliable video transition software that provides all the features you'll wish to get from a professional video editing software. It is arguably the best software with the best video transition effects in video editing.

Alternatively, you can use the mobile apps listed below to apply free video transitions effects to your clips. They are free apps and available to all smartphone users.

Video Transition App Free For Mobile Users

1. Splice-Video Editor & Maker

mobile users

Splice is a popular mobile video editor app available for iOS device users and Android devices users too. It is a comprehensive editor app with quite a lot of interesting features for the user. Using Splice, you can add free video transitions to any video you have on your mobile device.

The app comes with a plethora of video transition effects; hence, you would find an effect that matches your video editing app. Splice's intuitive interface is commendable; however, the app offers some of its features for a fee, which means you will need to buy the premium version to enjoy all features packed into this app.

2. Kine Master

kine master

If you wish to use a mobile app to apply video transition effects in video editing, the KineMaster video editing app should be the one to use. The KineMaster mobile app is a reliable video transition app to use on the go. It is packed with a wealth of free video transitions effects that will make your edited video appear perfect and catchy.

Interestingly, KineMaster is available for iPhone and Android OS, packs a super-intuitive interface, and supports a variety of other important video editing tools. KineMaster is really the best choice for anyone looking out for a “video transition effects app free.”

3. VideoShow


When discussing the best video transition apps, VideoShow is definitely among the top list. It is a splendid mobile video editor app that provides a variety of features that could help you deliver quick video editing gigs. The app flaunts a clear-cut interface with tons of video transition effects to choose from.

Also, VideoShow is available for iOS device users and Android device users. If you need to add transition effects in video editing, then you should consider using VideoShow as your video editing app.

Extension: Add filter to a video

Undoubtedly, filters make your video more beautiful and catchy. VideoCruise allows you to browse through its wealth of video filters and apply them to your video(s) accordingly. To apply filters to your video on VideoCruise, all you need do is to click on the “Filter” tab and choose any filter of your choice.

You can drag the filter to the timeline, to the exact frame(s) you want to apply the filter. More so, it is possible to add multiple filters to a video clip. Moreover, if you want to learn other video editing tips, like loop a video, or how to edit video on TikTok, you could read more tutorials related to such video editing topics.


It is not bad to use a mobile video editor to satisfy your editing needs to apply video transitions effects to a video. However, when faced with a demanding gig, VideoCruise software is what you need to achieve a professional project. It is a distinctive video transition app that's specially made for creative minds. The software is lightweight and fast. Lastly, we also recommend top12 Best YouTube Video editors for both beginners and pro, you could learn more about video editing and record your life with the best video!